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I'm in the business of helping you change your life for better. I love to help others. There is nothing more powerful than to see someone changing her/his life for better. Change bad habit. Create positive ones. Motivation … a more : English: Spanish:

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NLP Hypnosis Centre is a company registered in Ontario, Canada. Located in the beautiful city of London, Ontario, Canada. Address: 151 York Street, London, Ontario, Canada. N6A 1A8 Hours: Monday to Friday, 9AM-5PM. We are mobile. We do house-calls and can visit you at your home, office or business. We are online. We provide services of Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching via Skype. Techniques used: - Hypnosis - Consulting Hypnotism. - NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. - Life Coaching - Personal Coaching. Services: - Stop Smoking. Smoking Cessation. - Weight Management. - Relaxation. - Sleep Improvement. - Concentration. - Self-Control. - Fears. - Creating Positive Outcomes. - Reaching Personal and Business Goals. - And more. More info please call 519-495-6405 or email us to

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Hypnosis can help you create positive changes in your life: - Motivation - Auto-Steem. - Self-Control. - Concentration. - Learning. - Relaxation. - Sleep Improvement. - Visualization. - Self-Hypnosis.

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Is Hypnosis 100% effective to control and weight loss? No. Is similar idea of smoking cigarettes … the key ingredient is that you … and I mean you want to manage your manage your weight better, or control your weight or loose weight. Hypnosis for weight loss is not a diet and it is not that you will loose a lot of weight in one week. It won't happen. Hypnosis for weight loss is a slow process, but it is totally safe and no side effects. The best part is that when you learn to enjoy your food and loose weight you will never come back to an uncontrolled weight … you will have the control. Different from diets, where you never have the control, that's why after a diet … then you end trying another one. I'm not saying that diets don't work. I'm saying that hypnosis works better because it puts the control on you while you learn to enjoy food. In hypnosis you understand why you eat too much and they you learn to eat better and enjoy what you eat. A key ingredient in weight loss with hypnosis is to learn to eat by enjoying your food.

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Is Hypnosis 100% effective for quitting smoking? No. Hypnosis can help you stop smoking very easily if you are ready to quit smoking. By that I mean that if you come to my office just to prove me wrong or because someone else wants you to quit, then hypnosis won't work. Hypnosis is one of the best techniques to stop smoking cigarettes, better than many chemical aids around. The best part … no side effects. Have you seen those ads that tell you that can help to quit smoking, they show you the benefits for a few seconds and then the rest of the commercial is about the side effects. It could be the hypnosis does not help you to stop smoking … but I'm pretty sure at least you will learn to relax more and without side effects.

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I keep getting this question … Is Hypnosis something related to occultism or something diabolic? No. Hypnosis is a relaxation techniques that access your subconscious to create positive outcomes. You are never unconscious and no diabolic entity can possess you because because you are no unconscious or have "an empty mind." Of course there are some people that like to add "magic" to hypnosis, but it the reality is that there is no magic on it. It doesn't work all the time. It doesn't work with everyone and it is not a magic pill or placebo.

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It important to understand that hypnosis is not panacea or a miracle. It is a powerful technique that can help you with many problems but itself or in combination with other techniques.

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One of the great benefits of Hypnosis is relaxation. You can physically and mentally relax using Hypnosis and it can help you to sleep better without the side effects of sleeping pills.

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Hypnosis can help you with: - Stop Smoking or Smoking Cessation. - Weight Control. Weight Management. Weight Loss. - Phobias. Fears. - Changing bad habits. - Pain Control. Pain Management. - Motivation. - Self-Esteem. - Self-Control. - Creating positive habits. - Creating a positive attitude. - Creating positive outcomes. - Relaxation. - Sleep Improvement.

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NLP Hypnosis Centre Services. - Stop Smoking with Hypnosis (Smoking Cessation with Hypnosis). - Relaxation. Improving Sleeping. - Fears. Motivation. - Reaching personal and business goals using Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching. - Weight Management. - Concentration and Learning Skills. - Relaxation, Visualization and Self-Hypnosis. - Apprehensions, Fears, Self-Control. - Wellness. - And more. Call now for a Free Consultation Session 519-495-6405

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Some of the uses of Hypnosis: Anxiety. Depression. Building Confidence. Weight Control. Weight Loss. Weight Management. Relations Issues. Changing Habits. Study habits, concentration and learning skills. Relaxation and improving sleep. Sexual dysfunction. Hypnobirthing. Anger and stress management. Asthma and anxiety. Fears and phobias. Teeth grinding and nail biting. Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation). Sleeping better. Apprehensions. Wellness. Changing habitual behaviour. It is important to make several points here … Always consult with your Doctor first if you plan to use hypnosis. Hypnosis for medical or psychological problems in most countries/provinces/states can only be done by a Health Care Professional. Hypnosis is not 100% effective and some times does not work. Hypnosis is not a therapy. It is a powerful technique that can help you create positive changes in your life by itself or used in combination with other techniques. If you are planing to see a Hypnotist for problems that are not medical, still is good to check with your Doctor first and them look for A Professional Certified Hypnotist or Consulting Hypnotist.

