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We would like to thank everyone for their support and continuing to let us serve you and your automotive/motorcycle needs. We are getting busier an busier, so if you're looking to get your bike serviced soon then the sooner the better! Same goes for automotive/motorcycle detailing! Thank you everyone and we'll see ya soon!

Published on 2015-05-18 12:43:13 GMT

Call today and schedule your automobile or motorcycle detail now while the weather is still decent!

Published on 2015-09-16 12:59:41 GMT

Call today and schedule your automobile or motorcycle detail now while the weather is still decent!

Published on 2015-09-16 12:59:41 GMT

Sunday Fun Day ! Hope everyone has a Blessed Day ! Soo,Get Out There And Ride ! Hope to see u all out there !

Published on 2014-09-21 00:20:13 GMT

Have a good evening!

Published on 2014-09-10 22:16:36 GMT

Hey everyone, we at McNeer Motors would like to send out our condolences for Ruggie's family as we lost another former member of the PMC Family this week. Ruggie RIP Brother ! Also to Kellie Laughlin and her family for the loss of her Grandpa ! You All are in our Prayers !!!!! Joe McNeer

Published on 2014-09-05 17:18:58 GMT

Ok guys & gals, we would like to hear some feed back about our work! We would love to hear what you think of the work we have done on your motorcycle and also any type of detail work we have done on your automobile and motorcycle! We are always looking to better ourselves to better suit your individual needs. Please comment! Remember, we are running an end of summer special on auto details! ***$59.95*** includes hand wash/dry, wheel well + rim clean up, windows, vacuum, interior vinyl restore/shine, tire shine and of course... Vent air freshener!!!

Published on 2014-09-04 13:57:11 GMT

Busy busy day! Good day to get out on two wheels!

Published on 2014-09-03 20:12:55 GMT

Be safe out there tonight everyone, enjoy your holiday!

Published on 2014-09-01 02:27:48 GMT

McNeer Motor Company would like to wish each and everyone of you a safe and blessed Sunday! Sooo Get Out There and Ride!!!!!

Published on 2014-08-24 19:14:35 GMT

Have a good weekend everyone, be safe and have fun!

Published on 2014-08-23 19:28:55 GMT

Closed today due to the weather!

Published on 2015-03-05 12:15:21 GMT

The last day of February, and it couldn't end soon enough ! Lol ! Spring is almost here and riding season is apon us. If your motorcycle needs serviced before the good weather hits, give us a call to get your bike done. We are taking appointments now. 740-464-4968 ask for Joe ! Be ready to ride !!!!!

Published on 2015-02-28 14:09:23 GMT

Still got the shop closed this week. This weather is screwing all kinds of things up! Warm weather isn't far away tho. If you have a bike that needs worked on we are still taking them in by appointment! Contact Joe at 740-464-4968 We are going to be around the shop off and on the rest of the week so get/dig your bike out and make plans to bring it down now before the warm weather rush comes!

Published on 2015-02-24 21:35:51 GMT

Our shop has been closed down all week due to the nasty weather. Hopefully by Monday of next week we'll be back at it!

Published on 2015-02-20 18:56:45 GMT

Tomorrow February 9th the shop will be closed all day. We will reopen on Tuesday. Thank you !

Published on 2015-02-08 17:04:09 GMT

Warm weather needs to hurry up!

Published on 2015-02-03 14:49:21 GMT

Ohio State is going to DOMINATE Oregon! #GOBUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published on 2015-01-13 01:20:01 GMT

From our family's to your family, Merry Christmas ! We hope everyone enjoys time with family and friends ! Thank you all again, for giving us the opportunity to do what we love every day !!!! Joe McNeer !!!

Published on 2014-12-23 23:54:17 GMT

Its the perfect time of year to bring your motorcycle down to get it tuned up and ready for spring/summer! Not to mention your dirt bike/4 wheeler and side by side needs! We can take care of you and have ya back on the trails or road in no time! Stop by and see us now to schedule yours in today!!! Happy Holidays!

Published on 2014-12-17 20:28:02 GMT

If you haven't checked out our Country Outlaw Powersports page then click on the link below and do so now!

Published on 2014-12-07 20:10:54 GMT

We would just like to let everyone know we are open Friday from 9 till 4 and Saturday from 9 till 1 for all your Motorcycle , ATV and side by side needs. Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday !!!!

Published on 2014-11-28 13:08:20 GMT

From our family to all of you and your family's , everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving !

Published on 2014-11-27 00:09:17 GMT

looking for a Polaris Ranger for a customer ! if anyone knows of one please give me a call at 740-464-4968 ask for Joe. Thanks

Published on 2014-11-21 17:47:44 GMT

Who's ready for spring already???

Published on 2014-11-17 19:17:20 GMT

Warm weather is toying with us, but its almost here to stay (hopefully!)!!! We want to remind everyone that we are starting the detail side of the business back up and this would be the perfect time to schedule your automotive or motorcycle detail today! Contact Tyler at 740-464-5001 to schedule your detail and don't forget to get ahold of Joe at 740-464-4968 for you motorcycle repair and maintenance needs! The shop is starting to get busy and NOW is the best time to contact us before we get swamped! Thank you all for you business and we hope to see/hear from you soon! Have a great day!

Published on 2015-03-17 14:19:25 GMT

Our shop is going to remain closed this morning or until the roads clear up later. Be careful out there, these icy roads are no joke!

Published on 2015-01-29 13:55:25 GMT

As 2014 draws to an end, all of us here at McNeer Motor Company want to thank everyone who has supported us in resurrecting my grandfathers business he started in 1915 with his first business, which was a Harley Davidson dealership and eventually a Studebaker dealership. Thank You All !!!! God Bless and hope 2015 is a great year for everyone ! You are all in our Prayers ! Joe McNeer

Published on 2014-12-31 13:55:50 GMT

Sunny sky! It's time again to schedule your automotive and motorcycle detail! Don't forget we do have a carpet extractor and can really bring your interior back to life in your vehicle! Don't hesitate, call Tyler (740-464-5001) today and have him get ya scheduled in!

Published on 2015-07-14 13:06:37 GMT

"For some there's therapy... For the rest of us there's motorcycles!"

Published on 2015-09-02 19:31:31 GMT

We will be closed all day Saturday August 15th!! See ya at Rally on the River!

Published on 2015-08-15 00:18:58 GMT

Good day for a ride!

Published on 2015-08-09 14:46:54 GMT

Usually we are swamped this time of year but we have been slowing down some lately so this would be the time to get your bike down here for a tune up or a detail... or both! Call in today or stop in and we'll get ya scheduled in!

Published on 2015-07-13 15:49:21 GMT

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Published on 2015-06-22 01:12:22 GMT

We will only be in the shop Untill 12 (noon) today! Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

Published on 2015-05-23 13:22:46 GMT

Our radio add runs today.. Who has heard it so far?!?!??

Published on 2015-05-08 14:04:12 GMT

The busy season has finally arrived! This week has been a busy one. Tires, brakes, exhaust, oil changes, ect... We've done quite a bit of your basic tune up needs this week so don't forget to get down here and get yours ready for the riding season because it's here!!!!! Ty has been just as busy with bike detailing so don't forget to have him schedule ya in to get your bike cleaned up as well!

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