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Welcome to NY Dental the home of New York City's cosmetics and Implant Prosthodontics specialist - Dr Arman Roksar. Dr. Roksar's primary goal is to create dental comfort, and his mission is to establish a rewarding and lasting relationship will all of his patients. He conducts one-on-one sessions during each visit to help you obtain beautiful teeth and gums so that you can feel free to live and love your smile!

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Rise early, lose more! - We’ve all heard the saying, “early to bed, early to rise”. But this mantra may be more beneficial to your body than just gaining a few extra hours of productivity in the morning. It turns out those early birds at the gym in the morning may shed a few more pounds than their nocturnal counterparts (sorry, night owls!). According to a study last year, people who had the majority of their daily sunlight exposure in the morning had significantly lower BMIs than those who got sunshine later on in the day, so you’ll get more bang for your buck.

Published on 2015-08-31 00:36:51 GMT

Ambience for your appetite - Sometimes our eyes are bigger than our stomach and when it comes to dining out, it can be super easy to over-indulge! Next time you go out to eat, pick restaurants with softer music and lighting. It won’t change what you order, but it’ll change how much you eat: research shows we eat 18 percent less in the very same restaurant if the music and lighting are softer. For that matter, try turning down the lights at the dinner table at home—and, if you’ve been blasting the tunes, turn the volume down, too!

Published on 2015-08-20 00:18:36 GMT

Female Romance - Turns out ladies have more of an appetite once they’ve eaten! According to a new study, women are more likely to feel romantic on a full stomach. Researchers fed women and showed them “romantic pictures,” then measured their levels of brain activation. Women with a history of dieting have previously been proven to respond “more dramatically” to food. This study supports those findings, as well as a “shared neurocircuitry for food and sex.”

Published on 2015-08-17 00:46:25 GMT

The darker side of coffee - When it comes to getting that extra energy boost in the morning, nothing leaves you buzzing more quickly than a rich, steaming cup of java. As you guzzle this percolating elixir, intense darkness slowly fills your senses, sending electric pulses of energy vibrating up through your body. Logically, you would think the darker, the more powerful. But what you may not realize is that, though the darker roasts can have such a strong taste, the more roasted your beans, the less caffeine in the coffee. Each bean loses caffeine as it roasts, so dark-roasted coffee brewed by volume has less caffeine than lighter roasts. Crazy, right?

Published on 2015-08-12 00:16:42 GMT

Anti fungal Activity of Apple Cider Vinegar - A recent study from the Journal of Prosthodontics, has shown that Apple cider vinegar showed anti fungal properties against Candida, which is a common fungus found on dentures and in the mouth of denture wearers. The main ingredient of Apple cider vinegar, Maleic acid, seems to kill and inhibit the growth of the candida fungus. Besides putting Apple cider vinegar on your salad, denture wearers should also soak their dentures in the vinegar.

Published on 2015-08-03 22:01:55 GMT

Bad breath & Gum - Nothing like waking up from a beautiful state of bliss to the potent aroma of stagnant breath wafting out of your mouth and straight up into your nostrils. Don’t worry, though, it’s not your fault. When you’re not producing saliva, bacteria has a chance to build up and cause bad breath. This can occur when you sleep, especially with your mouth open. The solution is simple: chew gum. “The act of chewing stimulates salivary glands and increases saliva, taking care of dry mouth and rinsing away the dry breath,” Dr. Roksar recommends Looking for gums that are sugar free and that contain xylitol, an ingredient that fights cavities.

Published on 2015-07-25 14:03:04 GMT

Ejaculation & cancer - According to a recent study, men who ejaculated frequently had a lower chance of developing prostate cancer! The men participating in the study reported their average monthly frequency of ejaculation at various ages so the researchers could compile a lifetime average. From the averages, they calculated a 20% reduction of risk in men who ejaculated 21 times per month compared to men who did the deed 4-7 times/month. So ladies, use your power for good, or at least lend them a helping hand!

Published on 2015-07-24 02:57:31 GMT

Tolerating heat with Yoga - If you’re one of those people who dreads the smothering humidity and heat of summer, hot yoga may be your saving grace! Now, that doesn’t sound very reassuring, does it? But by practicing hot yoga in the summer, your body becomes more adapted to sweating and extreme temperatures. Little by little, you may even notice that you don’t need to blast the A/C as much, or that you’re less sensitive to sweltering weather.

Published on 2015-07-21 02:34:34 GMT

UTI and your diet - “Make sure you pee after sex!” is the common advice for avoiding the nasty burn from a UTI, but it’s not the only thing that can cause this painful infection. At the beginning of a UTI, your cells produce siderocalin, a protein that fights bacteria by sequestering the iron the bacteria feed on. The lower the pH of your urine (the more acid), and the fewer you have of certain metabolites called aromatics, the worse you’ll fare. So, creating an alkaline ph level is essential for staving off a UTI. You can both raise pH (make it alkaline) and increase the presence of metabolites through diet, including calcium supplements, coffee, tea, berries, red wine, dark chocolate, and cranberries.

