Lantern of Zahra Inc.

at PO Box 290755, Tampa, 33687 United States

Lantern of Zahra Inc., is an organization dedicated to Lady Zahra, who was a symbol of compassion & care. Our aim is to offer help indiscriminately.

Lantern of Zahra Inc.
PO Box 290755
Tampa , FL 33687
United States
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P: (813) 364-4928

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There are two homeless families in need of tents. If anyone would like to donate one please contact us at or call/text at (813)364-4928. Jazakallah!

Published on 2015-06-11 22:57:53 GMT

In the Name of Allah,the All-beneficent, the All-merciful With extreme joy and humility, we would like to announce that the 501c3 process for Lantern of Zahra, Inc has been completed. Subhanallah, it was submitted on March 4, 2015,13th of Jamadi al-Ula (Shahadat of Hazrat Zahra a.s.) and in just 3 months was approved and received on June 3, 2015 (15th of Sha'ban, the birthday of Imam Al-Hujjah (atf) We are now officially tax-exempt and will start sending out quarterly donation receipts, including all donations made since 2014. This is a huge step for the organization and definitely holds a great responsibility with it. We sincerely pray that Allah (swt), in the name of the great Lady Zahra (as), towards whom these efforts are dedicated, guides us and helps us to sincerely do our part in bringing a positive change in our society. We truly appreciate all the support received from everyone, whether physical, financial,and/or moral. Please do keep us in your prayers in the upcoming holy months. Jazakallah Al-Jannah Fatima Sadique

Published on 2015-06-10 03:50:56 GMT

Assalamu alaikum everyone! The brunch event was a huge success, Alhamdulillah! The kids and staff at the orphanage enjoyed the food and the company. According to Suzette, our contact person there, the kids came from very harsh backgrounds and this was definitely a very positive experience for them. Staff members were using this event as an example to show the kids that kindness does exist in the world. We would definitely like to visit them more often and do a lot more Inshallah. Jazakallah Al-Jannah to all the volunteers who helped out at the event, those who donated, and those who could not make it but their hearts and prayers were with us. We sincerely apologize to the volunteers we had to turn down at the last minute because our sign up had ended and there were no openings available and those who missed out on parts of the event because they were given the incorrect times. Please do recite a salawat for all those who helped in their own way and one extra salawat for Sr. Layla Fayiz, who worked very diligently to help organize this event. We will be holding a volunteer meeting in Ramadhan and will post the details soon, We request all the volunteers to please fill out the online application so they can stay updated. Jazakallah Al-Jannah

Published on 2015-06-08 17:46:57 GMT

The Orphanage Brunch event is this Sunday, June 7th. Some tentative details are as follows: Schedule and Volunteer Assignments are as follows: 9:00 to 11:00 am: Preparing & Cooking Menu: Pancakes, Waffles, Eggs, Bagels & Cream Cheese, Toast, Potatoes, Fruits, Muffins, Orange Juice, Milk Volunteers: Fatima Baig, Layla Fayiz, Fatima Sadique, Maqbool Ali, Brianna Wootten 10:30 am to 1:00 pm: Serving: Arranging & Cleaning tables, Serving food and drinks Zainab Shamsideen, Jamilah Fayiz, Hussain Baig, Zain Nensey, Muhammad Sadique, Spenser Goode, Mohammad Shair, Socializing with the kids: Volunteers: Amira Hassan, Abdullah Jawad, Mohamad Cheikhali, Farhat Jannati, Syed Kashif Ali Entertaining Crafts Table & Treat Bags distribution: Shelina Kermalli, Fatima Ali, Aliya Baig Performance by: Jawad Fayiz & Taha Baig Photography: TBD (If anyone would like to volunteer to take photos for L.O.Z please contact us for the related rules and regulations) Volunteer assignments are tentative and if anyone was missed out please or prefers a different assignment, please contact either me or Sr. Layla Fayiz. Once again, some rules to be mindful of: 1. Dress modestly: the event is casual but please do dress modestly and presentable. 2. Absolutely no discussion of politics and/or religion with the staff or kids. Please be kind and considerate in action and words. 3. Do not hand out any personal gifts to the kids, as this is a liability issue for L.O.Z. and a safety issue for the orphanage. If anyone would like to give out gifts please let us know before the event. 4. No photographing of the kids is allowed, their privacy is of utmost importance and should be respected. 5. Punctuality is essential! If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me or Sr. Layla Fayiz. Thank you all for your help and may Allah (swt) bless everyone for their efforts, and guide us. Jazakallah Al Jannah! Fatima Sadique

Published on 2015-06-06 01:09:38 GMT

Salam Everyone, Inshallah the event is coming up this Sunday, and some details are as follows: Volunteer Assignment is as follows: Food prep and Cooking: Layla Fayiz, Fatima Baig, Waheed Sadique, Fatima Sadique, Farhat Jannati, Maqbool Ali, Brianna Wootten, Shelina Kermalli Food Serving & socializing with the kids: Aliya Baig, Zainab Shamsideen, Jamilah Fayiz, Amira Hassan, Taha Baig, Fatima Ali, Hussain Baig, Abdullah Jawad, Jawad Fayiz, Muhammad Sadique Please inform us if anyone's name was left out or placed under the wrong job assignment. We request all volunteers to be there by 8:45 am so we have sufficient time to prepare and serve the food in a timely manner. Just a reminder, a few rules to keep in mind: 1. Dress modestly 2. No religious or political discussions with the kids or staff 3. No inappropriate language or behavior The orphanage staff has been very kind and generous in supporting our efforts, so it is our duty as Muslims to return that in a similar way. Please remember, we are not going there to preach Islam through our words but to inspire people with our actions as our Ahlul Bayt (as) has shown us. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact: Sr.Fatima Sadique or Sr. Layla Fayiz Jazakallah Al Jannah!!!

