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I GOT YOUR BACK! Here's a new deal for you. 30 minute Back and Neck work done for $30.00. (Parties of 3-5 only) Grab some friends, Gather the snacks and drinks and call me to book it! 813-361-5777

Published on 2015-01-16 21:20:23 GMT

Compulink on Wednesday January 21st! Laser Spine Institute on Thursday January 22nd! Metrohm USA February 11th!! Your Corporation!!!! ______________ Help me fill in the blank!!!

Published on 2015-01-16 16:12:28 GMT

OH NO!!! THE WEEKEND IS COMING!!!! WHAT TO DO?!?! WHAT TO DO?!?!?! RELAX!!! I got you covered,,,,, with sheets and oil! 1 hour massage is $65.00, $90.00 for 90 minutes! Give me a call to schedule 813-361-5777!!

Published on 2015-01-13 21:35:13 GMT

Metrohm USA see you tomorrow!!

Published on 2015-01-13 15:22:17 GMT

Metrohm USA!!! See you on the 14th!!!!

Published on 2015-01-09 22:26:12 GMT

Take Off Monday January 12th or Tuesday January 13th and Treat yourself to 1 hour of Muscle Work in the comfort of your own home for only $35.00 between the hours of 9am and 3pm!! Book Now! Book Early! This is a ONE TIME OPPORTUNITY! 813-361-5777

Published on 2015-01-09 12:45:03 GMT

Don't celebrate the day today. Celebrating a day should be done every time you wake up. On this day we should celebrate the man that it honors and all he did to make this world and this nation a better place! MLK!

Published on 2015-01-19 15:39:29 GMT

Laser Spine Institute today from 1-5:30! Let's get some bodywork done!!!

Published on 2015-01-07 01:30:16 GMT

To all that have "LIKED" my page recently. On occasion I send a thank you message for the like from my personal page since I cant send messages from this page. So check your "OTHER" folder for my thanks. OR you can accept this posting as my gratitude!

Published on 2015-01-06 15:08:23 GMT

Booked today but I have openings this week!! Call me for the Monday and Tuesday special!!! You won't believe the price between 9am and 3pm.. AND I COME TO YOU! 813-361-5777

Published on 2015-01-04 18:51:26 GMT

Hangover Special!!! Still Getting over the celebration? 10 percent off any full service January 2nd, 3rd and 4th!! Call Today! 813-361-5777

Published on 2015-01-02 17:10:02 GMT

New Years Resolutions!! UGH!!!! Eat Better, Lose weight, Get in shape, Go back to school, Get a better job!!!! IT'S ENOUGH TO STRESS YOU OUT!!! MAKE A RESOLUTION TO TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOU!!! All that Exercise is gonna leave you sore! Get a Massage! Losing weight, Getting in shape means recovery time! Shorten that recovery time with MASSAGE! New Jobs and School,, all that new learning brings tension! Guess what relieves that tension???? MASSAGE!! Call 813-361-5777 Email:! Senior Discounts! Specials!!!

Published on 2015-01-01 23:29:29 GMT

Laser Spine Institute tomorrow January 7th!!! See you all tomorrow!!

Published on 2015-01-06 15:10:04 GMT

More than just rubbing oil on your skin. Massage Therapy eases muscle pain as we all know but did you know that we can fix soft tissue issues? Massage Therapy is manipulation of the soft tissue of the human body. Fascia release, Trigger point therapy, Structural Integration are all based on the science of the body. And, if you will forgive the pun, In the proper hands can be a tremendous asset to regaining lost mobility, reducing headaches or assisting in maintaining proper spinal alignment. Learn More. Become a better consumer. Then, when you are done with your research, Call me at 813-361-5777. Namaste!