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Quit Smoking — Smoking Cessation. Quitting smoking with hypnosis is easy, affordable, it works and it has no secondary effects. Can any one quit smoking using hypnosis? No. Like any method or technique for stop smoking or smoking cessation program there is no 100% guarantees of positives results. Now the good part about stop smoking with hypnosis is that is easy, affordable and works much better than other methods, techniques or programs for quitting smoking. So which one is the best way to quit smoking? It is a difficult one to answer. It depends who you talk to. Some believe is medicines, prescriptions, patches … but according to some studies the results are very low. Others mention a combination, like hypnosis combined with acupuncture or hypnosis combined with counselling. The reality is that there is no method that is a 100% effective. Bad effects and facts about smoking: Coughing. Anxiety. Lung cancer. Bronchitis. Emphysema. High Cholesterol. Heart disease. Problems with pregnancy. Problems for new born. In top of that : You are a bad role model for your children. You smell bad. Your skin looks bad. You waste a lot of money. One of the things I tell people who want to quit cigarette smoking with hypnosis is … “put the money in a glass jar and then at the end of the week, month or year you buy yourself something.” Think about about it … if you smoke a pack a day in 30 days and you enrol in a Cessation Program using hypnosis, in month you save $300 and in a year more than $3600. Image what you can do with that money. Benefits of Smoking: Well most people will say “none.” Not really true, there are social and psychological benefits for those who smoke. Some call these benefits, secondary benefits. I started to smoke because at that time smoking was equal to “strong”, “macho” … “to impress the girls” … and the social side … some of my friends smoked, so smoking makes me “be part of …” The key here … from the Hypnosis point of vue is that … to your mind … there are some benefits for you when you smoke and the mind is there to protect you. So our role as a Hypnotists, or Consulting Hypnotists is to guide you so you can talk to your subconscious and take that false belief out and create the new belief that being smoke free is a much better solution for you. Remember you subconscious mind will accept that being smoke free is better for you and that makes you happier and healthier and when you create that belief … that’s it … you are smoke free from that moment and for the rest of your life. I know some will tell … no, is not that simple … quit smoking, stop smoking is difficult … well it is up to you to find out if that’s true or not … I believe and I know that using hypnosis as part of a program to stop smoking or smoking cessation is one of the best ways to quit smoking and it is easy, affordable and effective … and you will maintain your weight. Of course the power and control are on you, not the hypnotist. Benefits and facts about quitting smoking or smoking cessation After 8 hours your oxygen level in your blood increases to normal. After 48 hours your sense of smell and taste begins to improve. Your chances or having a heart attack decrease. After 72 hours your lung capacity increases. After two weeks your blood circulation improves. After a year your risk of smoking related heart attack decreases by 50%. After 10 years the risk of dying from lung cancer decreases by 50%. After 15 years your risk of dying from heart attack is the same as a person who never smoked. * Reference: Health Canada. Other positive effects and facts of quit smoking: Your skin looks better and healthier. Your general fitness level improves. You save a lot of money … for example $10 * 365 days = $3650 in a year, and that’s without taking into account related products so you don’t smell bad. You smell better. You feel more confident and in control. Another great benefits about stopping cigarette smoking are: You don’t create second hand smoking. You become a positive role model for family and friends. You enjoy food better. Benefits of stop smoking or following a cessation program with hypnosis. Of course you get the same benefits mentioned above, but in top of that you learn how to regain control and feel more relaxed and positive. Hypnosis is a relaxed and focused state of concentration. A hypnosis session is totally relaxing, physically and mentally. In hypnosis for stop smoking you are able to connect with your subconscious and change the beliefs about smoking. You regain self-control. A good hypnosis program for stop smoking or smoking cessation, deals with effects of smoking and the benefits and positive effects of using hypnosis to stop smoking and about keeping and managing your weight. Deals and reduces the problems of quitting smoking. The fact is that these problems are temporary, but the benefits will last for a lifetime. It is easy. You are always in control. Actually you are the focus of control. You are the main power behind the change. The Hypnotist is the guide. Takes less time than other methods, techniques or programs for smoking cessation. You will feel totally in control, relaxed and with a positive attitude. Call now for a Free Consultation Session 519-495-6405 We can also help you with Weight Mangement. Regaining Control of your life. A more positive attitute. Self-Confidence. Motivation. Study habits. Relaxation. Reach your personal and business goals. And more ... Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching. Proven techniques that help you reach your goals. We practice Consulting Hypnotism, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching. We strongly believe in these techniques. We know they work. We use them ourselves to become better human beings and to reach our personal and business goals. Yes, that’s right we know that Hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching work … we even offer you a guarantee … here is our guarantee, no one else in London, Ontario offers you this kind of guarantee. Call Now For A Free Consultation 519-495-6405

