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Conferences teaching reproduction needle work from museum archives. Based in Winchester and conference runs in September each year. Suitable for all.

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Pilgrim Stitchers runs an annual short course in needlework taking as the subject an item of specialised nature, frequently of historical interest. A proportion of all kit prices is given to the Winchester museum service for the protection of antique needlework. In most cases the original is not available to the public but will be seen during the event. These courses take place in Winchester at the museum and archive centre.


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Another glorious day, autumn is being so very kind to us. I love the seasons, having lived somewhere where it was always hot the seasons delight me. It strikes me that they are a bit like life. The spring, when we're young, the summer when we're in our prime, the autumn when we are in our second prime :) and the winter as we come to the end of our life. Each season of our lives are influenced by what has gone before and our ability to live each season to the full is also governed by what we have learned in the season before. You can find many parallels between the seasons and our lives and it's worth thinking on why we so continually seem to make the same mistakes, bad judgements, wrong moves without learning anything. So today Blessed are they that learn their lessons and act on them so that they are not repeated

Published on 2015-09-18 06:42:35 GMT

A glorious day (at the moment) after a day of heavy rain, it will make the flowers grow :) My house is clean, I am once again on top of it and it doesn't smell of dust, Thank you Louise. A new skip appeared as if by magic while I was out yesterday and I suspect it won't be the last one either however I do feel that perhaps, other than the old kitchen wall, the demolition is over and the process has begun of insulating the garage, or should I say ex-garage. Kevin, the builder, thinks another 5 weeks so I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. For you stitchers this morning. Blessed are they that keep their material tight in their frames. Have a good day.

Published on 2015-09-17 06:54:33 GMT

Had a wonderful time away, now back to reality! It is lovely and warm today and I have just put right something I'd done wrong so I can put that behind me. Louise arrived today to help me with the cleaning and she has made such a difference already and has the kitchen licked almost into shape. Isn't youth wonderful. So all is good with my world though I wish I could say the same for the rest of the world which seems to me to be falling apart. My heart breaks when I see so many children struggling to cope with being in situations not of their making or comprehension. They need our prayers if nothing else. Blessed are those who don't write their names in the dust on my desk. :)

Published on 2015-09-16 08:26:20 GMT

Having a good break, aren't friends wonderful. An hour with a friend and you've put the world right. Sorted the political problems, and then you go to bed and while you sleep someone messes it all up again! So we can save the world all over again. Home after lunch so I can get to choir practice this evening. Sunday there is a confirmation service so we have a great deal of work to do. Blessed are those who don't sulk when crossed but are gracious to those who have thwarted them.

Published on 2015-09-15 06:18:52 GMT

A couple of days away at the beginning of this week, catching up briefly with friends and getting to somewhere to convince myself that there is life other than dust.:) even if it is throwing it down. However there are millions of people who would gladly swap with me to what do I have to complain about. Just about to leave so this is in haste I'm afraid ....but... Blessed are those who are always prepared, they leave their needle full of thread ready to go.

Published on 2015-09-14 06:59:12 GMT

A just brilliant day yesterday, the weather was hot and sunny (yes I did say hot), we went to the Vyne and had a great tour of the house, pity the stained glass and the tapestries weren't in place but now I'm being greedy. Then lunch and wandering in the gardens in the afternoon sunshine, a straight forward drive home to the daily office in church, a just lovely day. Here's hoping we're going to achieve as much today as Peggy and Karen are shooting off back to the US tonight. It's been wonderful to see everyone and now my thoughts must turn to next year. Ever onwards and upwards :)

Published on 2015-09-11 06:45:46 GMT

Had a lovely dinner with our Pilgrim Stitchers friends last night, lovely to meet you Robert even if we didn't get to talk much. Thank you Loch Fynne, a really good meal in pleasant surrounding what more could one ask. First day today, up early lots to do I'll add some tonight have a great day.

Published on 2015-09-09 06:41:50 GMT

First meeting of Pilgrim Stitchers at dinner tonight, I can't wait to see all my friends again. Peggy will be there, as she was on the very first session, and Karen and Pat, who joined us for the second so we go back a long way. The sun is shining and things are looking great, except that I've lost something I need urgently for Monday. Come on Raphael my angel, help me with this one please. Have a great day, and may everyone you meet turn out to be a friend in disguise, and may you turn out to be everyone's friend.

Published on 2015-09-08 06:51:50 GMT

A beautiful morning, though I'm running late so I'm sorry this is in haste. Sermon went well, well no one told me how terrible it was or argued with me so all must have been good :). I updated my computer to Windows 10 and it seems to be functioning normally (could be famous last words, a bit like waiting for the other shoe to drop. The workmen are back today to demolish the old kitchen and to put in the bedroom wardrobe doors, so I feel it could be coming together. Can't wait to see all my Pilgrim Stitchers friends tomorrow so what more could I wish for. Sally you know I don't do the cooking, but David loves the new kitchen (thank goodness!). A day of constructive work in the house today, painting and sorting, it is beginning to look liveable in again, thank you Lord.

