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Published Crystal Allen on 2016-05-17 06:56:51 GMT

LIPSTICK ON A PIG A Must-Read for Bernieites, Clintonites and Trumpets You can put lipstick on a pig, but in the end it is still a pig. In this Presidential race there are three contenders for President. Two are wearing “lipstick”; the other is not. The unadorned non-porcine candidate is Senator BERNIE SANDERS, a refreshingly straight arrow in a political arena saturated in deceit, self-interest and greed. He calls himself a “democratic socialist” and even though Trump and Clinton will try to demolish him with the word “Communist”, or “Socialist” without the “Democratic” in front, he is no more a Communist than your Aunt Martha - and they know it. Indeed, his philosophy, ideology and vision are diametrically opposed to communism, a system which prevents participation of the people in their government and I would ask you, the reader, to check out the DEFINITION of “Democratic Socialism” at the end of this article. Now, here’s the thing. Both DONALD TRUMP and HILLARY CLINTON, our “lipstick candidates”, present as mirror images. They have egos the size of Texas and bank accounts to match. Each one has the longtime mentality that money is the answer to everything and that it will get them everything they want. This love of money is dangerous, however, when it involves Presidential candidates. BERNIE SANDERS is not rich. Indeed his tax returns show an unusually modest income in comparison to Trump and Clinton. There is no crime in being rich, but how the wealth is acquired and how it is used, is vitally important when assessing the suitability of a Presidential candidate. The Presidential crown would be the ultimate prize for Trump and Clinton and its acquisition would be less about an opportunity to help our country, and more about bragging rights, top dog status and what else the system can do for them. The pinnacle of all pinnacles. The Presidency for Bernie Sanders is a means to an end. For Trump and Clinton it IS the end. It’s not about ego for Bernie and he will use his position as President to fight for the rights of the people who have been too long left out in the cold. These two frauds, Trump and Clinton, will do or say whatever it takes to secure that Presidential crown. In a feeble attempt to curry favor with the Military, Trump announced that he has always “felt” like he was in the Military, and in a similarly feeble attempt to secure points with the black community, Clinton and Mayor Bill de Blasio took part in a roundly denounced, unfunny skit about CP (Colored People) Time. When it suits them, they bring out the “boss” and “woman” cards from packs stacked with pretty promises to the straight, gay, black, white, butcher, baker and candlestick maker communities. Neither card is a reason to vote for them. Flip flopping is an art form with these two Presidential candidates and this is backed up by historical evidence that will be seen clearly if people bother to do their research. They sway in that wind of convenience and political advantage. On the other hand, Bernie Sanders has the courage of his convictions and is not subject to changing his stands for political expediency. He has the country’s needs at heart. Not the needs of ego or greed. THESE ARE PARTICULARLY IMPORTANT DISTINCTIONS between our lipstick candidates and Bernie Sanders. Clinton is no dove of peace. Her impassioned speeches on foreign policy are a tad frightening, to say the least, and her hardline words will only seek to alienate other countries and those who are tired of the old sending our young to die, often in manufactured and unnecessary wars. She appears not to have lost any of her war monger zeal, despite her disastrous vote for the war in Iraq. Trump, also, is a warmonger extraordinaire. He seems determined, like Clinton, to maintain our country’s role as leader of the pack, but his cavalier talk about torture, “nuking” or bombing countries and using our military might to walk and talk tough, is disturbing. His playbook does not contain words such as diplomacy, negotiation or intelligence. These two peas in a pod seem inordinately proud of their toughness, yet are unable to correlate it with the tears of a mother when she loses her son in battle, or those of parents whose daughter is physically and mentally scarred from combat. The cost of war is too high, financially, physically and emotionally. Bernie Sanders knows this and says he will do everything in his power to stop endless war and endless, needless death. He also believes there should be less reliance on the U.S. to “police” the world’s troubles and more meaningful contributions from other countries. Trump not only alienates whole countries, he targets certain segments of the U.S. population, such as Muslims and Mexican immigrants, legal or illegal, with unfair, offensive and hate-filled accusations of complicity in the actions of extremists and labels calling them rapists and criminals. His overall bigotry, racism and hatred are not what one wants in a President. His unrealistic idea to boot out 11 million or so illegal immigrants from this country shows an arrogant megalomaniac without compassion towards his fellow human beings, especially those who have no financial or emotional recourse to combat his insanity. Also, does he truly believe that building a Mexican-financed wall between our two countries is a solution to our drug problems? All of this is not only embarrassing and un-Presidential, it does nothing to ensure peace in our communities and motivates the unstable to commit physical and verbal violence against people just trying to find a better life in our country. Clinton’s vacillation on immigration reform is well-known, and it is reasonable to wonder where she will be on the issue if she were to become President. Bernie Saunders, in stark contrast, is a staunch advocate of comprehensive immigration reform involving a path to full citizenship and rights to those who are here illegally. As President, Trump would have women’s freedoms violated and their privacy invaded for daring to exercise their right to a medical procedure called abortion. He is trying to appeal to those who do not understand that there are many valid reasons for abortion, and none of them are their business or the business of our government. Trump fails to take into account that ALL medical decisions are sacrosanct and are a matter for the patient, her family and doctor. It is the same with men’s medical decisions, but you don’t hear a peep out of him about those. Bear in mind that it is 2016 and this man is dictating what women can and cannot do with their bodies and his promises of jail time for those wayward creatures that dare to take control, is crazy and surreal. Does he even know we have the vote? Where will it stop? He rails about government