Mels passion partys

at 129868 ave , v3w 6j1

this is so poeple can order from home.and book parties with me.for more info just call or message me

Mels passion partys
129868 ave
Surrey , BC v3w 6j1
Contact Phone
P: 604 916 6555

hello my friends I have a goal I need to meet bye the end of sept for my passion partie bizz.i need to get 500.00 insales bye the end of the for the first 5 poeple I will give a discount of 20 % off any order u make.if I meet my goal in time my sponsor will give me a small prize...hope u guys can help me can order on line with a discount code I can give u or order strat from me.....thanks hope u all can help me meet my goal for the month.....

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hello you all wonna book a party with me call 604 916 6555. it is always free to host and u can get a discounts on stuff and u will get a free gift for hosting one.....for more info call or text me.....take a look at my web page if u would can order from there

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