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Year round tree care, removal and stump grinding. Located on the East side of Cincinnati in Anderson Township. We are fully insured, skilled professionals who care about your property like you do.

Merriman Tree and Stump

Cincinnati , OH 45254
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We always provide free estimates for Tree Care Services, Removal, Stump Grinding, Emergency tree work in Mariemont. As trees grow, they need direction. This may be in the form of pruning, thinning or removing deadwood, we have specialized training and equipment, as well as an “eye” for what needs to be done. Pruning enhances the appearance and value of landscaping, but its importance is more than cosmetic. Proper pruning is important because it: Removes weak, dead, storm damaged, diseased, or interfering branches Can be used to train growth patterns of young trees Minimizes the risk of storm damage Provides clearance for streets, sidewalks, driveways, structures and overhead lines Although we consider every option to preserve your trees, sometimes poor conditions, an inappropriate location, unacceptable risk or other criteria make removal the best management option. Some removal projects are more routine, while others require highly technical skills, including working around utility lines, complex rigging or the use of large cranes. The Care of Trees crews include professionally trained arborists with all the skills necessary to safely complete the most difficult and hazardous removals. Often, a tree with structural weaknesses can be pruned to correct or minimize the risk of breakage, uprooting or other failures. In other cases, usually in combination with pruning, artificial supports are appropriate to effectively mitigate a threat while preserving your tree. Cabling and bracing techniques can be an effective means of extending the life of a tree that might otherwise require removal. Our professionally trained arborists are trained to identify such conditions and design and install support systems where appropriate. The first line of defense against pests and diseases is plant health. The healthier a tree or shrub, the better able it is to naturally fend off insects and diseases. Our primary focus is preventive pest management through overall tree care. Even with preventive maintenance, sometimes serious maladies can affect your trees. When this is the case, our arborists will evaluate the specific pest and overall tree condition, then recommend the most effective and environmentally sensitive management approach. State-of-the-art biological and low-toxicity materials, such as horticultural soaps and oils are among the low-impact tools we use to manage pests. As a Fully Insured, Affordable Maderia based Tree Care Service, we provide Stump Grinding, Emergency tree work, Hazard Removal, Pruning, Thinning, Cabling, Diagnosis and Free Estimates throughout the East and Northeast areas of Cincinnati including but not limited to: Anderson Township, Indian Hill, Kenwood, Union Township, Pierce Township, Ft. Thomas, Crestview Hills, Hyde Park, Mariemont, Montgomery, Maderia, Terrace Park, Loveland, Milford, Mason, Blue Ash, Evendale and Mainville. Tree care is one of the most dangerous professions in the U.S., particularly if performed by amateurs or untrained personnel. Statistics show that performing tree care is more dangerous than working for a police or fire department. Every year homeowners are injured or killed trying to do their own tree work. They should not perform tree work involving climbing of any kind, work from a ladder to prune a tree, or attempt to fell (cut-down) trees. The Care of Trees is fully insured to cover worker’s compensation, property damage and personal liability in case of accidents. SAFETY IS KEY Recent research showed that those of us in the tree care industry already know: tree care is a dangerous business. According to the research, tree care workers have the highest accident rate of any job for a municipality. In fact, the most dangerous act you can do on the job is to remove a tree. This sobering information is one reason why we decided to build upon our focus on safety leadership. After years of focusing on our company’s safety record, we had reached a consistent safety level, but we were not content with that. We wanted to figure out how to get even better. When it comes to tree care, some jobs are too big and too dangerous, or just need professional expertise to keep the tree healthy. My rule of thumb: unless you can work with both feet on terra firma, you should hire a professional tree service. Working at height requires proper training and protection due to a number of risky variables such as electrical wires, wildlife, nearby fences, buildings or homes. Of course, hiring a tree service comes with its own set of risks. To get your money’s worth and protect your interests, you need to ask your tree care professional these important questions and make sure you understand and agree with their answers. Will they provide an up-to-date certificate of insurance and a copy of their work contract? This should be your first and most important question. You want to ensure they are properly insured and that you will not be liable for damage, accidents or injuries. What are their credentials? Try to hire a company with an International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborist, a Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accredited Business or one employing a Certified Tree Care Safety Professional (CTSP). Will they be working in proximity to electrical conductors? If so, they will need to be Approved Line-Clearance Arborists. Can they provide a list of references? Any quality company will be happy to share a list of satisfied customers. Ask for customers that they have done work for in the past month or so; you don’t want ancient history. Will they give you a detailed estimate? Get written estimates from three equal companies to compare prices and understand the scope of the job, which leads into the next question. How will the job be approached and what equipment will they use? You don’t want massive power equipment driving over your lawn and flowerbeds causing collateral damage unnecessarily. If they are going across your lawn, make sure they know the locations of sprinkler heads or other objects that may be damaged. What is their policy if they damage something and is it acceptable to you? It may be a good idea to photograph the area before work begins so you have a record in case there is damage. Make sure you understand how they will clean up during and after the job. How long will the project take? This is why getting an estimate is handy. One company might say three days while another company says three hours. Does the company appear professional? What does their company truck look like, is it well taken care of? Is the truck clean and in good shape? If they don’t take care of their equipment, do you think they will take care of your tree and property? Do they have a website? Design and content can give you a sense of their professionalism, as can the appearance of the vehicles they use on jobs. That can give you an idea of how they run their business. Do they use spikes to climb trees while pruning? Unless you’re removing the trees, demand they not use spikes, which causes unhealthy wounds. Do they advertise “topping” (removing live sections from the top of the tree)? This is another poor practice, particularly for large, healthy hardwood trees and would indicate that you should continue your search. Will the crew be using hardhats and other personal protective equipment while on your property? The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that personal protective equipment be used for any tree care operation. A reputable tree care service will require their workers to be protected.

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Qualified Certified Arborists are ready to answer your tree care questions!

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We provide emergency tree care service in Anderson Township, Loveland, Maderia, Indian Hill and other nearby areas.