overreach, yet here it is in all its glory. Hillary Clinton has been up and down on this important subject of a woman’s right to choose, and it is obvious she is mindful about pleasing both sides of what should be considered an inalienable right. Bernie Sanders has never, ever wavered in support of a woman’s right to choose, or women’s rights in general, and it is impossible to believe that, in this day and age, women are still fighting for their rights in an (arguably) civilized country like the U.S. Donald Trump is a loose cannon and one never knows what will come out of his mouth. He disparaged the looks of the wife of a political opponent as well as those of a fellow female candidate. There seems to be a certain pride in his misogyny, as there is in his unbridled calls for violence at his rallies. When the size of his hands became the subject of endless discussion, the size of his commitment to the Presidency was spotlighted. He will pretend to love all women and apparently no-one treats them as well as he does, even when he cheats on them. Clinton is loose with the truth in the way she obfuscates and equivocates in order to please BOTH sides of issues. Welfare reform, fracking, NAFTA, gay marriage, minimum wage, Keystone pipeline, prison reform, the death penalty, etc. have all ridden on her political see saw, and she is expert in deflecting pointed questions away with self-aggrandizement and waffle. The obscene amounts of money she is raking in from corporations and special interests in various underhand and furtive ways, is very telling about her moral compass, especially as she pretends hatred of the Citizens United decision that allows unlimited money into political campaigns. Her Academy Award protestations that this money is without strings attached is insulting people’s intelligence since most are aware that her profitable little game is all about political favors that won’t be in THEIR best interests. This is the Establishment quid pro quo system, don’tcha know, and if you don’t like it, get out of my way. Bernie Sanders is not about skullduggery in any form. He is a down-to-earth, passionate man and what you see is what you get. He tells it like it is, and our corporate-run government with its bought-off politicians and their puppeteer masters are not liking that fact one little bit. Finally, someone is exposing them for what they really are. The Bernie Eruption has finally awakened the sleeping giant called Apathy and people are becoming aware of the corrupt goings-on in our government, where the rights of corporations come before the rights of the people. Our government is bought. Our media is bought. Our democracy is not what our soldiers and social activists died for. And the Big Boys of Big Money and our Paid-Off Politicians are running scared. They know that if Bernie is elected, it will be time to pay the piper. Those lazy, hazy days of summer will be a thing of the past and integrity will at long last walk down the halls in Washington and be welcomed at all levels of State government. It won’t be done overnight. Change isn’t always easy, but we shouldn’t allow that to override morality. Our children deserve better and better is what Bernie Sanders intends to deliver. However, in the meantime, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will try to cast aspersions on Bernie Sanders, using nasty inference and downright lies. They bang the drum that he cannot realize his plans with the existing Republican opposition. However, they leave out an inconvenient truth. And that is, the POWER OF THE PEOPLE. It is particularly telling that both Trump and Clinton won’t acknowledge the existence of this power. The idea that people will rise up and demand their politicians do right by them is unlikely and inconceivable, even as the mood of the people in the large crowds that Bernie Sanders enjoys tells them otherwise. Bernie Sanders is not a passing phase to be relegated to the sidelines. He is a Presidential candidate determined to see our government members of all stripes actually earning their taxpayer-funded salaries, and as President, the Bern of ethical behavior will be enforced with the help of the people who support him. The DOUBLE-DIPPING of these politicians is dirty politics in its finest form and more and more of us out here in constituent land are fed up and ready to take on the crooks running this country. Just because that genie is out of the bottle, does not mean it can’t be stuffed back in, and I would caution some of you, that your support of Trump or Clinton makes you a co-conspirator in their self-interest and the corrupt status quo. It is probably a foreign thought for our lipstick candidates that there are people out there who have high moral principles, but it is this sort of person who will be attracted to public office once again if Bernie Sanders is President. The political system, as it exists now, is unfriendly to those who won’t toe the line of deceit, and that is why Clinton and Trump fit in so well. They are being courted, protected and championed by those who have a lot to lose if integrity and Bernie Sanders are installed in the White House. They know that there will be challenges to incumbents of both Parties which will see the appointment of individuals whose character reflects the values upon which this nation was founded. A rare occurrence these days. Our partners-in-crime, Trump and Clinton, will tell you that Senator Bernie Sanders cannot pay for his plans and use the words “free stuff” to poison their validity and create suspicion. These words are then echoed robotically as truth by those who hate sharing their hard-earned money with those they see as gaming the system. You may have seen that video of a woman screaming at a young father using food stamps and his reply that he is just trying to feed his family. She will tell you that SHE doesn’t want “free” stuff. Nor does she want HER hard-earned money being used to help a fellow human being in need. Hell No! All greedy lazy fakes! Let them try working for a living, instead of scrounging off me and the government. Scumbags! Somewhere, in the hustle and bustle of daily life, this person lost her humanity. And it is a sad indictment of the state of mind in our country that some people fail to grasp the reality that not everyone has the good fortune to go through life without serious illness, mental or physical disabilities, accidents and tragedy. And that a so-called “civilized” country does not abandon those who are hurting and in trouble. Nor does any civilized human being. But for the grace of god, go she. What Clinton and Trump are doing is to encourage this way of thinking in order to paint Bernie Sanders as someone whose plans are undoable and unrealistic. They will infer that his ideas will put a heavy toll on the finances of this country and raise taxes exponentially. It