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j&j autoworks DENT REPAIR SHOP HONOLULU AUTO BODY AUTO PAINT 30% Military Discount--MOTORCYCLE REPAIR Here at JJAutoworks we offer custom paint, body work, rust repair, touch-ups, bodykit installs, lambo doors. We do it all from mild to wild. JJAutoworks your friendly convenient, and reliable autobody shop! Voted #1 in Hawaii! Custom Paint and Auto Body Repair Auto Body Repair Services: Paintless Dent Repair, (PDR) Insurance Claims, Collision Repair Custom Car Painting Candy Paint Kameleon Paint Dent Repair, Rust Repair, Aftermarket Parts (Body Kits, Lambo Door Kits, Gull-Wing Door Kits, Carbon Fiber Hoods, Spoilers) Body Kit Installations and Painting If you're looking for the right auto body repair shop then you have come to the right place! J&J Autoworks (JJAuto) is a locally-owned and family-operated auto body repair shop in Honolulu with more then 10 years of experience in the auto body repair industry. The staff at JJAuto body shop Honolulu have developed the skill-set required to tackle all of your auto body repair needs including, Insurance Claims. We are second to none when it comes to customer service. JJAuto guarantees 100% customer satisfaction on all of our services. Our repair technicians are OEM-FACTORY certified from several well-known vendors and paint suppliers. We are the only auto body shop in Honolulu that is equipped to complete all repairs in-house. Call us and we will hook you up with the lowest price garuanteed including our exclusive life-time warranty. Why? Because we do quality work! For a complete list of our services please visit out site www.jjautoworks.net 740 ahua st honolulu 861-7944 office 388-6671 secretary direct

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Aaron S.

I'd give zero stars if I could. Steer clear of this "shop." Friend's car was treated like it was a piece of garbage. Nothing, but excuses from this "shop."

Mike G.

Mr. James Thomas is not to be trusted with any car and should not be allowed the privilege of doing business with anyone. Mr. Thomas told me that my car... Read more
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miss you u jenny. its a good thing bondance july 4 is comung up. we are one. being a family again. come and be here. i need to take off these other bogus stuff off. home sweet home.

Published on 2015-06-24 00:35:39 GMT

miss u two.im missing you here with m.puulena and my wounderful son. irere rest in peace today 8.am. happy fathers day.

Published on 2015-06-22 10:28:35 GMT

hes gone

Published on 2015-03-20 00:42:06 GMT

one person cant do it all

Published on 2015-03-19 20:21:11 GMT

and then they made me sober.what you waiting for?

Published on 2015-03-17 20:58:12 GMT

i pic up my feet but i slide down the fear of the way this not to be.no matter if we was both sicked we still should be as help. i keep saying again and again but this what was raised on you so why should it matter. i dident plan for this to be so painful to my heart that has only not showed faith.but a house empty of her smell and her key to her heart pendent with my maui stuff wrapped around it has alot to say she has let go of me. i hit the floor and i dident cry. its like i wont beleave it. even if the ring came flying at me i still would be the one to say thats not how we are . i have lost everything , i gained sobernesslast week and here now,so thought a text or maybe a sign would have been nice.im trying to breath dont you see.i cant stand the fact if ever someone could touch your beaty i cant be like u who can hold a household together. i dont see where is my spot in this . all i hear is voices of hurt going threw my sons mind and you only saying it to make your self think its helping him. to much tears, to much is why i cant go with the factt we be stuck in mud we cant get out.its not why but if u tryed another u will see.i now have a fulltime soial worker to help me stop talking to my self.yes. i talk to you. my son,the way you say michael can cut me in a second threw the wrists, o my son. if u know . this life i lived for your sprit and your mothers love. sad to know i am the one who cant hold on. thats why i let the house go. no i stand on a sidewalk evry night waiting to see a black beauty pass me by or i go and see it myself. i walk the sand of waialae down beach just remebering the wind and the sound that ran threw us that day. its so hard to say i only think one night ill see u there,. tell this day i make that a commitment to stay alive. whats next jjauto closing.the roots of mapunapuna. passion with love and hate is what makes me so tempting. ok peace den cheers.michael

