Mahtomedi Middle School Washington DC Trip

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Mahtomedi Middle School Washington DC Trip
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Chloe S~ My experience in Washington D.C was amazing, I never thought I’d be able to witness all the different places they had there. To me it was just another 'state' until I had the chance to go explore. Being able to walk through some of those buildings was breath taking, just the fact that some of the world’s most famous historians walked the same paths I did just a few days ago. My favorite activity we did was going to see the White House, I could have stood there for hours upon hours just gazing at it. So much has happened in that building, memories of thousands of people still lay in the hands of the white house, and it was outstanding that I even got to touch the fence in front of it. I have watched so many movies based on stories of the White House, but I never thought a day in my life I would be able to see it in real life. I also loved being able to visit Mount Vernon. The house that George Washington once lived in years ago, and the remembrance of him still remains. I think it’s incredible that someone can make such a big difference that people will still remember it 211 years from now. He passed away in 1752 and his story is still being told in 2014. I walked in the same footsteps he did decades ago, that feeling is priceless, being able to breathe the same air he did at one point, touching some of the things that his finger prints probably still remain on today. Honestly I’m not really a big history fan, but about 99% of that changed being able to walk through it step-by-step in real life instead of just reading about it in a book, then jotting it down on paper. I've been to many places in the United States and all of them are beautiful, but Washington D.C is by far the most extraordinary place I've visited, I hope to go back some day and see more of the sites.

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Joe M.~ To me, the Holocaust Museum was the most interesting. I thought it was so horrible that someone could do that to a whole religion. Hitler was a horrible man. I thought it was interesting to see all the things that happened to them. It was also cool to see all the horrid pictures. All in all, I learned about the evils of genocide.

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Adam D.~ My favorite place that we visited in D.C. was The Arlington National Cemetery. I was fond of it because of the rolling hills and the famous people who are buried there. But the best part was “The Changing of The Guard.” The guards are so precise and perfect with where they step, that the rock that they walk on is worn in the same places around the whole platform. Those are a few reasons why I liked The Arlington National Cemetery.

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Emily P.~ The United States Capitol was one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been to. When I walked up to it for the first time, I was mesmerized from its height and stature. All the flowers were in bloom and the birds were singing. I was amazed at the intricate architecture. Our tour guide brought the group’s attention to the statue at the very top of The Capitol. It was Lady Freedom. She stands about 19 1/2 feet tall and no other statue in Washington, DC can stand over that amount because nothing is greater than Freedom. In the morning, the sun strikes her first. Inside, there are the House and Senate chambers. We got to go into the House Chamber. There are carvings in the walls all the way around the top of famous lawmakers and lawgivers. Only Moses is sketched from a full front view and the others are sketched from a profile view. I was amazed at all the unique ceiling and statues inside The Capitol. There were all sorts of paintings of famous people such as George Washington. I would go there many more times if I got the chance.

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Megan F.~ Of all the amazing monuments and memorials I saw in Washington DC, my favorite was the Nine-Eleven memorial. It was so lovely, and yet so sad. The memorial was erected after the tragic event to remember those who were killed when the plane crashed into the Pentagon. The person who designed it was a true genius, the way the memorial was set up was so simple, and yet everything had a special meaning. The wall along the edge of the memorial was parallel to the plane as it hit the building. Inside, there was a rock garden with benches. Every person who was killed had a bench with their name on it. The way the bench faced told the observer whether the man, woman, or child was killed on the plane or in the Pentagon. The stone benches all had running water under them to symbolize, in my opinion, the fact that water keeps on going. No matter how tough things get it will keep on flowing. The memorial stuck a chord within me and made me realize, as I saw all those benches, how amazing the USA is. That a tragedy could slam down on it and it would just keep on going.

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Josie W.~ I thought the Holocaust Museum was the most interesting part of the Washington DC trip. It was fascinating how we were handed Holocaust victim information books that told us all about a Holocaust victim's identity. The chronological order of the events made this historical time easy to understand. I enjoyed this the most because I felt more compassion and could connect on a different level than the other places we visited.