is dishonest, dirty politicking in full swing, since they know, full well, that if they and their rich friends in that top 1 percent financial bracket were to pay THEIR fair share of taxes and not squirrel their earnings out of sight in the Cayman Islands in order to avoid paying taxes, Bernie’s ideas would be economically viable. If he is made our President, he intends to put a stop to the poor and middle classes shouldering the bulk of this country’s expenses via their taxes, by closing up all the tax loopholes that have allowed the rich to pay a pittance of tax, if naught, and the CEOs and managers of large corporations to be rewarded outrageous sums in the millions. Lives are literally lost and quality of lives effected as a result of the greed that resides comfortably and without challenge in our Congress. Our taxes pay the salaries of our politicians and too many of them repay us with a middle finger mentality, devoid of compassion and full of self-interest. On top of that, Trump and Clinton deride Senator Sanders’ Single Payer health plan and will try to frighten people by misinforming them that it will be expensive and high taxes will be involved. The truth is that we are probably the only industrialized country in the world not to have a Single Payer health system and this is because our politicians caved, once more, to Big Money and Special Interests. Obamacare is a stopgap/deal with the devil/very expensive system which leaves out a significant number of people unable to afford the exorbitant and rising premiums or medicines demanded by the health insurers and big pharma. It is just one example of corporate influence which has resulted in lives being lost needlessly and it underlines the harsh reality that health care is a privilege, not a right in the U.S. Single Payer will not only cover ALL, its implementation will save lives and save this country money now being expended on an inefficient, expensive and unsustainable system. Trump and Clinton will use scare tactics usually employed when they know something is viable and attractive. They will warn you that there is a tax involved, yet what they DON’T say, is that this SMALL amount of tax will be FAR LESS than the exorbitant premiums people are paying today and as a bonus, there will be no deductibles or co-pays to worry about or loss of health insurance on job loss. The voter must not believe those who will talk about wait times and compromised care, as these are put out there by those with selfish agendas. If the richest country in the world cannot provide health care for all of its citizens, then you have to wonder why. Finally, under Single Payer, everyone will have peace of mind, not a small thing in many quarters, and they will not have to put off getting the medical help they need. Another hard truth is that our two lipstick candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, are both in bed with Big Money and Special Interests. On different sides of the bed, but still in bed. Hillary’s pillow talk is in the form of very large kickbacks from corporations for political favors. She accepts money from Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry and pharmaceutical companies even as she artfully decries their practices. Donald’s bedroom antics are self-admitted and are in the form of favors he has bought from public officials like Hillary to further his business interests. In other words, they are both guilty of manipulating the system and know how money talks and it is this greed-fueled chatter in the boardrooms of corporations and in the offices of Congress that Bernie Sanders will be eliminating when he becomes President. Our country has been hijacked for too many years by Big Money and corrupt politicians and well he knows it. A Sanders Presidency will see “we, the corporations” replaced by “we, the people” and a government that reflects the wishes of the people it represents. The candidacies of Trump and Clinton are charades. They will pretend solidarity with the poor and middle classes, but because of their thick ties to a moneyed world that mostly cannot empathize with those that inhabit elsewhere, the support is hollow and reeks of self-serving condescension. Their lives are about opulence and entitlement and they really don’t give a stuff about those who don’t breathe the rarified air they breathe. If Don and Hill pretend to understand the concerns of the unwashed masses, and use all the appropriate buzzwords, theatrics and passion, they believe their efforts will be rewarded. They talk about “experience”, but neglect to mention that a lot of that “experience” is in milking our government. Senator Bernie Sanders is experienced also, but HIS experience comes from many years in the political arena fighting for the common good, not for unscrupulous financial reward. His campaign is financed by small donations from his considerable following and he doesn’t just talk the talk, he actually walks it too. Trump and Clinton’s friends are millionaires and billionaires and you can bet neither candidate as President will be willing to turn on those within their circle who have been good not only to them, but to other politicians like Hillary. You can also bet that their rich buddies will not take kindly to any obstruction to their purchased access to political influence. SO, THE UPSHOT IS THIS. If you want to return to a democracy that has been too long lost to Big Money, greed and egos, SENATOR BERNIE SANDERS is your guy. If you want to continue being screwed royally by people like Trump and Clinton, then you must vote for Trump or Clinton. It really IS as simple as that. DEFINITION: DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM Bernie Sanders describes himself as a "democratic socialist". Permit me to explain what that means, and to reassure you that Bernie's mission is to get "we, the people" once again involved in the decisions of our government. (Source: wiseGEEK) “The term "democratic socialism", in its purest sense, would mean a socialistic society that is under a democratic government. Both democracy and socialism are based on the ideal of equality. Democracy is a form of government in which the citizens participate, assisting to various degrees in governing themselves. Socialism is an economic concept that calls for sharing the wealth of a society among all of its members, rather than more wealth being held by some people than others. ……. The belief is that society has a voice in the decisions that affects it. This stands IN CONTRAST WITH THE COMMUNIST FORM OF SOCIALISM, in which an all-powerful government owns all the resources and industries and decisions are made FOR the people instead of BY them.” (In other words, "democratic socialism" is a system to prevent a huge disparity between the wealthy and the poor, but by no means promotes the end of capitalism.) Suzanne Langland

