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Helping young individuals and families plan for the future, protect what's important and achieve their goals now.

Kyle Ford - Freedom 55 Financial
50 Sportsworld Crossing Road
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2.29% 2.29% 2.29%.. Mortgages rates as low as 2.29% Interest rates are at an all time low. Are you taking advantage of this great opportunity to save thousands ? Do you have equity in your house but your stuck paying high interest on your credit cards, line of credit or loans? This is a great opportunity to takes years and thousands of dollars off your debt load! Everything we discuss is totally confidential and even if i'm not able to help you I can refer you to someone who can! Did I mention the great rate?

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What a great response from such a simple post yesterday. Mortgage rates as low as 2.29%!!!!! Thinking about gettting a mortgage? Mortgage up for renewal? Even if you just renewed, re-financing could save thousands of your hard earned dollars! Simply just have questions, don't hesitate to message or call me 519-500-KYLE(5953) and to answer the most commonly asked question from yesterday. How much does it cost to meet with me ? FREE!!!

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Nine months ago I made the decision to join Freedom 55 Financial in order to offer my clients well-rounded financial planning solutions that just weren’t available with my previous financial company. With Freedom 55 Financial, I can offer mortgages to my clients without having to refer to a brokerage or bank– this ability alone made my decision to switch a no brainer. Over these past nine months, I’ve been referring all my mortgages to the licensed agent in my office, Trevor. (Who has been awesome!) Just recently, I completed the C.A.A.M.P program, and after rocking the exam, I'm proud to call myself licensed mortgage agent! Your mortgage is likely the biggest financial decision you will make. Don't just get approved, get educated. Whether you’re two years away from paying it off, two years away from even buying a house, or if you’ve just signed on the dotted line, make an appointment with me today to make sure the mortgage product you choose is right for you!

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For the last 2 years I’ve been working as a Financial Advisor, and in my spare time I’d like to share the things I’ve learned with my family and friends. Kyle Ford – Freedom 55 is a page dedicated to helping young people take control of their money now, and achieve their goals sooner than they thought possible. Your money is important, and I want to help you make the most of it. Whether your saving for car, buying your first house, planning for your retirement or trying to reduce your student/credit card debt, I can help you make sense of your situation and put a financial plan into action. Ask me anything. This page serves as a resource for financial information, and I encourage you to join in the discussion.

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The RRSP deadline for the 2014 tax year is March 2, 2015. This is a great opportunity to lower your taxable income and save for your retirement or your first house. Common objections: "My friend/ parents say are RRSPs don't make sense." Every person's financial plan is unique. What makes sense for you, may not make sense for your friend. Don't EVER take financial advice from someone who doesn't know your complete financial situation. Talk to a professional about your short and long term goals, RRSPs may be a great accelerator to reach those goals. "I’d love to contribute but I just don’t have the money." Financial institutions all across the country are offering short terms loans so you can put money in before the deadline and use your tax return help pay back the loan. PLUS, any interest paid on the loan will be tax deductible for the 2015 tax year. Not to mention, interest rates are at historic lows! “I want to start saving for retirement, but buying a house is priority number one. ” You can contribute and withdraw up $25,000 TAX FREE from your RRSP towards your first home purchase. Depending on your income and timeline, this could be a great way to instantly increase your down payment by 30% in 90 days! “But Kyle, I’ve already sent my RSVP’” I wish I was kidding, but no, sending an RSVP to an event or party is not the same as contributing to your Registered Retirement Saving Plans. Contact me at 519-500-5953

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A mortgage is the biggest financial commitment you’ll likely ever make. When it comes to your mortgage you should never focus just on rate. What are the pre-payment options? Is it portable to another property if you decide to move? What does it cost to break the mortgage? Not only does London Life offer a phenomenal mortgage product, check out these rates! Fixed 1 year term is 2.35% 2 year term is 2.35% 3 year term is 2.49% 4 year term is 2.69% 5 year term is 2.79% Variable 5 year term is at 2.35% Get pre-approved today! If you’re in a mortgage that isn’t up for renewal don’t hesitate to call, breaking your existing mortgage and refinancing at these rates could save you thousands in interest and help you own your house sooner!

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FINANCIAL PLANNING TIP OF THE DAY: Buy a filing cabinet, and use it! Keeping all your financial documents and receipts organized and together will help you take control of your spending. You don’t necessarily need to “budget” in order to save money, but you will never get ahead if you don’t know your “free monthly cash flow.” After all expenses are paid (mortgage / rent, car payment, insurance, gas, phone, food etc.), how much is left every month? How much of that money is for paying down debts? How much do you save towards your short /long term goals? And the big question, how much do you ACTUALLY spend on entertainment /fun? Some of you reading this may think it's just common sense to track your spending; you've been doing it for years! Others may read this and not have a clue what I'm talking about! Regardless of how well you understand your personal finances, I'm here to help! My job is to educate and make sure you reach your financial goals. And consultations are free!

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Our current Mortgage Rates! Fixed 1 yr – 2.29% 2 yr – 2.29% 3 yr – 2.74% 4 yr – 2.89% 5 yr – 2.99% The 5 yr variable is currently at prime minus 0.55%. Currently with prime at 3.0%, the rate is 2.45%. Wondering how a London Life Mortgage compares to the big 5 banks? BMO Example: BMO today announced their 2.99% Low-Rate mortgage – this is a mortgage product with MANY limitations and restrictions consumers and even BMO bank sales staff are unaware of. 1. You cannot refinance or switch your mortgage to another lender for five years: Throughout the 5 year term with BMO’s Low-Rate Mortgage, the only way you can refinance, transfer or payoff the balance of your mortgage, is if you stay with BMO and accept their refinance rate offer, or if you sell your home. This restriction is especially tough, as it is not uncommon for homeowners to break their mortgages early. 85% of mortgages don’t make it to term. 2. You are granted only 10%/10% prepayment privileges. This is less than with a standard mortgage and means you are limited in how fast you can pay off your mortgage should the desire or ability arise. LL is 15% + 15% and Double Up regular monthly payments. 3. You cannot skip or double up a payment. ‘Skip a payment’ provision is an increasingly common feature with standard mortgages, and provides some flexibility if faced with financial hardship at any time over the mortgage term. London Life allows double up payments and LL absolutely considers skipping payments in case of hardship. As always feel free to contact me with any questions or for futher information! (519) 500- 5953

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If you need a mortgage or your mortgage is up for renewal message me! I have some seriously unbelievable rates right now