J. D. Sims and Company, Dallas, Texas

J. D. Sims and Company, Dallas, Texas

Charlotte , NC
United States
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The Berlin Company
Charlotte , NC United States

Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, SEO, Business to Business Internet Marketing. Marketing – Our unique approach to marketing is both effective and cost efficient. By identifying the demographics of individual advertising locations we are better able to effectively market your business at the right venues. The Berlin Company analyzes demographics and social statistics of businesses and specific areas of town. By using resources available we allow you to take full advantage of the relationships we have formed in order to get your business or service to the right crowd or area of town using new and old proven methods to get the results you want for your business. Reward programs – The Berlin Company offers Reward Programs to your established business and our rewards pay! Our reward programs can be very profitable. Thus helping to hedge your business profits by reducing the cost of running on your business. Rewards range from Business equipment to cash depending on program. Management Consulting – We believe that by experiencing and then analyzing the customer end of business’s operations; that only then is one better able to propose improved consulting & management solutions regarding customer service reform. Friction often occurs with the customer on a common basis that can be avoided by studying common business patterns. We know that by analyzing these weaknesses and addressing them in efficient effective ways that will in turn create a better user experience for our client’s customers. We seek to identify businesses most costly and problems and ineffective processes and construct effective solutions for our customers. We propose solutions that will not only cut costs for your business or organization but also implement new strategies that reduce the friction, time, and questions that your customers will experience, therefore creating a more cost efficient business or government. Government Relations – We can help your business create a plan and approach that will get the results that you want. With years of experience in the election and legislative process we offer valuable insight and to surpass the obstacles that government sometimes implements. We believe in the free market but understand that sometimes that is not necessarily the world we live in. The Berlin Company offers effective solutions to companies that will help to pass through the obstacles governments sometimes create.

Make It Coats
3430 Toringdon Way, Ste 301 Charlotte , NC 28277 United States

If you love textile crafting, this is a place especially for you. Find and share sewing, quilting, knitting, crocheting and embroidery inspiration. Make It Coats is part of the worldwide Coats Crafts Group that can trace its roots back nearly 250 years. In fact, we’re the world’s largest supplier of crafting products – from the innovative cotton sewing threads that made our name, to knitting, embroidery crochet, fabrics and a whole range of accessories. Generations of crafters have looked to Coats for quality products. We know you’re passionate about what you love doing and we offer everything you need to develop your creativity even further.

Legacy Talent and Entertainment, LLC
1300 Baxter St Charlotte , NC 28204 United States

Talent Management and Entertainment Development Company Email: info@legacytalentllc.com Call: 704.334.7727 or 310.892.7561 Just a few companies we work with regularly: Coca-Cola, Charlotte Motor Speedway, South Carolina Education Lottery, Tennessee Titans, Combos/Mars, Charlotte Bobcats, Tennessee Lottery, Carolina Hurricanes, ESPN, The Smithsonian, New Orleans Hornets, Everyday Edisons, Hootie & The Blowfish Monday After The Masters, WWE, CBS radio, The Cleveland Show, Lionel NASCAR collectibles, North Carolina Education Lottery.