Published on 2015-07-17 00:24:59 GMT

Plan out your happiness - Most of us are looking to accomplish one thing in life: finding happiness. Although some days it doesn’t seem like it’s anywhere to be found, it’s actually been hiding in plain sight all along. According to a recent study, the key to happiness is at your fingertips….or more so in the pen they’re grasping. Turns out the key path to feeling happier is super simple: Making a concerted effort to plan your time around activities you think you will enjoy.” With the business of life, this seems almost impossible, but by creating a constructive routine around daily tasks (like packing lunch, responding to emails, or working out) and accomplishing them habitually, you’ll create muscle memory. This will free up lots of mental energy that would have gone towards writing these tasks down on to-do lists and fretting over when you’ll accomplish them each day.

Published on 2015-07-13 00:38:17 GMT

Hangovers and eggs - Over-easy, sunny-side up, hard boiled – the personalities of an egg seem near endless, just like that hangover from a weekend of partying. Good news though! No matter what form you like them in, eggs are a great resource for curing that alcohol-induced headache. They contain cysteine, an amino acid that counteracts acetaldehyde, an alcohol metabolite that is more toxic than alcohol itself. Pair with a banana for an added electrolyte boost.

Published on 2015-07-07 11:35:09 GMT

Chocolate & your heart - An apple a day may not be the only thing that can keep the doctor away! A recent study out of the University of Aberdeen found that people who eat up to two bars of chocolate per day have a lower risk of heart disease and stroke than those who don’t. According to the study, only 12% of participants who eat 100 grams or less of chocolate (roughly two Hershey’s bars) each day get heart disease, while among those who avoid chocolate altogether, the number climbs to 17.4%. Researchers theorize that polyphenols, micronutrients present in cocoa beans, are to blame (um, thanks) for this phenomenon, as they may boost the heart’s blood vessels. This benefit of chocolate for heart health is even prevalent in milk chocolate despite the fact that it’s frequently revered as dark chocolate’s less-healthy cousin.

Published on 2015-07-05 09:04:18 GMT

Your sign - Your birthday may predict more about you than your personality and who you’re supposedly compatible with. According to a new study, the month in which you are born could also reveal what to expect from your health. It sounds crazy, but data scientists at Columbia University Medical Center discovered a correlation between birth months and risk of developing health problems like ADHD, asthma, heart disease, and hypertension. April baby? Watch out for angina. Born in March? You’re at risk for heart disease. But don’t stress! Despite the risk, researchers caution that the risks aren’t great enough to cause concern or warrant preventive action.

Published on 2015-06-28 00:06:01 GMT

Coconut and rice - When it comes to love and cooking, it all boils down to chemistry. The perfect partnership leads to exceptional results, even for something as simple as white rice. White rice, alone, is not the greatest catch – it’s a starch, which means it breaks down into sugar and is promptly turned to fat in your body. Some studies have even linked it to a higher diabetes risk. But when paired up with coconut oil, it magically transforms into a resistant starch, which cannot be digested, thus lowering caloric intake. Also, refrigerating it afterward helps foster the conversion of starches.

Published on 2015-06-22 00:46:32 GMT

Watch a short video to boost mood! - Turns out those 5 minute breaks at work to watch an adorable ball of fluff rolling around in a mess of an unraveled ball of yarn or playfully pounce on its unsuspecting siblings is actually good for you! According to CBS News, a recent study from the journal Computers in Human Behavior surveyed 7,000 Internet users about their cat video viewing behavior and the affect it has on their mood. Surprise! Findings showed that watching cat videos actually boosted energy and diminished negative emotions such as sadness, annoyance or anxiety. I mean, just look at that face.

Published on 2015-06-19 13:30:36 GMT

Midnight munchies - Your eyes aren’t the only thing playing tricks on you at night. A new study revealed that some areas of the brain don’t get the same “food high” at night—so that bag of Oreos you’re about to devour may feel about as satisfying as a rice cake. Participants in the study were shown a cornucopia of images ranging from low to high calorie foods. Natch, researchers found a greater spike in brain activity in response to the high-calorie images, but were surprised to discover lower reward-related brain activity when the images were shown at night — in other words, your brain was less satisfied than it normally would be by the high-calorie images, hence why you may be encouraged to want more.

Published on 2015-06-09 14:41:11 GMT

Pulling out your hair - Sometimes stress in our lives is enough to make us want to pull our hair out! Most likely you would never actually do it, but how would you feel if you just couldn’t help it? Trichotillomania, or TTM or “trich,” is when pullers go strand by strand, consciously or unconsciously, to methodically tear out hair from their heads, brows, eyelashes, or elsewhere on their bodies, often creating bald patches.Though this behavior may sound extreme and unusual, you may actually know someone on the trich spectrum: two in 50 people will experience it in their lifetime. Trich is what’s known as a “body-focused repetitive behavior” (BFRB), similar to biting your nails. Episodes tend to be triggered by lengthy periods of sitting still and most people who suffer from this condition begin showing symptoms in late childhood or early puberty.