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Madeleine S.~ The National Air and Space Museum was amazing. Right when I walked in, I was in awe. I was surrounded with space shuttles and enormous planes. As I walked around, I was completely amazed by all of the amazing exhibits ranging from the beginning of flight with the Wright brothers to the launch of space shuttles. My roommate and I walked through each exhibit and were thoroughly surprised with all of the knowledge that this museum held. We didn’t go in order, in fact, we actually went backwards in time. We also saw cool exhibits on just plain space and the atmosphere. My favorite exhibit was most likely the exhibit on the useage of planes in WW1. It had huge planes with bright colors hung on the ceiling and it had a photo of “Snoopy vs. the Red Baron”. It also had a many facts on the types of planes and what they did to help the war. All in all, the Air and Space museum was amazing.

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Andrew P.~ The trip to Washington D.C. was an incredible experience and one I’m sure I’ll never forget. We walked ten or more miles each day traveling from place to place , admiring the magnificent buildings which holds many stories and importance. My favorite place I was at was the Smithsonian. It had four different museums all very interesting. My two favorite museums were the Aerospace Museum and the Stones and Bones Museum. The Aerospace Museum contained many things including planes, rockets, machines, and many contraptions that can fly. The stones and Bones Museum contained remains from very old dinosaurs and a variety of colorful rocks and minerals. The place I felt the most attached to was the Holocaust Memorial. As soon as you walk in the building their is an instant change of mood, like their is some kind of aura that instantly transforms you. The horrors I saw in that building are unspeakable. All that I can say about it is that it changed me as a person. All in all, the trip was very fun and if I had the chance, I would most definitely do it again!

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Aden D.~ On our school’s trip to Washington DC, we saw many very interesting monuments, memorials and historic sites. Some places that stood out where the MLK Memorial, Mt. Vernon, the Vietnam Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and all the Smithsonian museums. I liked the MLK Memorial because it is one of the most recent monuments, along with the very interesting sculpture with lots of moving quotes. Mt. Vernon was especially cool since George Washington grew up and most likely walked where I walked. It was also a very beautiful property in general. I thought the Vietnam memorial was surprisingly powerful for how simple it is, and the number of names on it was astounding. The Korean War memorial was the best representation of a real battle, and the craftsmanship on the wall and the statues was second to none. What stood out the most was the Smithsonian, mainly the Air and Space Museum. There I saw the inside of a 70s aircraft. The first plane to break the sound barrier, Felix Baumgartner’s suit, a rocket thruster and several rockets that went to space, Amelia Earhart's plane and a WWII Spitfire (which in my opinion is the best machine ever invented). I learned a lot in DC and would go back to learn more any day!

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Genna V. The Lincoln memorial has a rich history. It is to remember one of our greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln, in a temple that resembles a temple of Athena. It has all the states except Alaska and Hawaii on the top and around the memorial. On the inside of the memorial a giant Lincoln sits in a chair, and on the walls are his two most famous speeches. Martin Luther King Jr. end the walk on Washington there where he stood on a step he gave his "I had a dream,"speech. If you look in front of monument there is the Washington monument and it's reflecting pool. Where in the movie "Forest Gump," Jenny went into the water to get the attention of Forest Gump. That is some facts about the Lincoln Memorial.

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Matt S In our trip to Washington D.C we saw many great things including monuments, memorials, statues, museums, and many other great things. The thing that stood out to me most though The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier had many different traits, but three qualities that the tomb possessed where honor, respect, and grief. A few examples of honor is that schools, or people like the president can lay wreaths at the tomb to honor those who cannot be identified. Another instance of honor is that it is at one the most sacred places in the city. A couple examples of respect where that there was a soldier guarding the tomb at all times. The guards take shifts walking in front of the tomb. They are in full uniform rain or shine taking 21 steps in front of the tomb to signify the 21 gun salute. Everyone has to be respectful at the tomb. You can’t laugh; you can’t talk. A few instances of grief are that the unknown soldiers are unidentifiable so the families will never have a body to bury or to see. Most all soldiers have a funeral with family and friends but unknowns don’t get that chance which can cause grief for families and friends. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier was a great experience for me that I will never forget. It taught me more about respect and honor then I could ever imagined.

