Cambridge categories of Landmark

Adams House Education
at 26 Plympton St 02138
Assembly Square Shopping & Retail
at 02145
Building at 102-104 Inman Street Historical Place
at 102-104 Inman St. 02138
Building at 104-106 Hancock Street Historical Place
at 104-106 Hancock St 02139
Building at 106-108 Inman Street Historical Place
at 106-108 Inman St. 02138
Buildings at 110-112 Inman Street Historical Place
at 110-112 Inman St. 02138
Buildings at 15-17 Lee Street Historical Place
at 15 Lee St 02139
Cambridge, Massachusetts City Hall City Hall
at 795 Massachusetts Ave 02139
Charlie's Kitchen Bar & Grill
at 10 Eliot St 02138
Deane-Williams House Historical Place
at 21-23 Fayette St. 02139
Dunster House Dorm
at 15 Story St 02138
E.E. Cummings House Historical Place
at 104 Irving St 02138
Harvard Bixi Landmark
at 02138
Harvard Lampoon Building Historical Place
at 44 Bow St 02138
Harvard Square Neighborhood
Harvard University Herbaria Museum
at 22 Divinity Ave 02138
Hasty Pudding Club Landmark
at 02138
Hasty Pudding Theatricals Arts & Entertainment
at 02138
Hiram Sands House Historical Place
at 22 Putnam Ave 02139
Hynes Convention Center Convention Center
at United States 02115
Improv Boston Movie Theatre Landmark
at 02139
Isaac Fay House Historical Place
at 123 Antrim St 02139
Kirkland House, Harvard University College & University
at 95 Dunster St 02138
Kresge Auditorium Landmark
at 02139
Labor and Worklife Program School
at 125 Mt Auburn St, Fl 3rd 02138
Lowell House Education Dorm Landmark
at 02138
Massachusetts Hall Historical Place
at 02138
Massachusetts Hall, Harvard University Landmark Historical Place
at 02138
Museum of Comparative Zoology History Museum
at 26 Oxford St 02138
Newbury Street Street
President's House (Harvard) Landmark
Prudential Tower Shopping Mall
at 800 Boylston St 02199
Ray and Maria Stata Center Performance Venue
at 32 Vassar St 02139
Richard Hapgood House Community & Government
at 382392 Harvard St 02138
Riverside Boat Club Sports & Recreation Landmark
at 769 Memorial Dr. Cambridge, MA 02139 02139
Sever Hall Landmark
at 02138
Shady Hill Historic District Historical Place
at 02138
Stickney-Shepard House Historical Place
at 11--13 Remington St. 02138
The Middle East (nightclub) Night Club
at 472 Massachusetts Ave 02139
Ware Hall Landmark
William M. Davis House Historical Place
at 17 Francis Ave 02138
Winthrop House Landmark
at 02138