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at West End, South Bank, Manly, UQ, Brisbane, 4101 Australia

Qi Resonance
West End, South Bank, Manly, UQ
Brisbane , QLD 4101
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Modality information: LOMI LOMI Born in the islands of the South Pacific, this ancient form of bodywork is one of loving power. It combines a unique rhythmical flow of continuous, sweeping movements, and a loving intention, in order to completely nurture the body and allow you to relax, surrender and simply be. Likened to waves of the ocean moving over the body, this subtle, yet powerful massage works gently and deeply into the muscles, whilst directing the flow of energy with an intuitive touch, relaxing the entire being, restoring balance and allowing healing at the deepest levels of body, mind and spirit. Based on the seven principles of Huna, the focus is centred on releasing energetic and physical blockages in the body, stimulating and activating energy centres, and ultimately creating a sense of stillness and harmony. STRESS RELIEF COMBO A perfect combination of stimulating, yet extremely relaxing, this massage style is best suited to those suffering from chronic muscle tension, high stress levels, localised pain, physical ailments, emotional imbalances, or for those who prefer a strong, invigorating massage but with a gentle approach. Incorporating the principles of Zen Shiatsu & Ka Huna, the central focus is on allowing a balanced flow of vital life force (Energy, Ki, Chi, Prana) through specific meridians in the body, which directly connect & correlate with particular organs, mental/emotional characteristics & the elements of nature. Pressure points along these meridians are stimulated, nourished or dispersed by touch or vibration, which are combined with some Shiatsu stretches & rotations, during a deep but intuitive blend of Remedial and Hawaiian massage. INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE This ancient technique has been practiced for over a thousand years in India, being passed down from generation to generation. It is both a therapeutic and beauty treatment, and will energise your mind and allow any tension to slip away. Using heated sesame oil, the face, shoulders, neck and scalp are treated to an energising and heavenly massage. Among many therapeutic benefits, Indian Head massage will help soothe and relax the nervous system, relieve joint and muscle tension, alleviate tension headaches and eyestrain, stimulate acupressure points and the lymphatic and circulatory system, replenish skin, nourish the hair, and balance the mind. HOT STONE/LOMI/SOUND FUSION Completely lose yourself in this blissful experience and walk away floating on a cloud, whilst at the same time feeling invigorated, grounded and completely relaxed. Hand picked Basalt river stones are heated, some placed on specific points along meridians and others incorporated with nurturing Lomi Lomi strokes. The heat from the stones allow for the absorption of therapeutic oils, whilst simultaneously penetrating deeply into your muscles, helping to relax your central nervous system, increase circulation and revitalise you to the core. Other benefits include the slowing of heart rate, easing muscle tension, balancing the mind, reducing pain, improving blood flow to surrounding tissues, releasing toxins, and relieving cramps and fatigue. Healing sounds such as Tibetan Bowls are played to induce further relaxation, regenerate cells, stimulate you brain, and “retune” your body’s own natural resonant frequency. SONOPUNCTURE Sonopuncture is the application of tuning forks to activate specific acupressure points. Basically, it’s acupuncture with sound instead of needles! Based on extensive research & experimentation, each fork has been tuned to a particular frequency, which corresponds to a healthy vibration of a particular organ or energy centre in the body. When the fork is applied, your own vibration will eventually lock into phase with the fork’s vibration in sympathetic response, and match it, thus bringing you back to a state of harmony. Sonopuncture can be used exclusively as a treatment, or in conjunction with massage, crystal therapy and other treatments. CHAKRA BALANCING/VOCAL/SOUND HEALING Originating from the ancient Vedic scriptures in India, the chakras are believed to be spinning vortexes or wheels of energy, located just outside the body’s central nervous system. The 7 main chakras begin from the base of the spine all the way up to the top of the head. Each chakra is related to various physical and emotional characteristics, and contain a particular colour, mantra and sound frequency. Toning or sounding is a method that brings us out of our heads & deep into our core. The voice is a creative force and cellular print of who we are. The primary expression of deep, instinctual feelings is vocal and the induction of natural sounds, chanting and toning can lead to profound healing experiences. This non-evasive sound treatment consists of intuitively tuning into each chakra, locating any imbalances and vocalising them until a release or shift is established. Harmonious overtones are then introduced, to entrain, recharge and reprogram the body/mind back to a healthy state of equilibrium. Tibetan Singing Bowls and Cymbals also emit powerful healing vibrations, and are included throughout to enhance the experience, take you out of your body, regenerate cells and tissues in the body, and induce deep relaxation. DANCE MEDITATION This interactive, fun and energetic form of meditation combines breathwork, stretching, movement, trance and dance. Drawing our attention to particular energy centres or chakras and their corresponding physical body parts, we playfully dance through them. By focusing on and manipulating our breath and movement, we can release emotional or physical blockages stored in our muscle and cellular memory. Blending free-flowing movement with particular sound frequencies, this dance will free your energy, activate neural activity in the brain, and ultimately open you to a deeper experience of life. When we are engaged in creative expression, when we allow our imagination to take flight, open ourselves to play, and are truly in the moment, it is here that deep healing and transformation can occur. Most of all, it's fun! Individual or group classes available.

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