Kyo no katadomari

at 東山区六波羅三盛町, Kyoto-shi, 605-0842

Kyo No Katadomari is the accommodations in Kyoto. You can stay at the Machiya townhouse that is very historic and nice atmosphere.

Kyo no katadomari
Kyoto-shi , Kyoto 605-0842
Contact Phone
P: 075-531-3770


Kyo-no-katadomari is the historical Machiya accommodations. Currently we have 2 properties that are Birodo-an and Kogane-an, are very nice atmosphere and cozy, close to sightseeing spots, restaurants and shops. You can stay from 2 days to longer, we have kitchen, bath, 2 washrooms. There's more details

General Info

kyo-no-katadomari is the historical Machiya accommodations which are very nice atmosphere and cozy. You can stay entire Machiya all to yourself from 2 days to longer. (You can book Kogane-an from 1 day)

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