Published on 2015-09-07 07:12:00 GMT

The fridge should be arriving today which will mean that the kitchen is as finished as it's going to be until the kitchen fitter comes back at the end to fit the plinths and finish the last drawer. They have finished demolishing in the bedroom :) and have started to prepare it for finishing the wardrobe! can't wait. Achieved a great deal of sorting out but still have to find the Pilgrim Stitchers boxes for next Wednesday. I think I know where they are so here's hoping :) Overcast but not too windy so could be a lovely day when it's thought about it. I think it will be, one of the advantages of getting older I find is that I think more positively, perhaps not so much pressure? Ha Ha Ha, what a hope, have a great day.

Published on 2015-09-04 06:52:49 GMT

From a still gritty Sue, so I'm not going to talk about it! :) Have taken what's left of my house by the scruff of the neck and am getting on with life. I have almost managed to clear our bedroom so that there is one room as a sanctuary, and I now have a desk in the kitchen so I can find my papers. I have taken control again, it's all very well to say one shouldn't control, and I have worked very hard to just accept the mess, but I'm afraid that when my surroundings are out of control there's only so long before I have to bring it all back into line again. I have this morning reached my limit. I have a sermon to learn and nowhere to do it so things have to change. Here we go, have a great day mine is going to be.

Published on 2015-09-03 06:57:26 GMT

Another bright sunny day. It was rather a dark day yesterday, dark in the sense that they started to destroy one of the walls in the bedroom to turn it into a large cupboard. The breeze blocks were black cinder blocks and now the whole house is covered in thick black dust. David did a great job clearing it out of the bathroom yesterday afternoon but everywhere feels gritty. I'm not inclined to work my socks off as he has to finish it today but after that I have to deal with it. Until then though another dark dusty day. It will be beautiful, I know it will but the pictures this week could be interesting!

Published on 2015-09-02 07:03:52 GMT

We are in the new kitchen :), one more step forward, not finished exactly but the fridge arrives Friday so photo at the weekend. Today they're ripping apart our bedroom cupboards, hopefully we will then be able to sort out one room to have that is done! Today I awoke to sunshine again though it's a bit cloudy now, from pouring rain to sunshine in 24hours, now isn't that just like life. Luckily we haven't discovered how to control the weather so like life we have to just get on with it, paste a smile on our faces and accept what is thrown our way. It is the making of us, face each challenge with courage and we become stronger people as we do.

Published on 2015-09-01 07:07:01 GMT

Bank holiday Monday and guess what, yes you're right, it's raining. However we need the rain and when I think of how badly some people need it I refuse to complain. California hasn't had any in 3 years, now that would be terrible indeed. I love the English weather, if for no better reason that it gives us something to talk about:) Seriously though how blessed we are to have a climate which produces such food in abundance, keeps us healthy (if you think hot weather and perpetual sunshine is good for you look at the Australians who lack vitamin D and have more skin cancers than anywhere else) and which make us more resilient. We never allow the weather to stop us doing anything, I've even known people to set off for a picnic and eat it in the car rather than not do what they want. I think that the English backbone comes partly from the weather, so I am going to look on it today as a blessing :) Happy Bank Holiday Monday to you all

Published on 2015-08-31 07:09:35 GMT

Woke today to bright sunshine, wonderful, leaving our son and off to see another one. I don't like jet lag one bit though, waking at 2 am when it feels like it should be 6 and then falling asleep at 6 when I should be getting up tells me that my body is all out of sync. On the other hand 4 hours of quite contemplation isn't always a bad thing and with my Kindle I can read without disturbing David (actually he was reading too!). I'm reading a book by Max Lucado at the moment, he certainly has a way with words, making things seem so clear. If any of you have children you buy books for then his 'You are special' is a lovely book to give as a gift. Today I am giving thanks for the beautiful day, that I had time for quiet contemplation and that I have all day to travel without having to race against the clock. Yesterday took 3h45 to get here without a break and I don't think that's very good for you. Today is going to be a thanksgiving day, saying thank you for everything as the day progresses is a wonderful way of developing a positive rather than a negative attitude.

Published on 2015-08-28 07:41:49 GMT

Had my hair cut yesterday, it feels much better, and easier to look after. It strikes me that my hair is like my life, when contained and easy to manage I feel better, when it gets out of control and looks a mess, I feel miserable; just like my life really. Our builder had to have an operation on his knee whilst we were away so no progress there but he's going to be in from Friday so hopefully things will really begin to improve. We have at least unpacked our kitchen which has relieved some of the pressure on the bedrooms, and it will get better all the time, I just have to be patient but that isn't my first or middle name. Have a great day, at least it's stopped raining :)

Published on 2015-08-27 07:10:22 GMT

Well the weather isn't very kind but then I think how much the Canadians would give for just this kind of weather. They need water so badly. A busy, busy week as we must see our son before he goes away on Monday and it's his birthday next week too. So Thursday off to see him, stopping with another son on the way back to celebrate granddaughter's 4th birthday and then home on Saturday. Whilst we're away the men will finish the kitchen, which isn't yet, and then start on the wardrobes. Good news is that as the kitchen cupboards are all in I can unpack some boxes so that we can move in the bedroom. Isn't life fun when you don't weaken but meet it head on. We were blessed with a wonderful holiday, lots of memories and our thanks to the Canadians for making us so welcome. Now, onwards and upwards.

Published on 2015-08-26 06:24:07 GMT

Almost home flight uneventful just cramped and long. Stopped for a bite to eat and then home. I'll be back on course in the morning.