Personal Physical Therapy Services: Women's Health & Orthopedic Care

at 480 W Jubal Early Dr, Ste 310, Winchester, 22601-6449 United States

Personal Physical Therapy Services where your Personal Issues will receive Personal Care

Personal Physical Therapy Services: Women's Health & Orthopedic Care
480 W Jubal Early Dr, Ste 310
Winchester , VA 22601-6449
United States
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At PPTS, you will know that you are at a unique practice. Your issues are personal and the care provided is just as personal. You will be provided with skilled and experienced care, a warm comfortable environment and a provider who believes that you and your concerns matter. I provide one-on-one care.My goal for each and every patient is to reduce or eliminate your pain and improve your ability to function so that you can return to the activities that matter to you. An important part of your rehab will include education on self-care strategies for long term management and prevention. I currently balance my practice between traditional orthopedics and pelvic floor conditions. I am just as comfortable and happy to treat you for spinal pain, shoulder problems, difficulty walking, post surgical rehab or deconditioning. Although I have chosen to specialize in what is traditionally referred to as “women's health” physical therapy, countless men struggle silently with significant urological and colorectal conditions as well. And though the general public may not be aware of physical therapy's role in this region, there is a constantly growing database of research proving the effectiveness of physical therapy. I look forward to your call and the opportunity to speak with you, whether it's to schedule an appointment or to answer any questions you might have.

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In the month of January (2013), I personally had the joy of spending many hours over 3 weeks painting the bathroom, hallway and exercise rooms. I also had fun updating the walls! When all was said and done, I was really pround of how warm, cozy and inviting the office became. It is a home away from home for me, and I hope that should the unfortunate need arise,you may feel warmly invited to come experience Personal Care for any of your issues, too.

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Wonderful article

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Great article!

