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Official Pak Mei Athletic Association classes & courses in authentic Pak Mei (White Eyebrow) Kung Fu currently held in: London (United Kingdom) - Sifu Dave Stevens Huelva (Spain) - David Oliver Dublin (Ireland) - ** Please note there is NO Official PMAA Respresentative in Ireland. **

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  • Wednesdays: 19:30- 21:00
  • Sundays: 13:00- 16:00

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Progression vs Perfection?! Seek progression, strive for perfection I see many students from the school as well as from outside of the school ie different schools, sports etc all training with the mind set of attaining perfection. This is a common mistake thrawt with disappointment at every turn. Perfection can never be attained by the individual, perfection is in the eye of the observer. For the very term perfection wholeheartedly mean completion! Do we truely perfect and complete our training or do we continually improve, grow and progress? Are we forever growing and learning to fit the pieces of a on going, never ending puzzle, to explore its full potential with our own potential? If you train to seek progression, then you are surely to succeed in ur pursuit of perfection... No matter how small or big the progression you can never stagnate or plateau in your training There will be days where you train and it seems like your on top of the world, everything makes sense, everything clicks, everything is coordinated... Then there r days when you wonder why on earth did you bother getting out of bed..! What sets these days apart but also makes them no different from the each other, is the willingness to progress, no matter how small or large the progression, progress has been made. The old saying that for every day you train, a days progress has been made... For every day of training you miss, you lose 10 days worth of progression... The road to achievement is slippery, you have to be clear in your mind what and why you train in certain aspects... For beginners the mountain path is a steep never ending learning curve filled with basics n foundation... For the more experienced, there is more to think about (or is there..?!) Is it not the same foundation and basics but performing from a different perspective... So no matter how advanced your skills, no matter how many techniques, forms and combinations uve learnt, is it all not the same thing... Basics and foundation! My late gymnastics coach whom I trained under when I competed and represented GB in the British and European gymnastics competitions back in the day... Always reiterated to me... " No matter how much natural talent you may have in gymnastics, to progress further in competition, you must train your foundations and basics"... I didn't know then but that small pearl of wisdom helped me to win medals and place myself in the Europeans and ultimately set my on a journey that only I could appreciate and progress from. If the student truly knows the their basics, then everything else will simply click into place as long as the student is willing to 'progress'... The moment the person says... "I know this technique, form, combo... Shows straight away that the person hasn't even scratched the surface of what they are trying to learn and express. The expression of self in the performance of forms. This is where there is no hiding place... You express yourself, your own understanding of your own experiences and progression. Here is where the 'no mind' strategy is expressed... Performing the forms in front of me and others, the student looks at everyone while performing but is not focused on expressing themselves openly but is concerned with how 'others' view their performance in other words 'too many mind's' distracting them from their expression. No minds is where you show an honest representation of your own knowledge, experience, learning and progression in your own imagination during the form. It's at this stage, where perfection can be observed and perceived from observer's watching you express yourself as playing kung fu... The Chinese always say that 'we play kung fu' because thru 'playing' we progress n become better than we were the minute before. So we must all carry on learning to play, play, play and play some more and successful progression is surely achieved no matter what level you are. There are no short cuts in progression. The styles are taught in a certain way to ensure the students progress at the correct time in a balanced manner.... By trying to find shortcuts to further your progression will mean that at some point your training will plateau as you can't progress as you've tried to jump / skip across to the stage above... N without the anchoring foundation below that step, ultimately will mean that you can't progress further until the foundation has been achieved from the previous stepping stone. Remember that everything is taught in a way that progression is assured when you follow the correct path and the time is right.

Published on 2015-07-27 10:29:23 GMT

Been writing up terms and conditions for all the aspects of the pmaa lion dance troupe's corporate clients and performances. Now just waiting on my solicitor to cast his rather critical eye over what I have written up and if need be change and/or amend. Looking forward to placing the t&c's on the website on the next round of updates that we will be doing very soon and attached to our quotes for our corporate performances.

Published on 2015-07-21 13:35:53 GMT

Morning everyone, Just to inform you that the raw unedited footage of the kung fu displays has now been transferred to the PMAA dropbox account. I will send all the teacher's from Saturday a link to the dropbox folder later on today when I get home from work so you can download it for your own use. Regards Dave Stevens

Published on 2015-06-29 07:51:09 GMT

My student Lyndon Adams has now downloaded the video footage of the performances yesterday at the 10th PMAA anniversary. He'll be creating a short montage of the evenings performances, as well as creating some PMAA video footage of our guys performing and we'll be creating a link to a dropbox folder for any and/or all the teacher's Julian Dale, Sean Whittaker, Phil Morrell, Tom Braithwaite, Spencer Devine, Jef Sutherland would like the raw footage of the performances. Let myself or Lyndon Adams know if any of the teacher at the event would like the link to the dropbox so that you can download the video footage.