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Lash Design by Chloé
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Hey ladies! I've got so much free time this week so please contact me to book in :)

Published on 2014-09-29 11:49:52 GMT

Does anyone want to come in between now and 4 for a full set for 50? Had cancelations!

Published on 2015-01-12 01:03:40 GMT

Hi everyone! Due to my supplier being away (I was unaware) I am unable to book lashes until the 8th. I'm really sorry for any inconvenience because of this, but because the lashes I stock are so lovely and thick, I can't even get them anywhere else. Have a great new year and I will see you all soon!

Published on 2015-01-01 07:21:08 GMT

I have had a cancellation! I am now free between now and 1pm, if someone can make it in the next 45 minuteish I can do a full set :) will need to know asap

Published on 2014-12-21 23:34:14 GMT

I would just really like to thank all my beautiful clients who mention me all over Facebook. I really appreciate it!

Published on 2014-12-21 00:41:27 GMT

Hi ladies! I just wanted to let you all know that I have plenty of free time this week, but am BOOKED OUT the week of Christmas! So if you want your lashes luscious before Christmas you need to send me a message now to guarantee you a spot before then :) I will also be taking from 23rd-27th off so if you won't be able to come before Christmas, try and book in for 28th- 30th as I'll be off again 31st and 1st for new year :) thanks!

Published on 2014-12-14 11:41:30 GMT

12 and 2 free tomorrow :)

Published on 2014-12-05 08:35:30 GMT

Hi guys! I have tonnes of free time coming up this week, let me know if you'd like to grab an appointment :)

Published on 2014-11-30 05:15:18 GMT

Hi everyone! I'm in the new place now and terrified people will go to the old place, please confirm which address you have with me before your next appointment :) also I am really sorry about my lack of communication lately! Been such a flat out time moving/cleaning, thanks everyone for your patience, and feel free to message me now to make a time.

Published on 2014-11-11 22:22:10 GMT

Hi everyone! As a few of you know, I am moving to a new house soon, it will still be fairly central, either in alfredton or delacombe, so still easy to get to, but as I will be having a whole room to myself for the eyelashes, and soon to be facial waxing and tinting, I have to pay extra rent. Due to this my prices for a full set will be going up to $60, and $35 for refills. This is only for bookings made from this point on. I am sorry for any inconvenience! Please like if you have seen this so I know that you are aware of the price change, and so I can inform those who haven't seen before their next visit :) thankyou!

Published on 2014-10-25 10:13:40 GMT

3pm today is free :)

Published on 2014-11-18 22:16:48 GMT

Hi ladies, just wanted to let you know I've been really sick and have been in hospital briefly. Lucky its the long weekend so I have none of you booked til Tuesday, but if I have trouble getting back to you over the weekend that's why :)

Published on 2015-01-23 20:37:54 GMT

SELFIE COMPETITION! Hey everyone! So I am the worst at remembering to ask to take pictures of all your sexy eyes once I'm finished, and I think it would be awesome for all the new clients that you guys refer on to be able to see all the different sizes in action :) So what I'm thinking, is..... 1 - Post a picture of you with your lashes looking luscious to this page. 2 - Tag a friend who you want to get $20 off a full set of lashes, (Thats a FULL SET, for only $40!!!) or nominate yourself for those who are already well and truly addicted ;) 3 - Get your friends to like it :) Whoever's photo gets the most likes, wins! Note - the $20 off a full set can not be redeemed on refills instead.

Published on 2015-01-09 04:29:26 GMT

On my page for the next 20 mins taking bookings!

Published on 2014-10-21 03:20:27 GMT

Hi everyone! Its coming up to the 6 month mark for me doing lashes, and I know a lot of you have been with me for most of that time, so firstly I would like to thank you all! I love all you ladies to bits, and its always a pleasure spending our hour and a half together every few weeks! I would like to take this chance to reflect on the progress of it all and see what you guys think I could improve on, and what you like about having your lashes done with me so as I can make some improvements and make sure I continue keeping you all happy :) so if you have any suggestions on pricing, my products, my room where I work or anything else you can think of please go ahead and comment below and I will take it all into consideration :) I would also like to thank you all for dealing with the cat, he loves you all very much hahahaha

Published on 2014-10-16 07:14:31 GMT

I've got such a quiet week coming up girls! Taking bookings now :) for Tuesday wednesday Friday :)

Published on 2015-07-06 06:12:08 GMT

Hey ladies! I've got a couples of updates to let you know of in this post! First of all, there will be a slight price change only effecting those who get the flared effect. (Smaller to bigger lashes) A standard set of lashes $60 A set of flared lashes $70 Refills on a standard set $40 Refills on a flared set $45 Second of all, PLEASE let me know 24 hours before if possible if you can't make your appointment. I understand emergencies happen and that is completely fine, but finding out minutes before or even minutes into your appointment that you arent coming leaves me with 2 hours wasted.