Published on 2015-06-08 00:31:02 GMT

Alcohol and sperm - Drinking too much can have a number of drawbacks. Not only can it cause you to pack on the pounds, sabotage your fitness goals, and disrupt your sleep, but it turns out that habitual binge drinking negatively affects sperm count as well. A recent study found that those who had more than 40 drinks a week had 33% lower sperm counts, and 51% fewer normal-looking sperm, than those who had one to five drinks. On the flip-side, abstaining from alcohol completely was linked to poorer sperm quality as well. Bottomline, in life, moderation is key to almost everything, even sperm.

Published on 2015-06-04 02:03:20 GMT

More sex more cash - As if you need an excuse to have more sex, researchers have determined a link between adult sexual activity and wage. In a recent study conducted at the Anglia Ruskin University in the U.K., the team reported that sexual activity, health indicators and mental well-being alike may be thought of as part of an individual’s set of productive traits that affect wages. Their findings showed that individuals who have sex two or three times a week, regardless of sexual orientation, earn 4.5% more than their colleagues who aren’t getting it on as frequently. Also, their outcomes revealed that men who weren’t having sex at all actually earned 1.3% less than men who were. Of course, having more sex won’t instantaneously make you richer. Still, it’s nice to know that the benefits of a good bang session reach outside just a happy relationship. So, turn off the TV and go get it on! Your wallet will only thank you later.

Published on 2015-05-31 20:50:42 GMT

Run for 5 minutes - Now, we know that simply running around the block for five to 10 minutes will help you maintain your health. Heed this: If you run for only five minutes per day you can significantly reduce your risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to non-runners—that’s the main cause of heart attack and stroke. Five minutes! In the amount of time it takes to like photos on Instragram or flip through new releases on NetFlix (and then HBO GO, and then Amazon), you could be running around the block, or jogging in place, and basically prolonging your life. One of the main factors why we don’t workout is because we need to sqeeze it into our already packed routines. Raise your hand if you’ve skipped the gym because you simply ran out of time for the 30 minutes to an hour you allotted for your workout. If you have a busy day, remember this – 5 minutes is all you need for a full-on longer life.

Published on 2015-05-28 00:20:21 GMT

Sugary drinks - We’ve got another reason to recommend (no, beg) that you cut back on your sugar intake — specifically, in liquid form. An October 2014 study from UC San Francisco found that drinking sugary soda can actually age your body faster on a cellular level. We already know sugar-laden soda is not a healthy choice. The researchers calculated that the telomere-shortening effect of consuming a 20-ounce soft drink daily is comparable to the effect smoking has on the cells. But if those facts aren’t enough to get you ditching your cola for a healthier option, maybe seeing how microscopically a seven-day feast with a 32-ouncer a day can do damage similar to a pack of Marlboros will motivate you to make healthier choices. If your health and beauty are important to you (which we surely hope they are), you have a pretty good idea of what to stay away from. Cigarettes. Trans fats. UV radiation. All these big no-nos hurt your body, mess with you inside and out, and accelerate aging. It’s time to add soda to that list. We promise you’ll be happy you did.

Published on 2015-05-26 00:21:07 GMT

Green Tea - The list of reasons to drink green tea just keeps getting longer. The antioxidant beverage contains high concentrations of polyphenols, antioxidants that neutralize free radicals, which damage cells and contribute to cancer. Plus, research has proven that people who sip on 3-6 cups of green tea daily are 45% less likely to die of heart disease than those who drink less than one. A bonus benefit for the beauty conscious: green tea extract reduces body fat, boosts metabolism, and lowers LDL cholesterol.

Published on 2015-05-23 19:41:37 GMT

Sandwich ingredient to skip: - Before you slather that mayo on your sandwich, there’s something you should know: Mayonnaise is loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, and—unlike its cousin omega-3—getting too much omega-6 is bad for your intelligence. By looking at studies of the fatty acid profiles of women’s breast milk, researchers at UC Santa Barbara and the University of Pittsburgh examined the estimated content of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid DHA (fat primarily found in certain fish, nuts and seeds, which makes up a large portion of our brains) and linoleic acid (the main source of omega-6 fatty acids) in diets of women living in 50 countries. The researchers found a couple of interesting things: The amount of DHA in a mother’s milk turned out to be the strongest predictor of test performance. On the other hand, the amount of omega-6 fat in mother’s milk—fats such as linoleic acid that come from vegetable oils such as corn and soybean—predict lower test scores. In countries where mother’s diets contain more omega-6, the beneficial effects of DHA seem to be reduced. For your next sandwich, try avocado or black bean spread instead.

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