Kaiser Permanente Mapunapuna Medical Office

at 2828 Paa St , 96819

Kaiser Permanente Mapunapuna Medical Office
2828 Paa St
Honolulu , HI 96819
United States
Contact Phone
P: (808) 432-5770


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Opening time

  • Mondays: 08:00- 17:00
  • Tuesdays: 08:00- 17:00
  • Wednesdays: 08:00- 17:00
  • Thursdays: 08:00- 17:00
  • Fridays: 08:00- 17:00
  • Saturdays: 08:00- 12:00

Our Mapunapuna Medical Office will return to normal hours on Monday. Mahalo for your patience!

Published on 2015-03-07 02:18:51 GMT

Our Mapunapuna Medical Office will be closed Friday and Saturday, March 6–7, 2015 to repair water damage from a broken pipe. If you have an appointment with us at this location, we will contact you to reschedule. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Published on 2015-03-06 05:11:49 GMT

The Mapunapuna Medical Office is closing for the day (March 5, 2015) due to a water pipe break. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Published on 2015-03-06 02:19:11 GMT

It was a BIG night last night! Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Loh, Kaiser Permanente Hawaii chief of endocrinology, who was named Pacific Business News' 2015 Young Business Leader of the Year! Congratulations also to Dr. Ryan Lee, director of the children’s neurodevelopment clinic at Shriners Hospital Honolulu, who is the 2015 American Savings Bank Young Community Leader of the Year.

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