Published on 2015-06-24 05:11:36 GMT

Hey ladies! I am finishing up at the Alfredton house today, so I will now be working from haddon! Make sure to ask for the address before your next appointment if I haven't already given it to you the day before :)

Published on 2015-06-04 05:35:54 GMT

I've had a cancellation for this afternoon at 3.30 if anyone would like it :)

Published on 2015-05-15 03:22:47 GMT

Ive had an appointment open up today at last minute! 1.30pm today and that is the absolute last time til the 17th of May! Send me a message to grab it :)

Published on 2015-05-03 22:55:24 GMT

Taking bookings for next week now :) last week before I go away! Get in quick, I wont be back til the 17th :)

Published on 2015-04-25 09:07:44 GMT

Just wanted to let everyone know that I will be on holidays from the 6th til the 15th of may, if you are due for a fill around that time please let me know asap so as I can start booking for beforehand! It will fill up really quickly so be sure to send me a message :)

Published on 2015-03-29 10:03:08 GMT

2pm is available on Friday :)

Published on 2015-03-25 23:52:05 GMT

Full set of lashes - $60 Refill - $40

Published on 2015-03-21 00:17:36 GMT

I'm on my page booking appointments for next week! This is what I have free - Tuesday 12.30, 2.30, 4.30 Wednesday 11.30 Friday from 11 onwards.

Published on 2015-03-21 00:16:13 GMT

Hi everyone! I've thought long and hard about this after it being bought up by a client. The suggestion was rather than the annoying $35 that refills cost, being that they take as li g as a full set, why not put it up to $40 for refills. I've thought and thought, and I do think its a good idea. It does take me at least an hour to do refills, because there's a lot more to it than a full set, and I know I've discussed this with a lot of you and everyone understands. So due to the time it takes and the annoying $5 difference/change etc, I will be putting the cost of refills up to $40 after this week. I'm really sorry if this annoys anyone! But it just seems like the right thing to do. I will post an updated price list later in the week :)

Published on 2015-02-24 03:13:06 GMT

Wishing the Sedgwick family all the best today for Rachaels wedding! I hope the weather is kind and your lashes serve you well!

Published on 2015-02-13 23:40:32 GMT

This week is all booked out which means next week will book out quickly, I'm on the page now taking bookings! Get in quick :)

Published on 2015-02-09 01:10:54 GMT

Hey ladies! Just wanted to let you know I've have my second visit to hospital and won't be returning back to work until Wednesday. Really sorry xxx

Published on 2015-01-25 08:37:20 GMT

Hey ladies! I've got a really quiet week coming up so if you're after appointments for this week I can certainly sort something out :)

Published on 2014-08-10 15:29:50 GMT

Hi everyone! Appointments made from this point on will be $50 full set and $30 refills :) this will be the last price increase for a very long time if there is another one at all.

Published on 2014-07-08 06:45:05 GMT

Hey guys! I am currently working 2 jobs so please try and book in with as much notice as you can so I can try and fit you in to a good spot, my available time gets booked out really quickly! :)

Published on 2014-05-23 15:57:44 GMT

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the support and recommendations. As of the end of next week I will be charging $45 for a full set and refills will be staying at $30 :) if you are already booked in for next week and I have not informed you of the price change, it will still be $40 :) Thanks again!

Published on 2014-05-18 04:37:57 GMT

Due to a change of schedule I am now available from 12 on monday and all day tuesday :) get in quick for a full set of lashes for $40!

Published on 2014-05-10 06:17:39 GMT

Ive only got a couple of appointments left for this week so get in quick for my starting price of $40 per full set!

Published on 2014-05-04 01:32:04 GMT

Hey ladies, I will be certified and ready to go in just a bit over a week! I will be taking bookings over this page, or my number is in the information section if you'd prefer to text. Ill be getting some pictures of my work, certificate and salon up as soon as possible, but for now id love it if you helped spread the word! Ill be having some competitions when im all up and running so get excited!

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