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Parents, Kids & Learning
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Join Our Community! Parents, Kids, and Learning is on Facebook to share tips and information on what’s most relevant to parents and caregivers when it comes to kids and learning. We’d like to keep this positive, so here are some ground rules we hope you’ll agree with: Share Feedback Liking and sharing our content helps us help you! Your interactions give us a better understanding of what types of content you enjoy and want to see more frequently, as well as the type of content you find the least helpful. We encourage you to share posts that you think your friends and network may find interesting or beneficial. We look forward to your feedback! Be Decent Show respect to others and never insult or attack when posting. If you use profanity or obscene, threatening, harassing, defamatory or discriminatory language, or we will delete your post. Respect Copyright If you quote someone else, be sure to link directly to the original source materials and attribute the original author/source in your post. Laws such as libel and privacy apply to social media; please remember that you are personally liable for what you post. Be Accurate When we make a mistake (and let’s face it, we’re bound to every now and then), we will own up and correct it as soon as we can. Please don’t deliberately post anything that is fraudulent, deceptive or misleading. Pearson is not responsible for the accuracy of what you write, but we do encourage you to check your facts before posting. Have Fun We’d encourage you to share positive ideas, good examples, and helpful tips on learning with fellow community members, and we’ll do the same! We don’t think you learn much from spam – please avoid posting any. Anyone repeatedly breaking our house rules will be removed and/or banned from taking further part in our Facebook community, and we really don’t like doing that. Want more information on our general code of conduct? It’s on along with our social media guidelines. You can read Facebook’s statement of rights and responsibilities here: You’re always welcome to drop us a line via the message function on this page or in more depth at Thank you for being part of our community. We look forward to learning together. The Parents, Kids, and Learning Team Pearson Corporate Affairs New York, NY We believe education greatly increases a child's chance for success in life. Our mission at Pearson is to help people make measurable progress in their lives through learning--in the U.S. and around the world.

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