Published on 2015-06-01 15:01:00 GMT

Beautiful Story..MUST READ!!! One day Abraham (‘a), who was always in the habit of inviting guests to his house and eating with them found an old man on the streets and invited him to his house. He invited him in and offered the prepared meal. Since as per custom, the host is to start the meal, he started his meal. Before beginning his meal, Ibrahim (s) recited: “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful”. After he did so, he took a bite of his meal. Looking towards the old man, he noticed that he did not recite anything and started to eat. Realizing he was a disbeliever, Ibrahim (s) showed signs of disgust so as to make clear that had he known he was a disbeliever, he would not have invited him in. Seeing this, the old man got up from his place and did not eat the food. He got up on his camel and rode off. It was then revealed to Ibrahim (s). O Ibrahim! I have given this man life which is the best of blessings. I have fed him for 100 years though he disbelieved in Me and you could not even feed him one meal?! Go to him and seek his forgiveness until he agrees to have a meal with you! Ibrahim (s) ran after the man and apologized to him, and said: “I am hungry and I won’t eat until you join me. If you wish, start in the name of Allah, if not, don’t. The old man turned around to him and asked: “What caused you to come to me and apologize to me? Abraham (‘a) replied: My Lord warned and said to me: “I have been feeding him for 100 years and shall continue to do so, and you could not feed him one meal? Go and apologize to him until he accepts! And invite him to your place for a meal and do not expect him to start in My name!” Upon hearing this, tears started to flow down from the man’s cheeks. He said: “How strange!n How well God treats me while I am unaware. O Ibrahim! Teach me your religion!” From then on, the man remained a firm believer

Published on 2015-05-24 21:01:17 GMT

Assalamu alaikum Everyone! Inshallah you all are well. The June 7th event is coming close and Subhanallah,we are getting quite a good response from people in regards to wanting to attend, from Tampa and outside. These are some of the areas we need help in: 1. Grocery shopping 2. Preparing and Cooking 3. Serving the food 4. Entertaining and Socializing with the kids. 5. Cleaning up after the event We need to know who all is attending for sure and what they would like to help with ASAP. We need 100% commitment so that the event can be successfully carried out. Please email us at to confirm your attendance and the areas you can help with. Jazakallah Al-Jannah!

Published on 2015-05-24 15:42:25 GMT

Jazakallah al jannah to all the volunteers who came out and helped with the event, those who helped prepare for it, those who donated to it, and those whose heart was with us even though they were not. Subhanallah, the event was very successful and we were able to hand out 90% of the care packs. Many people passed by and asked who we were and said they were very happy to see Muslims being charitable, unlike what is portrayed in the media. May Allah swt, have mercy on us and guide us!!

Published on 2015-05-03 20:02:07 GMT

Salam, Just a reminder that we will be meeting at 12:00 pm today for the care packs event. Please remember a few rules: 1. Dress modestly 2. Be careful with the language used with the staff at the church and the homeless people. 3. Please be extra kind, compassionate, and tolerant with the homeless people. 4. No discussions of politics and religion. We are not going to convert people with our words but inspire them.with our actions. 5. Pease monitor your kids at all times, that is not the responsibility of Lantern of Zahra Inc. Pastor Beetle has shown us nothing but kindness and compassion, please let's all return that favor, as the Ahlul Bayt (as) have always done. May Allah swt bless you all and your families on this auspicious day and guide us all to imitate the qualities of his Prophet saw and his family as. Jazakallah al Jannah!!!

Published on 2015-05-03 00:37:14 GMT

Please note that the time for the Carepacks event has changed to 12 pm!

Published on 2015-04-27 20:50:02 GMT

Assalamu alaikum, Just wanted to give everyone an update on the event tomorrow. We will be meeting at the Orphanage at 4 pm sharp. A reminder to all the participants: 1. Please dress appropriately 2. Need to be courteous and respectful at all times 3. Absolutely no political or religious discussions with the staff there or the kids. 4. Please do not personally hand out any food or other items to the kids. 5. Children of school age meaning 5 years to 17 yrs of age are not allowed there. You can bring your children if they are outside of this age range. If there are any questions, please do let us know. Inshallah we hope to have a wonderful and blessed time with the kids! Thanks to all the volunteers, donors, and the city of knowledge youth group, for all the help!!!

Published on 2015-04-12 19:03:53 GMT

Unfortunately the Fashion show event has been postponed to a later date. We will repost it as soon as a date has been decided. Thank you.

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