Published on 2015-03-04 02:46:26 GMT

i hate to put u on your shoes but i always did and will always know where my two abandoned family members sustain .from your work, tiny and kid { i dont ever want you to lose my trust withu so i will not ever do it again. or put him in harms way.. i have let the house go

Published on 2015-03-03 17:55:02 GMT

u cant evening begin.

Published on 2015-03-01 16:04:58 GMT

here we come. m . i gotta shave!! sounds like that club called naitrix. lets get the clubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb. lets act like kids please. cuz i like what u doing to me.

Published on 2015-03-01 07:32:52 GMT

WOW, I NEVER THOUGHT THIS AND NOW THAT. IM HEADING WEST AGAIN TO HEAR HER SAY WHAT ELSE IS NEXT ?this is not gonna last . ? MY Proudest Day ever was when she got hired 2 years ago in da country of da fields that leads to our safe heaven. . i cryed in joy , now today i hear i was a factor to have you breack my !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what are u now mama?

Published on 2015-02-20 06:18:58 GMT

last week i going have a couple drinks,need to get out of the house,its hard not to feeel the love and laughter from my family that i just spent the last14 years .... i so want to be the father guy but nobody showing up!!i so ill post the whole thing up when i come home. alot to cover from reason tro to all the things that you dident know.thanks for the invite for parenting classes and shall not let me down.. kiss boy for me and ask him to draw me a photo. i look at all the moments things i missed with u and boy and say its not to late.trust me .hes talented like his great parents. thanks for your way to talk. i hope. i like go get one more tatto of you on me since o the pain is o so sweet like your sexy skin. be good puulenna. im sorry it had to come into this temp situation. 729

Published on 2015-02-15 06:02:41 GMT

Tomas Solywoda — 5 starWtf is going on. If you need me as a witness. do you remember new years night, J? We all do, she left your kid behind then, now shes doing it to you.. we got your back under all circumstances but we need you to get that motivation back to make it happen. If shes got your life earnings key and your kid then shes not coming back, does she think it doesnt phase you or something? I know its no struggle but you got help were its needed Jj Autoworks Honolulu Like · · 5 hours ago

Published on 2015-02-03 17:56:59 GMT

Chinatown irish pug first.then probly M ., im good. We should've talk. I got the vest on for pretecdtion.,you made m Impossihle again ., you see.. miss u,martaa,, i cant see without your Love.. come

Published on 2015-08-15 06:58:41 GMT

you no where they make the soap babe. thats where i am staying.

Published on 2015-08-10 06:44:30 GMT

after a beautiful stay down in kailua. i was amazed to feel lost looking for the beach. its like everywhere you go you only assume the beech is on every corner or turn but to find it toook me a few hours to find the sand bar. lol.got lost--- blind aah-['; its been a journey to find a place to stay although the beautiful side is a nice place to adventure that i never been before. its a place that i had left to explorer with da family but havent been sought to. its hard to move but the change is the only way to cope with the many questions i have not been ablle to answer where she or he is.depression is a hard but challenging thing i will assume for the best but only find the lonelyness. i hope to see at pact . i did sign up in july but she neva respond. hope to visit my son here soon with some kind of trust that i long to achieve. church was great but tomorrows bible study at ward will turn hearts. i think dinner at speggiti factory after the study. new hope. one love for you and a better tomarrow baby. i am eager to post pics for he to see more or to have a founddation to look to.ounce i get the new phone. anyhow hope to update. got work tomarrow and walmart now for some boxs now for the ride to the house thats left behind in wheinland ya. ok peace den chow-..

