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Published on 2014-09-06 04:17:02 GMT

I enjoy providing transportation options for people in Central Ohio. I utilize the smartphone application Lyft and I highly recommend that everyone download Lyft on your smartphones and experience peer to peer ridesharing services on your own. Tell your friends about Lyft and spread the word. Recently the City of Columbus passed regulations requiring a license to utilize ridesharing in Columbus. These regulations are unnecessary and improper. I will not submit to city authority regarding ridesharing. I am a licensed driver with the State of Ohio and I drive a nice car that is licensed to operate in the State of Ohio. I have a good driving record, my car is in excellent condition, I have a clean background, and I have excellent insurance. Lyft is a great company that offers drivers an opportunity to earn money and passengers an opportunity to get a ride that is efficient, safe and enjoyable. The City of Columbus has no right to regulate who rides in my car or what applications are on my smartphone. Payments for rides are donation based. Your support is greatly appreciated.