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Friendly reminder about our upcoming MARS-A Alumni Group. Monday June 1, 4pm, K0-155, see you there!

Published on 2015-05-26 17:04:53 GMT

Hi MARS-A Alumni - Friendly Reminder about our Alumni practice group. Monday, May 4, 4pm in Ambulatory Care Building K0-155. Call 604-875-3472 if you have questions.

Published on 2015-05-02 01:09:41 GMT

Friendly reminder for next Monday's MARS-A Alumni Group. Dec 1, 2014, 4 - 5pm, in K0-155. For spring 2015, to make it easy to remember, all groups will be first Monday of the month, 4 - 5pm, in K0-155. January 5, 2015 February 2, 2015 March 2, 2015 April 6, 2015 May 4, 2015 June 1, 2015 Call Jaclyn at 604-875-3472 if you have any questions, and see you soon!

Published on 2014-11-26 20:36:01 GMT

Here's a friendly reminder for next week's MARS-A Alumni Group: MONDAY, OCT 6. 4- 5pm. Jake's office. Mental Health Building, 4th Floor, P4 - 120 To make it easier to remember, the rest of the groups this year are on the first Mondays of the month (except for September because of Labor Day). Hope to see you there!

Published on 2014-09-30 22:07:38 GMT

This is a friendly reminder for next week's MARS-A Alumni group: MONDAY, SEP 8. 4 - 5pm. Jake's office: Mental Health Building, 4th Floor, P4 - 120 And, every first Monday of the month, 4 - 5pm. Mark your calendars, and happy meditating!

Published on 2014-09-02 15:59:37 GMT

Message for MARS-A Group, Session #7 Hi Everyone You have all been blind copied Congratulations on being almost at the end of this portion of your Mindfulness journey – hopefully it is actually just a beginning of a lifetime of being more present and aware In Session # 7 we spent time discussing how important it is to look after yourself We heard lots of good reasons why this is so important including enabling us to look after others, and essentially helping us to survive and thrive in this very stressful world We practiced Metta meditation where we gave loving kindness to ourselves and to others We reviewed the signs that we (and others) might notice if we were starting to struggle and become distressed We discussed the importance of making a list of pleasurable activities and mastery activities – things we can go to when we are feeling in distress and that can even if only briefly, help us to carry on And we completed a sheet of paper which outlined our plan when we start feeling down ** this is important because we often can’t think of what to do when our lizard brain is distressed…having it written on our paper can really help At the end we talked about developing your own practice once we are finished with this course It is like seeds that have been planted – if you water and nourish them regularly, they will grow accordingly Dormant seeds might be watered at a later time too Finally we asked what treat you might like to celebrate Session # 8 Pizza and Cupcakes were suggested by Wednesday’s group We will also have a few other surprises for you See you all next week Jake, Dzung, and Alex

Published on 2014-11-20 01:55:44 GMT

MARS-A Alumni - this is a friendly reminder for our upcoming alumni group. Monday, Nov 3, at 4 - 5pm. Jake's office. Mental Health Building, 4th Floor, P4 - 120. To make it easier to remember, the rest of the groups this year are on the first Mondays of the month (except for September because of Labor Day). Hope to see you there!

Published on 2014-10-29 19:35:37 GMT

Message to MARS-A Participants, Week #4: Hi Everyone You have all been blind copied In Session # 4 we started with some Mindful stretching and a SOBER sitting meditation We then reviewed how everyone’s week was especially focusing on the Informal experiences that we discussed last time. In particular, we were more aware of things that we are grateful for like friends and family and simple things like clean water, food, peace etc. Then we spent some time discussing how pain is an inevitable part of our lives. Some people struggle with chronic pain, acute pain Some with Physical pain, others with emotional pain – or both We talked about how pain is a Mind-Body problem. We closely looked at the equation Suffering = Pain x Resistance Pain may not change much but we can influence the Suffering by reducing Resistance using Mindfulness We can learn to have a different relationship to pain…rather that resisting or trying to avoid pain (not usually possible), instead we can move towards the pain, accept it (not be resigned to it), and even embrace it. We recognize that sounds weird, and encourage you to play with this practice with a spirit of curiosity and beginner’s mind. In one group we then did a 4 minute Power Nap so that we might have more energy for the longer Body Scan During the Body Scan we investigated the pain closely, observed our thoughts and emotions and then attempted to develop a more compassionate relationship to pain For Daily practice we asked you to continue with sitting meditations and body scans and perhaps to try longer meditations a few times We suggested trying the SOBER space or STOP a few times per day Also we asked you continue with your informal awareness of daily activities This Saturday we will have our Mindful Half Day from 11 am to 2 pm in KO 155 and 157 Please bring a yoga mat if you have one Please bring some of your own lunch if you like We will have pizza and usual snacks See you soon Dzung, Jake and Alex • Power Nap instructions • Set Timer (phone, watch) for 2 – 10 minutes MAX! • Sit with head supported against wall or you may lie down • Close eyes à “think Black” (Forehead, between eyes) • Yawn if you like • Relax - there is no need to try and sleep • When alarm sounds à GET UP !!