Published on 2015-01-08 21:04:08 GMT

Corporate Massage Therapy. Instead of going out for a cigarette or getting yet another cup of coffee from the vending machine ask your boss if Corporate Chair Massage can be brought in. Then hand them my information when they say yes!! 813-361-5777 Testimonials “Who would have guessed a massage could be sooo good in the upright position? I may never lay down again!” – C Maier, URS corp. “I really hated my job and was ready to quit, then our H.R. department hired “The Chairman” and I began to like coming to work on the days he was there,,,, and even the days he wasn’t. I am so glad he came to help us.” Carol C., Customer Service, J.P. Printing Services Inc. “When I hired Rich to come in I honestly did not believe in massage at all. I am now a true believer. Not only are my employees happier but I am less stressed out and overall productivity is higher. I wish my budget would allow for more of his time.” Karen P., Esquire

Published on 2015-01-08 21:38:25 GMT

Oh,,,,, and a personal shout out to myself!! LOL About a month ago I was 250lbs! and a waist band of 42 inches that was actually a little tight. Since then I have eliminated Breads, Pasta and Grains from my diet. I have also eliminated caffeine ( that was harder than I thought it was going to be). I started working out again,,,, nothing major,, just a little here and there. As of today I weighed in at 235lbs, my pants are now a 40 inch waist and they aren't tight. I used to work out for all the wrong reasons. I wanted to get BIG and lift Massive amounts of weight and God knows I tried. In my younger days I could squat 315 for five reps which wasn't too shabby. Nowadays all I want is to take up less room in the room. Chicken and non starchy veggies and lots of water are my close companions lately. I still allow myself to cheat once a week with an ice cream ( forgive me fitness gods!) and once a day I have a single Dark Chocolate Hershey's kiss, ( ok,,,, two) My results are My results and so far I am very happy with the direction I am going. I don't want advice or comments about how I need to stop the "cheating",, It took me 47 years to get here,,, it's gonna take some time to change old habits. NAMASTE!!!!!!!

Published on 2014-08-28 17:40:58 GMT

Corporate Massage Tomorrow 8/12/2014. Wednesday I have open appointments! Call me! 813-361-5777

Published on 2014-08-11 23:38:35 GMT

Have I mentioned how much I love/hate squats!

Published on 2014-08-11 18:25:04 GMT

Bookings available this week on Wednesday and Thursday.. Call me at 813-361-5777

Published on 2014-08-11 14:10:29 GMT

Who needs some Body Work? I have available appointments Monday 8-4-2014 and Tuesday 8-5-2014 this week,,, Call or email!!

Published on 2014-08-04 00:28:03 GMT

Sales lesson of the day: Do not try to force a connection with to whomever you are talking. Scenario today: On my key chain I have TWO Sonic Screwdrivers from the Doctor Who series, the Tenth and 11th Doctor's respectively. The very young sales person I was working with today notice them since he needed my keys to service my motorcycle and as he hands them back to me he says, " I love the keychains! I am a huge huge fan of Starwars too and I really dig the Light Sabers you have there." Now, IF you are a true Star Wars nerd/geek you would know that these are not Light Sabers, NOR could they ever be mistaken for Light Sabers. Now I am not trying be Nerd boy here and I am off point slightly in my previous paragraph so back to the point at hand... If you are not sure of a persons particular personal affectation you have really two choices; 1. Leave it alone and move on to another subject or 2. Ask politely what it happens to be. If you choose option 2, be sincere and actually listen to the response, you just may learn something you didn't know about that person or life in general. Have a great day! Namaste!

Published on 2014-07-25 15:28:18 GMT

56 stories of stair climbing today! Real stairs not a step machine! My legs are rubber!

Published on 2014-07-22 23:37:07 GMT

Today the Universe was in flux! If anything had the possibility of going wrong, it went there with abandon! Tomorrow shall be better!

Published on 2014-07-22 01:16:57 GMT

Letting go of the person you were raised to be to become the person you should be in spite of it all is a slow difficult process but it is worth it! Become the person YOU want to be!

Published on 2014-07-20 20:25:08 GMT

Tuesday and Thursday appointments available for muscle therapy!!!! Call me for an appointment 813-361-5777

Published on 2014-07-06 20:58:55 GMT

At the Laser Spine Institute today doing corporate chair massage. 😃

Published on 2014-06-25 15:00:27 GMT

Why are we encouraged to chase "Dreams"? I have many dreams, some great, some are very dark. A dream is an intangible thing, a fantasy or delusion. Why not encourage people to chase their "Passions"! Chase the ideas and thoughts that fuel your potential. If playing music is your passion,, pursue it and never let anyone tell you you can't or shouldn't. If your passion is to cure cancer,, go get the education to do so. I have wasted a lot of my younger years chasing dreams that we're never based in reality. However, the things I have been passionate about I was more successful then I ever could have hoped for. Namaste

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