Published Suzanne Langland on 2016-05-13 18:12:12 GMT

Published Independents for Bernie Sanders on 2016-05-10 20:52:18 GMT

Please don't be so quick to leave the Democratic Party until after the convention. I feel as though it would not only weaken Bernie's fight, but I feel like the establishment wants to hijack the DNC. Nothing would make is easier than if all the progressives, independants, and old school democrats jumped ship. It's been infiltrated and it's values have already changed so much. It's tainted and corrupt by money. Bernie supporters are saving the DNC so it doesn't turn into the GOP. PLEASE HOLD TIGHT! Be patient and see what Bernie needs from us, he does need us to vote a progressive down line. *end rant*

Published Christina Norquay Mims on 2016-05-09 04:49:49 GMT

OMG this is how she will steal California! Share this with everyone you know in California! Many 500K voters have registered with the "American Independent Party" by mistake. They cannot vote for Bernie. They have to switch party to "Independent" or Democrat to Vote for him. SHARE THIS EVERYWHERE!!!

Published Jeff Jackson on 2016-05-04 04:19:26 GMT

Published Independents for Bernie Sanders on 2016-04-28 14:43:02 GMT

What we need to do is stop her from getting to 2383 delegates. There are still 14 states left with a total of 1016 delegates. She has to get 721 delegates to reach her goal, that is like 71% of the remaining delegates. WE CAN STOP HER BY CONTINUING THE FIGHT. IT IS NOT OVER. BERNIE WANTS TO FORCE IHER INTO AN OPEN CONVENTION & THAT IS HOW FDR WON. #fightforbernie #unidosconbernie #foreverbernie #onlybernie #bernieforpresident

