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Discover the beauty of Persia, Iran. Explore the rich culture, historical monuments, seasonal activities & meet hospitable people with our escorted tours.

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Iran has an Area of about 630,000 square miles.
Its former name Persia derives from historical prominence of the province called Fars located in south of Iran.
Travelling to Iran, you will find Iranians hospitable and welcoming.
You can also indulge yourself in the beauty of Mountains and splendid natural sceneries available throughout the year.
There are numerous historical and cultural monuments either belonging to the Persian Empire or to the recent years.
Travelling to Iran provides opportunity of observing splendid sceneries such as:
its landmark, mount Damavand, which is the highest pick in Iran, Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests area and mountainous forests covering about 55000 km2 along the northern shores of Iran.
Nomads, which are spread all around Iran, are known for their warm hospitality and close friendship with nature.
Islands, located in Persian Gulf in the south, are highly recommended as tourist attractions with Qeshm and Kish being well known among travellers to Iran.
Desert, the major landscape in central Iran, is another popular destination for tourists especially in mild weather conditions during spring and autumn.
Historical and cultural attractions include but are not limited to the following:
Tehran Azadi tower, the capital’s most conspicuous architectural landmark is the large marble Azadi is the symbol of Tehran.
Golestan Palace was built at the beginning of the 19th century as the residence of Qajar Sovereigns.
Tehran Bazaar probably the largest in Iran still exists and is the mazed of roofed streets stretching for miles.
Shiraz Tomb of Hafez is a memorial structure erected in the northern edge of Shiraz, Iran, in memory of the celebrated Persian poet Hafez.
Persepolis, literally meaning the Persian city which is believed that was built by Darius I Hegmataneh, a rural descript in the central District of Hamadan situated at the foot of mount Alvand was an ancient city in western Iran.
Sio Seh Pol Bridge, located in city of Isfahan lies on the north bank of the Zendah Rud River, which is crossed by eight magnificent bridges.
Vank Cathedral, the most interesting Armenian church surrounding the charming square of Jolfa is the Cathederal of Vank or the Holy Savior.
Persia Escorted Tours encourages you to book a tour and explore many of these amazing locations plus more, enjoy the unique mouth-watering cuisine of Iran and be pleased by the friendly hospitable tour guides and locals during your travel to Iran.