Published on 2015-08-10 06:40:32 GMT

i love you lani boy. you are my best friend.. watch over ma. dont you ever forget your father . have mercy my lord. mercy pu.u. thats vos

Published on 2015-08-08 23:47:25 GMT

please dis regard the postings of all govern,law enforcement" and other offices . i am now aware of the embarrassment and how shellfish to appear.i was not beat . i honor your time and dedication and support that i will respect.

Published on 2015-08-08 22:13:40 GMT

ok. so its m night club for tonight or k bay to ride the darn bull at the bar... its hard to run acroos you loveMRS thomass. 4-10-1902 -- in this little island.beer is da way she told me in THE MINI koo kos nest.TTY. KISS . i just cashed my check.got paid, feeeling good. i miss the feeling of you, ITS SO CLOSE TO MEE. I CAN ALMOST GRAB YOU/clean my tux. wipe my chin. love my wife and boi. probly m. reminds me of how it should be .WISH I COULD GET THIS TO YOU. living in da car.i gotta get close to you/ . i dono what side TO STAY. but im keeping my head on stright. keeping it reAl. hopeing you agree.setting the picture it will be for my lani boi. no more abuse. lets cleaN THE SLATE AND IT WILL . LANI. I GOT SOMETHING FOR YOU. YOU WILL GET TO SEEE IT SON. MISS YOU BOY. YOU EVERYTHING I HAVE. KEEP YOUR ATTITUDE GOOD AND GOOD THINGS WILL MAKE OVER THE BAD. I PROMISE.

Published on 2015-08-01 05:46:14 GMT

-----in the next 48 hours i will be homeless. homeless to be a father that only wants the best for my son. i have told my story to many poeple in the church community and had only lifted my spirit and had brought me in under there wing for the last 2-3 months and had showed me the greatness of my self. lets start of with the basics. where i go i am surrounded with fellow brothers"witness at all times" of my church. lets say everyone in the shop is a member of the church of oahu Christ and several churchs here in hawaii. why i feel i should had told so many that i am not a bad father. 8 months ago my wife and son had walked out the door for a reason that i had been haunted for years that had only made them feel uncomfortable about me. i dont blame them or say take away whats best for them. i had a problem that only you and a few good people will know about. thats a excuse.i wont show it untill our day is in faith. yes i wont again . no buts i am a man on a misson, i had the worst happen to me last year and my wife had stud by me threw the worst timess that had fear and i never would assume that it would be happening again with her to put me there useless. here is a few pointers. when i write i will write everyday.i am on top of the world when i write this. and have so many real people to love me. my father had turned his back on me to protect his relationship with his grandson compare to dealing with me he had only made a fool out of him self. heres my average work day to get on the page. to some. work 10 hours,i sweep up. talk, estimate but no passion. worship from 5 pm to 10 pm no matter which way i can get the love of Christ. most times i get home at 12 midnight eat shower. kiss your pics and say my prayers. again. i am going to be living on my own here in the next few days since again. when people construct a family the only way is to walk away from the memory's that only haunt the other. i might be living in the car. i might be on some couch . but i could care less. really. i am the person that god loves and he has shown me the true colors of what ever had happened is or but now is my true dist any. i have been beating up-- yes- in my shop over 10 times while searching for my family.broke leg, arm, my best friend had even had to beat me down to say shes over you but by the way, i haven't seen her. wtf, thats all i heard the last 8 months, some big scandal. my own family no questions answered, i mean not even like you think they are safe? i had been in and out of the hospital the last month from being beating a law enforcement offer in da head, just pumping gas thinking you might be in waipahu. i had been on the news just to say lets just cover things up. i had spent all my money on gas, food, and only had known i am the the husband that will take my wedding words to the grave. only in the last 3 weeks my hands had came back to life. i did not or say could use my gifted hands on any cars and had not been able to focus more then she knows. i have only heard whats the outcome compare to whats have been built.cps. pact. state of hawaiiian. i donyt care. i provide for you my .him. mom. you name it. now seeing how big he is and how he looks like me.hes such a gift.i never knew you this way and have many concerns compare to the part of who is gonna blame who thing. thats not what they call child welfare. its all about him.what you are doing is very common. but lets leave out the high profile part that i only know how to give to my family. not money but to live a life of beginnings and endings. so much. lets not go there. lets have some respect. post and ill post the pics. u push i pull. u love i dont hate.i got the fckn . where , who, 2 step, try me, u like get there, been there. died, nope, still . dance.u under the table. love. good luck. lets go.stinks you a big boy.do you know that everything reminds me of you. 135 on da freeway and i had to hear some guy tell me i was late to your hearing.thats my morning no that's exactly what i knew / not kool/ mom. shes here? left.. u really think i would use a lawyer to interact with you. like some puzzle . who can find waldo? is that what relationships are made of./ no way. are you seeing the thinking part.. yes. forgive me. i cant continue to live in fear you are wanting to throw me away. i am and will continue to with good intentions.. i will continue to feel the love you left. the love that runs threw me like a pain but it will only show on my skin.i even hear something that reminds me of you i have a heart attack. no joke. this a a serious matter that takes two adults. .its takes so long. i been so stroung. show you what it feels like now im on the outside. we did everything right now im on the outside saying why i dident squezze u right. make me feel right.feel my heart beat. i would do this forever. say about how death do us part. sick and in health. all the good stuff that i love. . lets fine line the love part. my disorder of being a obsessed machinic that only knows a few ways. i treasure the way of life that i will never let go. with or without you beside me standing in front of these doors/ the tecno is playing loud here in the 40 seats of people sitting next to me.why the best songs of thw world tonight.. noo. noo. the nights that will never compare. the days i live for/ help/ im not a fear. see the difference in caring. east side.., oo depressed moment, moment there go the whole thing.i cant write. roll up. yep. i cant even listen to the barbara strysand part... lord, forgive me if i cant see it. forgive me all tears. all one can desperados.. broke. broke the heart. wallet. hands. omg.shutdown. dont ask me what makes me hold the wheel stright on the way. u. keep it check, videos coming for boy. prayerrs. theres me, goodnight.

