North Ward Realty Poor Business Practices

at 1 Near M'Donalds, Townsville, 4810 Australia

North Ward Realty Poor Business Practices
1 Near M'Donalds
Townsville , QLD 4810
Contact Phone
P: (07) 4720 0700

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Published on 2015-07-12 00:33:03 GMT

If you come into my shop, North Ward Realty (shop 1, 39 Eyre Street, North Ward QLD 4810), and have a dispute with me I may: (1) Profit from your suffering. (2) Tell lies to you, until you dump me as a landlord/property manager. (3) Care nothing about your situation. (4) Only care for the fees I will get. (5) Deal with you deceptively thereafter. (6) Want to steal your bond. (7) Want to do illegal things to manipulate you. (8) Make up my own rules to uphold my own silly opinions. (9) Rip you off. (10) Have hidden agendas. (11) Throw you out of my shop quickly.

Published on 2015-07-12 00:29:24 GMT

Glenn has been out finding new suckers.

Published on 2015-07-11 20:59:36 GMT

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