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Thank you, PNC, for supporting The Salvation Army!

Published The Salvation Army of Fayetteville, NC on 2014-04-15 01:53:00 GMT

I have a Signature Line of Credit with PNC. I pay through EFT from my bank. Is there a way to make a payment online through a PNC website even though I don't bank at PNC?

Published Colleen N Danny McFee on 2016-06-03 00:55:24 GMT

So, apparently PNC is perfectly fine with stealing from you. I won't ever trust this bank with my money again!

Published Jessica Peterson on 2016-06-03 00:20:49 GMT

Does PNC run on a batch system? I have several charges and a deposit pending. Will the deposit post before charge to avoid Overdraft fees?

Published Marilyn Lynch on 2016-06-02 21:25:08 GMT

Been on the phone with PNC twice today already... now I've been on hold for over a half hour... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.👍🏻

Published Dennis Myers on 2016-06-02 20:52:47 GMT

Our Valley Events has more on the #SomethingInteresting Creative Placemaking grants presented by PNC! Apply soon and you could win $504 to implement it in #DowntownHuntsville...

Published Downtown Huntsville, Inc. on 2016-06-02 20:37:54 GMT

I will never use this bank again. More time wasted, nobody doing anything to deliver customer service, even the corporate "resolution" team is a waste of time. I jsut took all my money out, will never be back. THANKS - you lost a customer from 2002 today out of your total illiterate and inconsiderate staff.

Published Holly Marie on 2016-06-02 19:17:51 GMT

We're celebrating PRIDE Month and the achievements of our LGBT communities. Learn more:

Published PNC on 2016-06-02 16:37:09 GMT

Arie Luyendyk, Jr. joins Detroit Public Schools students to make a human powered engine at the PNC Fifth Gear Education Day at the #DetroitGP!

Published Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix on 2016-06-02 15:04:56 GMT

I check my virtual wallet almost religiously, but now i know better than to trust it. My account told me i had fourteen dollars two days ago and I spent ten, I wake up the next and check my account and it is over drafted by $66 dollars! with absolutely no warning! don't understand how this happened but I am very upset that my virtual wallet told me i had money when i in fact did not. are you guys trying to make people over draft?

Published Tessa Noel Buchta on 2016-06-02 14:52:08 GMT

Yeah right, you thanking those who served!! You just did a fine job of stabbing me and my wife in the back and I served. How you ask? Our original home equity line of credit was expiring, so we decided to renew. So I sent all the information needed with the intent of rolling our remaining mortgage balance and expiring line balance into a new one ultimately reducing our payment significantly. Thus, showing more available income. Let's look at facts, reality, as opposed to your convoluted f**ked up way determining eligibility. First, the bank was not going to lose on this because you have our home as collateral. Second, having $70000 in available equity and only asking for a new line of $50000, where only $28000 would be used combining the existing balances is hardly a losing situation for the bank. Third, this is where the stupidity comes in, our request was denied. Why? Because your stupid clueless underwriter said our debt to income ratio was above your guidline. That would have been true if it was actually based on fact, not fiction. It's 100% bullchit!! Because of you not dealing with current actual income, you short changed our actual income by $23000. Why? This is rich, just because I've only been at my current job for a year and a half, you did a two year average of past income. Since I was only working part time in 2014 because I was unemployed before that, my income was significantly lower. Problem is, that is no longer relevant. That insanely stupid thinking is like telling someone who was cured of cancer two years ago from treatments needs to go back on treatments even though they don't have it. Two years ago is irrelevant. If we're asking for a loan now with collateral it should be based on current and future income. Which reminds me, since I'll be collecting a partial pension in August, you short changed our income by $26000. Also, you base the available equity on current appraised market value, but you base income on the past, not actual income. How f**king stupid is that??? If we were Muslim, black, Hispanic, or illegal aliens, there probably would not have been a problem. But since we're hard working white Americans, plus being a military vet, well that's grounds for screwing us over and being jerks!! Don't bank with PNC!! They favor anyone who is not an American or veteran!!!

Published MIke Jedlicka on 2016-06-02 14:10:43 GMT

I know I would never bank with this financial, as I was just told, you're a financial that doesn't accept wires. As far as my banking days go, that's typically the safest most efficient way to send/receive money. And your call center number is an automated line. Talk about a personal hassle free experience. (Not)

Published Kendi Honrath on 2016-06-02 13:39:34 GMT

My mortgage loan was recently acquired by PNC Bank. At first I felt comforted knowing that this was a local bank that I could turn to if I had any trouble during the transition. Unfortunately, the transition was not nearly as smooth as what I would expect from a bank like PNC. During my first call to the customer service, I was misinformed about the length of time needed before I could establish an online account to make my payment. The next two payments were made at the local branch. I was finally able to log onto my account today to make my payment and I was given two options. One option is to set up automatic payments starting 7/1. My payment is due now. Or, the second option is to pay $7 to make my payment today. Upon calling customer service, they advised that there is no way to waive the fee. The customer service rep advised that since my account was transitioning to PNC, the fee would have been waived yesterday. I proposed waiving the $7 fee this month and allowing me to set up autopay beginning next month. When asking to speak to a supervisor, the customer service rep said that a supervisor may not even speak to me. I'm on hold right now waiting for a supervisor. This is not a great way to transition a new customer over to having PNC service their mortgage. I am paying a monthly interest charge that will far exceed the one time $7 fee. Perhaps you should rethink your policies regarding how a new customer is treated when transitioning to PNC. Plus, I was just considering opening a new bank account in my local area. I CAN GUARANTEE AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE IT WILL NOT BE PNC!