Published on 2015-07-30 10:16:55 GMT

blah blah. u raeddy forrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrsome facts or should i act like a fool.....lets get the mutha ffm show on- for the people of the people that are still hiding the gift of life..

Published on 2015-07-30 08:40:22 GMT

I'm am nothing without my wifee and son. O lord I ask u to bring us together and to bring love our ohana.,,I was stupid to disrespect my wife. I am the who should be so ever on my hands and knees begging for Mercy.Jenny I am so alone I would had love u no matter what. Forgive Me. No more fighting. I would be honerd to see our son without any dought in our friendsgip

Published on 2015-07-28 03:27:59 GMT

Fight.suffer. since of decay. This family is not gonna die .we are still the parents.

Published on 2015-07-17 07:32:26 GMT

Where u and oma. miss u lani

Published on 2015-07-09 20:51:39 GMT

Here comes the bus. Eveything is made of broken promises . I don't mean to hurt you far away. But I can't be alone not knowing anything about u or him.

Published on 2015-07-01 00:01:25 GMT

Everyone is perfect but me. today is a good day since I hurt to know people even your own family only toy with you even if know it won't heal there own problems. just because I love my Jenny. no problem is big enough to solve.

Published on 2015-06-30 06:07:54 GMT

Where is the place where u jump off da bridge*? I made a 35 year veteran doctor easily tear while a daily routine visit for dramas. so yet again I don't see any good coming.

Published on 2015-06-30 00:16:32 GMT

Rainy. Hurt.love.painful. over controling . Over the positive. Left to slow torture. Every second to late. Forgive me. O lord groups in one day I see what I am

Published on 2015-06-29 05:43:23 GMT