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Science of Touch ANYONE who TOUCH people for a living should read this post, and ANYONE who pay other people to TOUCH them should read parts of this post. Many therapists truly believe that it is the craftsmanship and specificity of their skillful, highly trained (God-given) hands that "does the job" when administering TOUCH to bring out a hypoalgesic effect. On the contrary, research implies that ANY manual hands-on technique could potentially produce a hypoalgesic effect. The practical implications suggest that no "specific" hands-on technique will bring out a particular unique effect vs another "specific" technique (unless the therapist aim to physically break tissue, or slap vs stroke). Subsequently, when so many claim and so many wholeheartedly believe that it is due to the unique, often Guru-taught manual technique in itself applied to a "specific structure" for a "specific purpose" (guided by a dominantly dualistic bottom-up approach / Descartes) that's responsible for the magic; rules of scientific reasoning and biological plausibility are broken in plenty-fold (driven by circular reasoning;, confirmation bias; & and essentially leading to wasting one's life on fake facts; The principle of veracity lies in the TOUCH! The evidence points towards the painful fact that the technique itself holds much less specificity than we like to think. It is the variables (fingerspitzengefüh) related to haptics, nothing else. Yet, the powers of TOUCH do still contain so much more than one could ever possibly imagine. Haptics is nonverbal communication through TOUCH, dominantly guided by a holistic top-down approach. This skill is trainable to a certain extent, but will at some point limit itself because it's an inherent individual introceptive skill unique for every human being. As I like to put it; the concept of haptics can be conceptualized in this claim: "Everyone can make a baby, but not everyone can make it an event to remember...." I think this is a good analogy to explain that everyone can touch someone, but not everyone will be able to "rub" you the "right" way... It probably depends much on social and interpersonal variables. Bottom line, there's a whole lot more going on with TOUCH than what most therapists like to think! If intrigued, follow these down the Rabbit Hole (, 40-something posts and articles related to the Science of Touch: 1) "The Power of Touch" on Psychology Today: 2) "The Science of Touch and Emotion" on Berkeley Science Review: 3) "Evidence That Little Touches Do Mean So Much" on the New York Times: 4) Dacher Keltner on Touch, an 8 min vid: 5) "Pleasant to the Touch" on the Scientist: 6) "Acute Pain Is Eased With the Touch of A Hand" on PHYSORG: 7) "The Mystery of Human Touch" on Pacific Standard: 8) "Scientists Identify Key Cells in Touch Sensation" on Scicasts: 9) "A Mind About Touch", a 5 min vid on Brainfacts: The next 6 on MedicalXpress: 10) "Researchers Examine How Touch Can Trigger Our Emotions", 11) "Our Ability To Identify the Source of Pain Varies Across the Body", 12) "Groundbreaking Model Explains How the Brain Learns To Ignore Familiar Stimuli", 13) "Nerves of Endearment: How a Gentle Touch Affects Emotions", 14) "A 'Hands-On' Approach Could Help Babies Develop Spatial Awareness" 15) "Metaphors Make Brains Touchy Feely" on Science News: 16) "Rub Out Your Pain" on BrainBlogger: 17) "Not Just Skin Deep: Neurons Detect Pleasurable Touch" on KnowingNeurons: 18) "Sensual Caress - How Does The Brain Respond? Neuroscientists Explain" on Medical News Today: 19) "A Nose for Touch" on the Scientist, an intriguing post about how the star-nosed mole interpret its surroundings through touch: 20) "The Cell Biology of Touch", open access in the Journal of Cell Biology: 21) "Pain Relief by Touch: A Quantitative Approach", open access in Pain: 22) "The Skin As A Social Organ", open access in Experimental Brain Research: 23) "The Social and Personality Neuroscience of Empathy For Pain and Touch", open access in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience: 24) "Vicarious Responses to Social Touch in Posterior Insular Cortex Are Tuned to Pleasant Caressing Speeds", open access in the Journal of Neuroscience: 25) "Pinpointing the Pressure Responder", open access in Science Signaling: 26) "Epidermal Merkel Cells Are Mechanosensory Cells That Tune Mammalian Touch Receptors" on PainResearchForum: 27) "Sensory Biology: It Takes Piezo2 To Tango", abstract in Current Biology (PM me for full text): 28) "An Alternative To Traditional Mirror Therapy: Illusory Touch Can Reduce Phantom Pain When Illusory Movement Does Not", abstract in Clinical Journal of Pain (PM me for full text): 29) "Pain-Specific Brain Activity Arrives Just Before Birth" on PainResearchForum (PM me for full text): 30) "Discriminative and Affective Touch: Sensing and Feeling", abstract in Neuron (PM me for full text): 31) "Genetic Identification of C Fibres That Detect Massage-Like Stroking of Hairy Skin In Vivo", abstract in Nature (PM me for full text): 32) "The Science of Interpersonal Touch: An Overview", open access in Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews: 33) "Touching and Feeling: Differences In Pleasant Touch Processing Between Glabrous and Hairy Skin In Humans", abstract in European Journal of Neuroscience: 34) "Touch Sense: Functional Organization and Molecular Determinants of Mechanosensitive Receptors", open access in Channels: 35) "Touch Communicates Distinct Emotions", open access in Emotion: 36) "Primary Somatosensory Cortex Discriminates Affective Significance In Social Touch", open access in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: 37) "Neurons in your skin can do math": 38) A BUNCH of papers and slides from Dr Nicholas Paul Holmes, PhD in Neuroscience. His research area dives into the cognitive neuroscience and psychology of 'the hand'. His website on Neurobiography seems like a never-ending story. Start out with his lecture notes on "Body Perception 2: The Skin and Touch" and get lost in everything touchy: 39) A BUNCH of open access papers from Touch: Gothenburg about somatosensory research: 40) Dunbar - 2010 - The social role of touch in humans and primates: Behavioural function and neurobiological mechanisms: 41) "Fingertips To Hair Follicles: Why 'Touch' Triggers Pleasure And Pain" Intreview with David Linden on NPR: 42) "The Power of Touch" on The New Yorker: 43) "Active Interpersonal Touch Gives Rise to the Social Softness Illusion", open access in Current Biology: 44) "Emotional and physiological responses to touch massage", open access Phd thesis from Lenita Lindgren: It also feels very relevant to add this excellent post from Paul Ingraham titled Palpatory Pareidolia (for those who think what they find with their trained hands must be true, because they did nonetheless, find it with their trained hands #PunIntended #CircularReasoningRightThere) and this potentially provocative post from Adam Meakins (The Sports Physio on Twitter "There Is No Skill In Manual Therapy…?" ...aaand Diane Jacobs' DNM references (33 pages long!):

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Great encouragement to remain or get active prior to pregnancy!

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Very interesting new research about station drugs and bladder symptoms

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Great article for men dealing with pelvic pain

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Please share with your medical providers if you are experiencing urinary leakage. There is so much that can be done to help! Don't ever feel too embarrassed to ask. If you and this issue are, unfortunately, not taken seriously, then advocate for yourself. Call a women's health physical therapist and get help.