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“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”. That is one of the most famous quotes from Franklin Delano Roosevelt and maybe on of the most famous quotes of all time. The memorial to him remembers all of the great things he did for this country. This memorial is outdoors and is divided into four different sections representing his four terms in office. The first quadrant has Franklin in his “wheelchair”. It’s actually a normal chair that he put wheels on. In the second quadrant, there is water in a flowing waterfall, his wife Eleanor Roosevelt, and a bronze statue of a man listening to a radio that would be playing a Franklin fireside chat, and another bronze statue of him and his dog Fala at his feet. In the last two quadrants, there is a bronze bread line symbolizing the Great Depression and how he maintained calmness throughout the nation. If there is ever fear around only fear itself can scare you. Jack K.

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Lily H Mount Vernon was originally a small house before it was passed down to George Washington. It was by far one of my favorite places to go. Everything at Mount Vernon was great to see especially the view. Learning about the history was great it made it so when I was walking around I could imagine what it was like when George Washington was living there.

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Tucker B When I first came in it had a elevator that had well carved walls made out of marble. The monument is about 555 feet tall that over looks Washington D.C. Washington Monument has two levels on the top. The highest level has windows for people to see the view, and it has red lights for planes to see where the tower is so they don't hit the monument. Inside the tower it has square cravings that is in the middle of the tower. The second floor shows historic facts; it has now windows on the second floor to the top. To conclude the tower is a national figure that is well known and should be.

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Caroline G. "In honor and in memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since November 10, 1775." This is the reason for creating the Iwo Jima Memorial. The Iwo Jima Memorial features five U.S. Men serving to protect the country. The men sculpted are the actual men that raised the flag on the island of Iwo Jima, which lies 660 miles south of Tokyo. Three of the men featured survived the battle, and they had their faces sculpted for the structure. I think that this is important and shows gratitude toward all who serve. They make our country proud. It shows the hard work and bravery of the soldiers have to defend this great nation of ours. Iwo Jima Memorial was my favorite site and I suggest anyone who goes to D.C. takes the time to go see it.

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My favorite part of going to Washington DC was getting to see where George Washington lived up on Mt.Vernon. Mt.Vernon was located up on a hill near the Potomac river, it was a beautiful sight! Mt.Vernon was home to many people including slaves. George Washington had many slaves but did not treat them as poorly as some others that had slaves; he later let them free. When we were there we got to see the slave house, where George Washington lived and died, the livestock, and many other places. George Washington had a very big impact on American history and I really enjoyed getting this opportunity to see where George Washington spent the last 15 years of his life. Brooke W

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Lizzie K. The Holocaust Memorial Museum is a place to remember the terrible event that occurred around World War II in Germany. Adolph Hitler was a dictator who had a goal for a "perfect" country. In order to achieve this goal, Hitler murdered millions of Jewish people, gay people, disabled people, and people without blonde hair and blue eyes. Hitler and the Nazis, the group that worked with him, used concentration camps to murder these people. In the museum they showed pictures of the concentration camps where they made people do hard labor, and didn't feed them much. Wooden buck beds were on display that were used for 5 to 6 people, and they didn't always receive a mattress. Hitler and the Nazis also used them for experiments; including experiments to discover the amount of air pressure needed to survive. Videos were shown to watch these experiments. One room was filled with shoes that they made people take off before entering the camps. Walking through the museum was a good way to learn about this event.

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Bella P. " is my will & desire that all slaves which I hold in my own right, shall receive their freedom." This quote was put on a plaque at Mount Vernon, talking about slavery. This topic really interested me because Washington didn't believe in slavery. He also didn't believe in splitting slave families up. He believed in freedom. In 1759 George Washington had 50 slaves working at Mount Vernon. In 1799 Washington had 318 slaves. About one of every five working slaves had a special ability such as a blacksmith, carpenter, or a shoemaker. The majority of the women worked in the fields but some filled the position of spinning, cooking, seamstress or a personal servant. The men also worked in the fields. Today The Mount Vernon Ladies Association has a dedicated a burial ground to honor slaves. Only 150 are buried there today. This burial site has been their since September 21, 1983.

