Pain Relief Massage Gold Coast Clinic

at 192 Brisbane Road, Arundel, Gold Coast, 4214 Australia

"Fast Pain Relief And Discomfort Solution By A Remedial Massage Gold Coast Has To Offer!" Imagine... Your distressing pain has vanished within minutes!

Pain Relief Massage Gold Coast Clinic
192 Brisbane Road, Arundel
Gold Coast , QLD 4214


A Remedial Massage Gold Coast residents need for pain relief and discomfort... "Fast Pain Relief And Discomfort Solution By A Remedial Massage Gold Coast Has To Offer!" Imagine... Your distressing pain with agony or annoying stiffness with immobility has vanished within minutes! Or guaranteed refunds if your symptoms haven't improved within one month of following my suggestions.

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Keishi is the owner therapist of this popular clinic named Pain Relief Massage Clinic Gold Coast .
His thorough approach to pain and discomfort problem is backed up by not only his Diploma of Remedial Massage but also Master's and Bachelor's degree in science field awarded by a university in Japan.
Dear remedial massage therapist seeker on the Gold Coast :
What if I told you that by seeing a right remedial massage therapist on the Gold Coast, a person could suddenly get rid of pain and stiffness he or she had put up with for weeks, months or years?
Ever since this Pain Relief Massage Clinic was founded on the Gold Coast 16 years ago, I've been helping Gold Coast residents relieve their pain and aches, stiffness and tightness, and improve mobility by restoring the joint functions of their bodies.
We pride ourselves on having pain-free, discomfort-free, satisfied clients through natural methods such as remedial massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage therapy.
A Pitfall Of Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage And Sports Massage In Gold Coast
You believe seeing a massage therapist or a remedial massage therapist on the Gold Coast today will solve the problem.
Because anybody can claim to be a massage therapist on the Gold Coast while they are unqualified, underqualified, undertrained, uninsured, inexperienced and/or their business unregistered.
Anyway, you still haven't found the right remedial massage therapist for you and the pain has already spread to your shoulders and back.
Forget the terms "remedial massage", "deep tissue massage", "sports massage" or whatever massage it is called.
What you really want is a pain relief or solution to the symptom you have by a treatment featuring some kind of suitable massage.
Here at Pain Relief Massage Clinic on the Gold Coast, a fully qualified therapist will provide you with solutions to the discomfort that you suffer by means of pain relief massage and we I will also try to maintain your discomfort-free life.
Then a therapist with many years of clinical experience, such as myself, will come up with the best treatment method for you and target the right tissue without wasting your time and money and mucking around.
Now you know that our solution is a quick and easy way to end your pain and frustration and reach your goal on the Gold Coast.
Here's The Reason Why You Need To Book Now!
The fact is, whatever condition you suffer from, no matter where the problem originates from, the chances are most pain, stiffness or discomfort you're feeling now is probably coming from the tissue which surrounds the original problem spot.
In this example, the perpetuating factor where the problem originates from for the pain and discomfort is the damaged cartilage in the hip joint.
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For the last 16 years I have been helping people on the Gold Coast relieve their pain, aches, physical discomfort like tightness and stiffness or restore joint function and its mobility….
You wish you could take your head off to be honest and rest it by the side of you because your neck is so uncomfortable?
Your whole neck has been aching, which has caused pain in the back and front of your head and it feels a little swollen too?
You wake up in the morning with really bad neck pain, the pain is on the sides of your neck and you can’t turn your head right or left?
Every day you feel like chopping off your neck and just putting your head back on because everyday you wake up with a headache starting from the base of your neck and ending in your forehead and both temples, and your neck aches every minute of every day?
You have developed worse than normal muscle pain and tension on the right side of the neck, and a new addition of tingly pain all the way down your arm, inside upper arm, outside lower arm and into the ring and pinky fingers?
You were given a prescription pills, they didn't help as they never do, and since then you've just accepted the fact that you might have to live with it till the end of your life!
Your Neurologist on the Gold Coast believes the pain in your neck is a muscle spasm and this spasm sends pain from the back of neck to the front of your face?
Tightening and pulling sensation at the base of your neck on one side only, a pressure pain runs along that side of your head, over an eye, and down into the bridge of your nose?
Your headache often disables you to the point where you cannot go to work for the day and need to spend the day in bed?
suffering from such severe lower back pain that you cannot stand up when the attack comes, leave the house on your own, drive or go to work?
it takes you several minutes just to get up and out of the bed as your lower back hurts so bad that you could barely move?
You tried a deep tissue massage or remedial massage in Gold Coast but they just kept poking you all the time and it didn't make any sense?
You took a nap today and woke up with the most excruciating pain in your left shoulder and your left arm is very sore?
After moving extremely heavy furniture, you began experiencing severe pain in the left shoulder and arm with an intense tingling sensation in left thumb and index finger?
In addition to the sharp burning pain in the shoulder, you have been experiencing numbness and tingling in your arm and half of your hand (the pinkie and ring finger) as well as shooting pain radiation down your arm?
Don't go and see a chiropractor who just cracks your bones, doesn't do anything to your aching muscles and insists you need to come back again and again and again.
Remove your neck pain you've always had since you were born and start feeling like a normal person for the first time in your life!
Avoid common disaster caused by many undertrained physiotherapists... "My physio just keeps giving me exercises without any manual treatment for my pain and I'm not getting anywhere!"