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24 STEEL BONE CORSETS; custom made to fit your measurements! Waist Train for that envied hourglass figure! Proudly manufactured in Canada.

Lil' in the Middle; West Coast
3913 Waterton Crescent
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LIL' IN THE MIDDLE; WEST COAST is a waist training tool to help you achieve that desired hourglass figure! Waist training, tight-lace training, torso training, tight waist lace cinching, and waist cinching, are done by using tight-lace attire to trim your waist over a period of time. This practice was well known in the Victorian era; returning in the 1950's in fetish and pin-up modeling. Throughout the eras this technique has sucessfully been proven to reduce the size of the torso by tightening the lace over a period of time. Wearing a corset can take inches from your waistline and can help boost your confidence with a elegant trimmed figure. You can actually trim down by 3-5 sizes depending on your body. This is achieved by compression and stabilization of your core and in the setting of your ribs. Tight-lace training helps to minimize back pain by helping with posture. Many of our busty girls have reported back to us about how impressed they were with the support. Waist training corsets are in fact a type of body modification. With ANY body modification it must be done safetly. Corsets are not a miracle tool, so in order for them to create the desired effect the lace must be tightened slowly. You need to start loose! You should never feel constricted and unable to do regular daily activities while laced up! You can actually do damage by over tightening. Over tightening can actually create rolls rather than take them away. We recommend you spend at least 30 – 40 hours at home in your new corset to 'season it' / break it in. This will loosen up the material and allow the steel boning to mold to your body. Once your corset is seasoned you will freely be able to wear it at work, around the house, and during normal daily activities. Do NOT wear your corset during sleep, exercise, or any strienuous activity. Care instructions, such as cleaning, are very important! DO NOT ever put your corset in the wash machine! Our corsets are made of cotton and satin material, as well as the steel boning. You do not want to risk rusting the bones. A special cleaning solution will be required for cleaning; we will brief you once you have ordered. Waist training corsets are perfect for: waist training (of course), reshaping, posture control, costumes, lingerie, post pregnancy, and bridal, among many others! When laced up you will actutally see a difference in your food portions, and with portion control. Yes – we realize what our product is, and what it offers. This practice is NOT for everyone and we know that. We do love hearing your questions and concerns regarding waist training. However, please keep your negative comments to yourself. Do NOT diss or attempt to put down our models or woman featured on our page! We are about building confidence and enhancing our bodies to a look we like. If this isn't for you, please kindly pass us by. :) If you are interested in purchasing or pricing one of our custom waist training corsets - please message us! We would be happy to answer any questions and set you up to order!


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Published on 2015-02-07 22:22:24 GMT

CORSET SEASONING - TIPS FROM THE EXPERTS** Perhaps one thing that most people who put on a corset for the first time love most about it is the way you literally achieve instant results. Your waist, in the amount of time it takes to lace yourself in comfortably, can go from its original size right down by 4" to 5" with a steel boned corset or even down by 6" to 7" with a waist training corset. A virtually instant and impressive difference! For those of us who wish to waist train or even just wear our corsets on a regular basis, we must learn to practice a touch of patience so that we can properly season our corset. To "season" your corset might sound like a fancy and exclusive term, but its really quite simple. It basically means to "break it in". The very same way you wouldn't choose to wear your newest shoes out for a long walk; you also wouldn't want to take your corset straight out of its package, tighten it to its fullest capacity and not take it off again for 6-10 hours. If you were to do this (put it on and lace it to its fullest capacity straight out of the package), then you risk damaging the corset and causing yourself significant discomfort. So, how does one season their corset? Simple! Just follow these basic steps and your corset will be fully molded and shaped to your unique curves in roughly 7-10 days: Before trying to fasten your corset, make sure that you have fully loosened the back laces. This will insure that you do not warp the front busk by trying to hard to get it to fasten. Once fastened, gently pull the laces in until the corset feels lightly snug. As if you were to still able tighten the corset further; for the time being, stop there! After wearing your corset like this for 45 minutes to an hour, feel free to take the laces in a touch more. Continue to take the laces in a little more after every 45 minute to 1 hour intervals until the corset is fully tightened. Do not wear your corset tightened to its full capacity for over 1-2 hours. Continue these steps daily for 1 week to 10 days. By the end of that period your corset will be well seasoned. The laces will slide smoothly between the grommets, the front busk closure will fasten up with barely any effort and you will be able to take your corset in to its fullest degree with no gaps, pulling, warping, or bending the steel bones.