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If The Shoe, Boot, or Leather Item Fits, Repair It! We Raymond Trueheart Fully Reloaded/Resoled, Re-heel any bottom shoes or boots on the market today.

Mr. Ray's Door 2 Door Mobile Shoe Repair, Inc.
Penobscot Building, 645 Griswold, Suite 3261
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NOT A PROBLEM WHY NOT Our page is about being green & responsible in this industry, keeping Michigan & the World beautiful by keeping shoes & boots out of our landfills. Joining the Movement where everyone can get involved by allowing us to Raymond Trueheart Fully Reload, Resole, Re-heel your plastic, vinyl, urethane bottom shoes & boots that at one time could not be re-soled, re-heeled until we came along. We can perform this system on all brand of footwear including all Allen Edmonds. All sneakers are boring, Converse, Nike,etc. why because they cannot be re-sole as is. We can put on a different #1 soles in the world like Vibram, SoleTech, Goodyear & even prime leather full soles & combination or rubber heels if you want to wear them when you dressed up, going to a special event. You choose the soles we Raymond Trueheart Fully Reload, Resole them. Now your footwear is healthy for your feet & your health. You can now stand on your feet all day, also your shoes, boots, boring sneakers can be fully reloaded, resoled again & again. These brand name soles and heels are the #1 product in the world; they are Long Lasting, Comfortable, Healthy, Stylish, Cool & Fun to Wear! Now you not just only thinking what's in it for me but how I' am helping my environment. What a great feeling by doing the right thing. Fact: Your feet is your foundation that should be on your mind all the time when you are buying footwear or having them resole, even if you purchase shoes, boots that you like & really wanted like most people do, we are about putting the proper quality soles you chose on that pair of footwear just like if you went out there & bought them like that featuring all the benefits we mention earlier of having #1 soles on that pair of footwear. We are about educating you the consumer of a trade only a few of us know about, the true cost of a total quality shoe or boots include the soles that are on them OK, GOT IT. Now that we have made you aware, now you can save money by having us Raymond Trueheart Fully Reload, Resole your footwear making your footwear a great investment. This is about your feet & health & that is what we are all about. Raymond Trueheart Owner of Mr. Ray’s Door 2 Door Mobile Shoe Repair, Inc. Talking Shoe Repair Raymond Trueheart Shoe Repair in the 21st Century "Earth's #1 Friend" “Is This Art or Is This Shoe Repair, You Make the Call” The Potential of Shoe Repair: More than 90 percent of adults are aware that some shoes and boots can be repaired, but only 25 percent regularly care for those shoes. Why? People are not aware of Raymond Trueheart Fully Reloaded Resole, Re-heel any type bottom footwear, you choose the soles or heels and we will put them on new and old and the other variety of services available like Orthopedic shoe Lifts work on any type of footwear new and old, we repair everything, we take on all challenges! Most adults own two or three pairs of footwear they don’t wear them because they need repair and was unaware of us. That’s 495 million pairs of footwear that could possibly end up in our landfills. Shoe comfort: Ninety-five percent of people wear footwear that don’t fit properly, the most common causes of self-injuries along with not having the proper soles, we will measure each foot with a foot measuring system designed to indicate the correct shoe size. After this is done we recommend you letting us Raymond Trueheart Fully Reload them with the number #1 soles in the world that you choose like Vibram, SoleTech, Goodyear or a quality high end leather to make these shoes, boots more comfortable and able to stand on your feet all day and night along with our stretching services. How to buy shoes that fit: First get measured, the two feet may be different sizes buy shoes for the larger one. Your feet grow five to eight percent in volume by the end of the day. The beating your footwear and feet take is all the more reasons to have the proper soles and heels: For every step a person takes, the impact on their footwear’s heel is 25 times the person weight. The average person takes 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day, which adds up to about 115,000 miles over a lifetime. That’s enough to go around the circumference of the earth four times. When walking the foot impact is 2-4x times the person‘s body weight, running 3-7x, jumping 9x. You have 125,000 sweat glands in your feet, all of them pouring ¼ cup of moisture every day. During exercise, the foot can increase a ½ size, skin temperature on the surface of the foot is about 94 degrees. Inside of the shoe the temperature rises to 105 degrees and with activity can reach 115 degrees. The foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments and 19 muscles. One quarter (¼) of all the bones in the human body is down in your feet. When these bones are out of alignment, so is the rest of the body. The Green Benefit: By allowing us at Mr. Ray’s Door 2 Door Mobile Shoe Repair Inc., a Green Company keep 62 million pairs of warn shoes and boots out of our landfills each year, will you help us reach that number each year please! How? We have the capability of Raymond Trueheart Fully Reload, resole, and re-heel any type of bottom shoes and boots from expensive name brand to inexpensive because the name brand also have non-repairable shoes and boots in their line. There are 1.2 billion pairs of shoes not counting boots sold in the U.S. each year by approximately 200,000 shoe sales people employed in more than 50,000 shoe stores and department. However, estimates reflect only 25% of consumer can actually remember the time they had their feet measured not mentioning ever hearing a shoe repair corporation making the statement of not having to ever