Published Adrienne Dove on 2016-06-02 13:11:42 GMT

Hi! Where would be the best place for me to find information material on the newest version of Virtual Wallet? The “quick start” tutorials and such that are listed on PNC’s website are very limited to say the least when it comes to utilizing Virtual Wallets many tools. I was hoping there was a complete software manual somewhere I could download and print? One of the most cumbersome issues I am having is how to add an upcoming bill into the calendar without using the “Bill Pay” option, as I do not want PNC to pay the bill for me, I just want a simple reminder of the date it will come out. In the previous version I would just add it as a pre-authorized payment, but I cannot find the option in the new version. At this point I am using the option to go back to the old version of software and adding it that way, but I am assuming that will be taken away eventually I noticed there is the option to add “reminders”, but they require an extensive amount of info for the biller as if I will be paying them via bill pay, which I am not. The older version let me add “pre-authorized” payments as reminders without all of the that information.

Published Tommy Wilson on 2016-06-02 11:51:04 GMT

My fiance and I had a pnc account but closed it because they kept charging us for silly things. So we went to close it. The account was closed down once but reopened when we got refunded $89, but then we were charged almost $14 because we didn't have $500 in the account as needed, but we thought the account was closed and waiting for a check in the mail. I'm not fond of being stolen from. That money should have been refunded to us on account of the account should have been closed in the first place.

Published Jessica Peterson on 2016-06-02 02:37:38 GMT

Marlowe Stoudamire and Ric DeVore of PNC

Published Detroit Historical Society on 2016-06-01 21:04:45 GMT

Marlowe Stoudamire and Ric DeVore of PNC with Carol Cain.

Published Detroit Historical Society on 2016-06-01 20:57:21 GMT

another day getting jerked off by pnc....this bank sucks.

Published Cindi Bieber Lazar on 2016-06-01 19:30:59 GMT

We're looking for volunteers! MOCA's Boardwalk Art Show & Festival presented by PNC is looking for volunteers to work shifts on Saturday and Sunday during the show, June 18 and June 19. If interested in helping out, please email Learn more about the show at

Published Boardwalk Art Show & Festival on 2016-06-01 18:49:42 GMT

Not normally someone who posts these types of statuses, but I'm so impressed with PNC's customer service regarding recent charges that were placed on my debit card without my permission that I have to commend them....Long story short, someone decided to go on a Whole Foods shopping spree with my debit card information (the card is still in my possession, I can only guess where it was stolen from), which resulted in an overdraft on my checking account from my savings. I called Customer Service and, within 5 minutes, the charges had been disputed and refunded, overdraft fees cancelled and all my accounts closed and rolled into new ones so my information would no longer be compromised. All this was topped off with a shiny new debit card awaiting my arrival at my local branch so I wouldn't have to wait for a new one to be sent to me in the mail. Start to finish, the process took about 20 minutes, including my walk to the bank, and what could have been a much more stressful situation ended up as a friendly, quick exchange with lovely customer service reps. Thanks to PNC for being the best bank ever!

Published Amy Young on 2016-06-01 17:43:51 GMT

My estranged husband gave me Power of attorney of his account. I had to get an additional paper notarized because the originals weren't good enough. I've never done this before so I signed it in the wrong place. I called the bank to get a replacement and asked if they could notarize it for me. Even though it's for my husband and I don't have an account there, I was told no. Where has the compassion gone? How hard would it be to do something for your customer? I may not have an account there, but he does!!!!! I will never open an account with PNC.......ever.

Published Cindy Birdsell Klingensmith on 2016-06-01 16:17:28 GMT

It's #NationalRunningDay! Grab your running shoes, lace up, and get after it just like these runners did in this years Honda Classic 5k presented by PNC! Thanks again to all of our runners!

Published The Honda Classic on 2016-06-01 15:51:41 GMT

Worse bank ever. I have been a customer for over a year, my husband for over 10 years. I am certainly glad that I found this out prior to opening my business account. I will be closing my personal account very soon and going to a different bank or switch everything to my credit union. You definitely learn from your mistakes, and banking with PNC is one of them. Rude and incompetent customer service.

Published Lisa M Smith on 2016-06-01 15:29:49 GMT

Latest from China: PNC's Bill Adams gives us his take on May's PMI figures.

Published Emerging Market Views on 2016-06-01 14:54:33 GMT

What is the deal with the PNC online banking website today?