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Hypnosis Sessions, Personal Training (Life Coaching) and NLP in English and Spanish. - We can visit you at your home, office or business. - We can do sessions via Skype. - You can visit our office in the center of the beautiful city of London, Ontario, Canada. - We speak Spanish and English. - Hours: Monday through Friday from 9AM to 5PM. - If you need our services outside our normal business hours we can serve at a time that is most convenient for you. Call now at 519-495-6405 and make your first consultation ... It's FREE … yes, a free consultation session with a Professional of Hypnosis, certified in Consulting Hypnotist, Life Coaching and NLP to help you and guide you so you can reach your personal and business goals. Spanish: English: Benefits of Hypnosis: - Safe. - You are always in control. - Effective. It works, many studies from scientific and academic institutions prove it. - Reasonable price. The first consultation session is free. Special discounts for multiple sessions. - You feel the positive effects from the first session. - It has no side effects. - It is a natural state that almost everyone can achieve. Myths of Hypnosis. - The Hypnotist controls you. False. You are always in control. - You may be forced to do bad things. False. You can always reject any suggestion that the hypnotist made. - Only stupid or naive are hypnotizable. False, quite the contrary, people with very low intelligence and mental problems are difficult to hypnotize. - It is diabolical. My mind goes blank and diabolical forces can possess me. Totally false. Your mind is never blank. Hypnosis is a state of concentration and therefore your mind is never blank. You are in a focused relaxed state. There is not a single documented that proves that a person has been possessed by a diabolic entity because of entering hypnosis. - You cannot be forced to do something against your will. - You can hypnotize even if you do not want. False, so you hypnotize you must first want to participate. Nobody can hypnotize force. Who use hypnosis? - Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists ... Health Professionals. - Professional of Hypnosis, Hypnotists, Hypnotherapists, Hypnosis Consultants (Consulting Hypnotists). - Hypnotists who use hypnosis in theaters and exhibitions as a means of entertainment (Stage Hypnosis). What is Stage Hypnosis. Is the use of hypnosis to entertain, amuse, as in the theater and exhibitions. Note that even this use of hypnosis does not constitute control, the people involved do crazy because they want and then can blame the hypnotist " that he/she controlled them" and of course a good hypnotist for this type of show is a good actor in the positive sense of the word and makes you believe that there really is control. Of course like everything in life, and in any profession, there are many charlatans who prepare everything. In every profession there are charlatans and incompetent, right? Those who use similar principles but not equal to hypnosis to "control" - Political. - Religious, priests, pastors. - Sellers. - Experts in marketing (Don't believe me? Pay attention to the commercials). Let's clarify two things first: - One, not all the above use the same persuasion techniques. - I mention "control" in the sense of persuasion. A marketing expert can use principles of persuasion, based on suggestion and make you believe that you need to buy certain product. Why do you think companies spend millions on marketing .. marketing, "the art of convincing.?" For example politicians use persuasion to convince you to vote for a particular party ... people like Hitler for example have been able to use principles of persuasion and "control" huge numbers of citizens. Based on that ... next time you go to a political, religious or social meeting pay attention to all the techniques used and check the ones that are similar to persuasion. In hypnosis the idea is a team work, using their imagination and hypnotic techniques for you to connect with your subconscious and make the change you seek, the hypnotist or hypnotherapist or hypnotist is simply a guide. In persuasion the idea is that you become convinced that it is your decision to do something, when really you are been manipulated to do or buy something. Like when we are influenced by a TV commercial or we are influenced by a political, social or religious leader . For example, if you search on a video of some good seller, then see one of hypnosis and then see one of a preaching session with a pastor and or priest you will see many similarities. I mention all this because some people believe that therapeutic hypnosis is manipulative and compare it to manipulation and persuasion. Hypnosis used for therapeutic purposes or to change and improve your life, like using a Health Care Professional or Professional Hypnosis (like us at NLP Hypnosis Centre), does not constitute control. It's a team effort where I will guide you so that you access your subconscious (you are not unconscious) and through suggestions and visualization you create the positive changes. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis session mean that you agree to the change. If you do not want to do it, it won't work. For example if your partner wants you to stop smoking, but you do not want to, no hypnotist can hypnotize you to make the change. Uses of Hypnosis: - Control and weight management. - Management of personal image. - Stop smoking. - Eliminate bad habits. - Creating positive habits. - Studying better. Better concentration. - Learn to relax. - Change limiting attitudes. - Confidence, self esteem, self improvement. - Reduction of pain. If more information is needed please contact me at 519-495-605 or visit our website or write mail to Spanish: English: Happy day! Olivier

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We do Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching Sessions Online via Skype. We also do House-Calls and visit your business, office or Home.

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