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We are so excited to introduce Mercy Olio Bottega Yoga Mats, Clothes and Bags with love and mercy.

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Mercy Olio Bottega was inspired by Federico and Catalina Gonzalez after started practicing yoga consistenly in 2015 while dealing with some illnesses and stressful situations in life. Yoga has deepened into our relationship with God . The day we took our first Vinyasa Flow Yoga class we knew it was the spiritual element we had known and recognized our entires lifes, but on a more deep, personal nurturing level. Yoga brought our faith to life and our relationship with Christ is more personal as a result. Yoga is about not only transforming , but mostly about healing the body, but more the mind and spirit, bringing spiritualitity into a more whole place. Luke 6:36 says: " Be Merciful, just as your Father is merciful "


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" Searching for a Heart of Gold" Check out today's blog written by my amazing husband. I want to live , I want to give !!

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“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” ― Brené Brown Check out today's blog !

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" You will find that is necessary to let things go, simple for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them, I tie no weights to my ankles." C. Joybell C Check out today's blog !!

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" Be Like The Lotus" Find The courage to bloom!!

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What do you need help with today?

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Check out today's blog ! " Breath & Balance " " You cannot do yoga. Yoga is your natural state. What you can do are yoga exercises, which may reveal to you where you are resisting your natural state" Sharon Gannon

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WE ALL DESERVE TO BE LOVED !! Check out today's blog

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Mercy Olio Bottega Yoga Clothing Line. We will be announce our Store website March 1st 2016. Namaste 🙏🏻

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Sneak Peak of our new Mercy Olio Bottega Yoga Clothing Line. We will be announce our Store website March 1st 2016!

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Be in touch with your feelings and fill yourself with bliss and joy with our unique Mercy Olio cork yoga mat designs. Check our Etsy Store for prices and delivery options.

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Remember always, that you are a unique expression of the universe. You are here for a special purpose that only you can fulfill. Even at your worst, you are nothing short of a miracle. And no matter what you have done in the past, you always have the ability to make a new choice in this moment. Forgive yourself every failure, every mistake, every moment that you are not at your best. Your missteps do not define you. Give yourself grace, and patience, and time. Love yourself with every breath you take, and let your beautiful, magnificent, perfect light shine. 🙏🏻

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It's when I'm standing vulnerable and completely open that I am in my truth. I am in a space of love and not in a space of fear; it's only in this space that I can be truly seen and therefore connect in a meaningful way with others. It is in our vulnerability that we have the power to effect more positive change, because as we empower ourselves we empower others. Be vulnerable !

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Yoguis: Si están interesados en el Profesorado Yoga Colombia que dara inicio en el mes de Febrero Mercy Olio los invita a ver nuestros productos en nuestro Etsy Shop.

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Happy New Year yogis! I’ve often found this time of year to be especially powerful in enhancing my yoga practice. Of course, yoga is always a powerful practice, but the gift of the new year brings deep reflection and introspection that can amplify processes of self-inquiry, expanding our spiritual awareness and commitment to yogic living. Whether you do yoga at a studio, a gym or at home, it’s common practice to set an intention for your time on the mat. Like a new year’s resolution, an intention names something you’re seeking to attain for yourself and/or others. But unlike resolutions, intention-setting focuses less on goals and more on the journey which leads to certain outcomes. Think of it this way: Intentions focus more on internal power and long-term change, whereas resolutions focus more on external—and sometimes, short-lived—rewards. Let there be no confusion: Intention setting should be equally as specific as setting a new year’s resolution. For instance, if you choose to set a 2015 intention rather than a resolution, being as specific as possible will help you take responsibility for what you want or need. Through clarity of intention comes a clearer path for travel during your journey. For example, a new year’s resolution might be something like “losing twenty pounds,” whereas an intention might be “practice self-care by eating nourishing and healing foods.” Both examples are specific in their wording, but the intention of self-care requires the person setting it to change their internal attitudes towards themselves in order to practice self-love and, thus, self-care. One can see how this shift in thinking will bring positive affects beyond weight loss and will not stop once the twenty pounds are gone. Intentions seek to address this residue from within in order to achieve change, where as resolutions most often set awareness on the achievement of something externally. The difference is subtle, but important. What intention will you choose to take you into the new year? Hurry up and get our Handmade Mercy Olio Cork Yoga Mat today for $85 on our Etsy Store

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Para muchos este 2015 ha sido un año de éxitos , salud y estabilidad emocional, para otros lo contrario quizás depresión , enfermedad , dificultades financieras, momentos donde hemos causado dolor a alguien o donde nos han causado. Situaciones dolorosas que nos han echo cuestionarnos muchas cosas de nuestra vida, pero siempre ante cualquier situación la vida nos deja enseñanzas , lecciones que nos hacen crecer espiritual y emocionalmente. Hoy que este año termina cierra los capítulos del libro que empezaste a escribir el 1 de Enero del 2015 cierra y deja ir todo aquello que te causo dolor, deja ir cada relación que no te aportó ni te hizo crecer pero que te enseño muchas cosas, deja ir el rencor , el enojo y deja de cuestionarte por qué te pasan cosas que te causan dolor .. Todos pasamos momentos difíciles y a muchos nos cuesta mucho tener compasión y empatía con los demás , nos cuesta ponernos en sus zapatos y se nos hace más fácil juzgar y cerrar nuestros corazones hacia esas personas que han tenido el coraje de ser vulnerables y han abierto no sólo su corazón si no su vida y han confiado en nosotros. Este año aprendí que ser vulnerable es una de las cosas mas difíciles pero que es la única forma de podernos conectar y ser reales en nuestras relaciones. Aprendí que mi valor como ser humano no lo puedo basar en lo que los demás me dan o lo que piensan de mí. Aprendí que Dios es real y que está en todas partes, aprendí que debemos de tener la fortaleza para poder amarnos y cuidarnos a nosotros mismos y que es necesario ser un poco "egoísta" con los demás para poder estar bien con nosotros mismos y dar a los demás apoyo y comprensión. Aprendí la amistad es incondicional , recíproca y que una amistad no tiene límites. aprendí que cuando pongo mi cabeza sobre mi tapete de Yoga encuentro un espacio sagrado en donde la presencia y el amor de Dios trasciende todas esas reglas que la Iglesia ha impuesto en los seres humanos para mantener nuestras mentes cerradas a su única "verdad", aprendí que su amor es infinito y que cada segundo podemos encontrar su perdón y su amor para empezar de nuevo. Feliz 2015!

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Amazing !!!