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My favorite place to go was Mount Vernon. I enjoyed going to Mount Vernon because it was cool to see the home of George Washington. I thought seeing the 16 sided barn was really cool and super inventive for coming up with that. Walking through the area it was cool to imagine where George Washington could have walked and what it would have looked like when he was living there. Abby T

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Mckenzie J. The Washington National Cathedral is not only a place of divinely created stain glass, wood carvings, and sculptures. It is a place that confirms our ability to exercise our freedom of religion, a right bestowed upon all Americans in the first amendment of the U.S. Constitution. When first approaching the cathedral, you are stuck with the sheer awe of its massive size and splendor. Walking into the building possess you in a state of wonder. Sun beats through the stain glass in beautiful arrays of color and hand carved wood lines the walls in every direction. To me, the most beautiful part of the cathedral is its ability to welcome all walks of life. The cathedral is a place for people of all religions to gather. It is a place for Americans to gather in times of pride and sorrow. This is a birth place for coexistence, an American achievement.

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"It is better to be alone than in bad company," George Washington once said. His home, Mount Vernon, was the highlight of my DC trip. The mansion overlooks the Potomac River, and has so for hundreds of years. Even today, it is a functioning plantation. It has been said that the mansion looks as it did when the president himself lived in it. All around the property were interesting fact cards; a museum accompanied the mansion with even more information. Every tree had its species labeled and the date planted. Most of the trees were even older than the house, from the early 1700s. Although there was much more to see, my favorite parts to the plantation were the beautiful sights and shocking knowledge. Lexi W.

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My favorite place is the Lincoln memorial. I thought the structure of the Lincoln memorial was really fascinating. The steps where a pain but once you made it to the top your work of going up the stairs paid off there was a super pretty picture of the pentagon. Lincoln in the chair was bigger than I thought. So now I hope next time I am there is to see Lincoln in his chair with a serious face. I really enjoyed it thank you. Amanda L.

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Emma D When walking into the national cathedral in Washington, D.C. one would experience breathtaking views of artwork and truly be stunned by how astonishing it is. The first step in you see limestone carved to perfection creating the ceiling and all of the pillars around the edges. The floor looks like granite with beautiful designs with the colors of cream, green, and light red. There are stained glass windows on almost every wall you can see. Each one holds its own story and its own vibrant colors. I have to admit; If you went to mass here you would be very distracted. There are four chapels, each one is dedicated to the person who donated the money to make it. The main altar is very large with 5 big steps leading up to the podium. The back is small figurines carved into the rock. All of this is a cream color. There are also two big black doors on either side of the altar. This cathedral is, and will forever be my favorite.

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"Our nation honors her sons and daughters who answered the call to defend a country they never knew and the people they never met" - 1950 - Korea - 1953. I found this quote on the ground of the Korea monument. As I walked through, there were walls of granite with faces of the people who served for our country. At the center of the monument there where men charging though the grasslands of Korea, and they where wearing large backpacks, ponchos, and helmets. "Freedom is not free" was also a quote at this monument that really means a lot. I believe that it means we have to fight to be free; we are lucky to live in a country that we have rights and freedom to believe in what you want. Unlike many country's around the world. Megan C.

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My favorite thing to see was the 9/11 memorial. As you first walk up to it, it seems to be confusing, because of all the benches in different positions. Each bench has the name of the person who died on it, and their family members engraved on the bottom. If you are facing the name tag and the bench is looking toward the sky, that means that person died in the airplane, If it's looking toward the pentagon, that means that person died in the pentagon. Another cool feature to it, is that by each bench is a tile engraved into the granite is the date they were born, so you could tell how old each person was. Although it was sad, it was a educational experience and I'm glad I could be a part of it. Maddie Sho.

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