throw away their footwear because no one can repair them. WILL YOU JOIN OUR MOVEMENT – HELP US KEEP MICHIGAN, AMERICA AND THE WORLD BEAUTIFUL – LET’S KEEP THEM OUT OF OUR LANDFILLS! PLEASE JOIN US, “WE ARE AMONG YOU AS THE ONE WHO SERVES” "WE ARE EARTH'S (#1) FRIEND" Quality Materials: Ninety percent of the original heel tips on women’s new shoes, even expensive shoes, are made of plastic. Our shoe repair professionals can replace these with rubber heel tips which are more durable and make the heels less slippery. The replacement materials used by our professionals are often better than the original materials used to construct the shoe or boot. Time Savings: A trip to our shoe repair, laboratory, and university takes an average of 30 minutes. Selecting and purchasing a new pair of shoes takes an average of two hours. Now let’s talk about how important it is to keep your shoes looking good. Our services provide value, comfort and better health for consumers, all while helping the environment. Our products can help consumers put their best foot forward. Sloppy Shoes Stumble on the Corporate Ladder: Business recruiters rate good grooming as very important to becoming a senior executive. Furthermore, these same personnel experts said the poorest-groomed people in their companies tended to be young male executives, and the best groomed people were the middle-age or older executive. The most common mistake – and the most damaging – was un-shined shoes (by the way our wax-free pro-shine restore last one to three months). It shows no attention to minor details, disorganization and those they, “don’t have it all together.” The number one complaint about female job candidate was an un-firm handshake. Number two? Unkempt shoes If you want a date, shine you shoes Young women are more critical of young men wearing scuffed shoes. Two out of three young female professionals indicated that un-shine or scuffed shoes suggested negative characteristics. Half of the young men felt the same about young women. Negative character traits suggested by un-shine shoes were sloppiness, indifference to good grooming and to detail in general and carelessness. Your shoes are a reflection of your personality Well kept shoes stand for professionalism, attention to detail, ambition, efficiency, conscientiousness, organization, confidence and friendliness. Un-kept shoes make the wearer appear disorganized, sloppy, lazy and careless. Go Getters Get their Shoe Shined Ninety-seven percent of ambitious young professionals recognize shine shoes as important to the way they look on the job. Ninety-eight percent of people interested in rapid promotion said they wear freshly shine shoes most or all of the time. Of course, it’s about the polish. We use professional waxes and a number of industry products to keep your shoes looking good, feeling better and lasting longer. We specialize in •Orthopedic Shoe Lifts, Build-up Work on any type Shoe or Boot New and Old •Stretch Shoes and Boots for increase comfort •Water Proof, Heavy Duty, Salt and Stain Removal in Leather, Suede •Heels of all types including Tips change from hard to non-skid rubber •Heel savers applied to prolong the life of the heel •Protective soles applied to prolong the life of the leather, plastic soles •Repairing almost anything on the market today, we except all challenges When Shoes and Boots are new •Protective soles applied to extend sole life and increase slip resistance • Mr. Ray’s Wax-free Pro-Shine, Restore •Stretch Shoes, Boots that are too tight •Plastic heels can be replaced with slip-resistant rubber •Shoes and boots can be waterproofed for added protection in wet or oily environments Our High End Shoe Repair Shop “Exclusively design with the professional minded individual” services also include: •Zipper Replacement •Belt Shorting and Holes •Relacing Baseball Gloves •Purse/Handbag Repair •Timberland, Ugg Boots, Salt Stain Clean, Heavy Duty Water Repellent •Repairing almost anything on the market today, we except all challenges

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High End Repair Shop exclusively designed with the professional in mind, Field & Stream, Fire & Police, Industrial, and Lifestyle & Military, Proudly serving Detroit and the great state of Michigan since the early 90’s. We Received the 2013 Best of Detroit Award in the Boot, Shoe Repair & Orthopedic Shoe Lifts category by Detroit Award Program in Michigan. Business Hall of Fame, 3 consecutive years in Boot, Shoe Repair, Orthopedic Shoe Lifts & Diabetic Shoes Covered by Medicare. Best of 2015 Detroit Award Program. We are the Preferred Vendors in the Midtown Concierge Program at Henry Ford Hospital. We now serve clients nationwide and soon worldwide. We provide the best products and repairs like Vibram, Soletech and Goodyear soles and heels. Orthopedic Shoe Build-Up/Lift work in any footwear new and old, shoe stretching, all heels, all zipper repair, clean all leather and suede items. Don't throw away anything without checking with us first, we fix almost anything! We take on all challenges. we will do the work that a failure can not do. Our local amenity is our pick-up and delivery service, 100 miles saving our clients time & money. Free Raymond Trueheart Fully Reloaded wax-free pro-shine and suede cleaning with repairs, (subject to change). E-mail photo, ship them to us, average weight one pair shoes (4lb.) free estimates. You may wrap your footwear in tissue paper if needed, but not necessary, DO NOT send footwear in the flannel bag will not be return. DO NOT send footwear in with shoe trees inserted as the shoe trees will not be return. If you provide an e-mail address on the Raymond Trueheart Fully Reloaded, Resole, Re-heel form, we will send you a confirmation e-mail upon receipt of your footwear. You can expect to receive your Raymond Trueheart Fully Reloaded, Resole, Re-heel in approximately 3-4 weeks or before. Please allow more time for footwear that need additional repairs. Inquire if you need more details.
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