Published Kia Joy on 2016-04-28 04:59:01 GMT

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Published Connie Pugh on 2016-04-22 18:16:37 GMT

New York is also know as "The Rotten Apple" for i's high level of Political and Police corruption

Published James Hampton on 2016-04-20 21:52:30 GMT

Published Connie Pugh on 2016-04-16 23:39:30 GMT

EXCUSE ME, YOUR COMPLICITY IS SHOWING I see the curmudgeonly "white flaggers" are out in force once again, secure in their conviction that Bernie is JUST a blowhard, a dreamer, and a 60s throwback. What they don't realize is that their surrender to the quid pro quo system that Hillary Clinton represents will only ensure its preservation should she become President, and their vote for Hill is tacit approval of its very existence. The Big Boys and their Big Money win again. These cynics put their brains on hold when they think that Bernie cannot "get it done" and their girl can. The Democratic Party at all cost apparently. They therefore would prefer to install one of the more familiar faces of the corruption that exists in Congress than stand with a man who has the courage to stand up to the corporations and special interests that run this country. Their complicity is to be condemned. They would rather stand with the jailer, than the man holding the key that would set them free. It is particularly sad that these people have abandoned youthful hope to the saying, "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em". This sort of pragmatism, of which they seem to be particularly proud, is a very real sell-out to this country. It goes against the values for which our soldiers and social activists have fought, often to the death, and summarily dismisses anyone who dares to fight the inequities that now exist in this country. I agree with them on one point though. Clinton CAN get it done, but she will be "getting it done" for the corporations and special interests who are shoveling money into her campaign and foundation. There will be no meaningful change under a Clinton administration and true democracy will yet again take a back seat to the greed that poisons its efficacy. Now, Clintonites will deny this charge and blindly believe Hillary's Academy Award protestations that her enthusiastic and unapologetic receipt of Big Money will have absolutely no influence on any decisions she makes as President. This is naivete at its finest and dangerous. This woman and her husband have become dramatically richer over the years by steadily milking the system she so fraudulently promises to change. These corporations don't just don't pay out extravagantly for the heck of it or because Hillary has a nice smile. They will be wanting some bang for their buck and Hillary will be strongly reminded of that if she assumes office. Indeed, if these corporations and special interests were planning something for the good of the American people, they would be only too willing to proudly share their good deeds and not be traveling the circuitous and expensive route of political donations. Hillary has a way with words, granted, but I ask people to really LISTEN to what she is saying. REALLY LISTEN. Bernie Sanders talks the talk, and walks the walk, by being true to his ideals and not taking donations from Big Money. Hillary's two faces are working overtime to persuade you that she wants to do away with Citizens United, yet she seems oblivious to the irony she presents by her acceptance of obscene amounts of money under a decision she pretends to abhor. Not only that, her equivocation and obfuscation should be red flags to someone who is interested in issues like Fracking, Climate Change, the Death Penalty, the Minimum Wage, a Woman's Right to Choose, and more. Her penchant for pleasing both sides is glaringly apparent, but only to those who refuse to be taken in by her waffle. There is no candidate that will be all things to all men. Bernie is not perfect, but his goals are honorable and should be respected and supported. I know who will be getting MY vote. Suzanne Langland

Published Suzanne Langland on 2016-04-16 00:03:17 GMT

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Bernie Mic Drop: "Trump, you wouldn’t know New York values if they were written in 50 foot gold letters on the side of the Empire State Building. New York values are the Statue of Liberty, not a wall between us and Mexico. In New York, we pride ourselves on our diversity. We don’t divide people up."

Published Independents for Bernie Sanders on 2016-04-14 14:11:08 GMT

#Sanders2016 #FeelTheBern #UsNotMe

Published Independents for Bernie Sanders on 2016-04-14 13:52:30 GMT

#Sandernistas Calling all hippies and dreamers Patriots, prophets, and priests Anyone willing to stand for what’s right Get up and go out in the streets Anonymous hackers and cyber geeks Veterans opposed to the war Those who agree that enough is enough Mad as hell, and won’t take any more We who all know we know one thing for sure America needs to change Bold enough to express a believe Others find warped or insane Branded, labeled, and called rude names Misfits, rebels and freaks Red and yellow, black and white Hungry, homeless and weak The #Sandernistas have something you seek So stand up and join the fight We’ll form a more perfect union The meek are now mustering might Imagine the darkness cast out by the light The caste system blown away The Revolution is waiting for you Do something for Bernie today ~Steve Sterling Please Share!