Published on 2014-10-23 20:45:39 GMT

This is a friendly reminder for our Half-Day of Mindfulness: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25, from 11am – 2pm. In Ambulatory Care Building, K0-155. Please mark your calendars, we look forward to immersing ourselves in mindfulness and self-compassion!

Published on 2014-10-18 21:08:53 GMT

Message to MARS-A Group, Week 3: Hi Everyone You have all been blind copied In session # 3 we practiced some mindful movements (mindful stretching, yoga, tai chi, qui gong etc) We noticed more about our bodies in motion and at rest - how certain muscles feel tense, relaxed, stretched and many other sensations like blood flowing, tingling, etc We paid attention to our bodies in the present moment and probably noticed a lot more than we usually do (unless we are in pain). Movement meditations are wonderful "Formal" meditations to help us be aware of the present moment We then learned about "Informal" mindfulness which is essentially raising our awareness on purpose to our everyday life and all that goes on. Frequently we mindlessly go through our days on "automatic pilot" but now we are choosing to here and now. We are already often engaged in activities such as music, sports, relationships - we are now asking you to intentionally pay a bit more attention and see what happens. This then led us into recognizing many of the pleasant events in our life that we often take for granted. We talked about how grateful we are - This includes having really good friends, family, our passionate interests, food, clean water, sunshine, video games, etc. Sometimes when we don't feel well, we forget the things that can make us smile and even be happy for a period of time (like the present moment). Then we practised the walking meditation which is also a formal meditation. Walking without necessarily having a purpose other than to observe our walking. So different from how we normally walk - to get places and with lots on our minds. Most people found this experience to be interesting in a positive way. Finally we introduced you to the 3 minute SOBER Space where we got you to visualize an hourglass Stop Observe (top of hourglass) what is in your body, feelings and thoughts Breathe - (narrow part of hourglass) being present with a focus on that breath focal point for 5 - 10 breaths Expand - (bottom of hourglass) your awareness again and notice what's in your body & what feelings and thoughts Respond - continue with your day (hopefully in a more calm manner) For home practice, we asked you to try walking, mindful stretching and the 3 minute SOBER Space, and to be more aware of everything and maybe even notice things you are grateful for See you next week, Dzung, Jake, Alex

Published on 2014-10-18 21:07:12 GMT

Message to MARS-A Group, Week 2: Hi Everyone In Session # 2 we reviewed the Foundations of Mindfulness We practiced the Body Scan lying down and again observed how easily our attention drifted off to other places We observed our bodies just for the sake of noticing what was present instead of when our body demands attention such as when we feel pain We also learned that the Body Scan can help us develop attention control Then we did the always interesting “Raisin exercise” Some of you still had aversion to raisins and others had a new appreciation for them We all noticed things that we had never noticed before We had a longer sitting meditation with a focus on breath in the present moment There will be lots more of this to come as it is an important core meditation that helps keep us grounded We then reviewed Mindful qualities such as loving-kindness, self-compassion and beginner’s mind And we talked about how mindfulness might be helpful in learning to take better care of ourselves in the face of increasing life stresses Our request for daily practice included doing either a body scan or a sitting meditation every day We also asked that you intentional become a bit more mindful of some regular life activity (like brushing your teeth) and just notice whatever you notice Please remember that the more we practise, the more we will get out of it See you all next week Dzung, Jake and Alex

Published on 2014-10-14 15:55:27 GMT

Dear Mindful Teens: Announcing upcoming MARS-A Alumni Dates: MONDAY, SEP 8. 4 - 5pm. Jake's office: Mental Health Building, 4th Floor, P4 - 120 MONDAY, OCT 6. 4- 5pm. Jake's office. MONDAY, NOV 3. 4 - 5pm. Jake's office. MONDAY, DEC 1. 4 - 5pm. Ambulatory Care Building ("Starbuck's Building"), K0-155. To make it easier to remember, these are the first Mondays of the month (except for September because of Labor Day). Hope to see you there!