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The page is about fresh herbs iam growing during the year and various products for use in the home kitchen.For better quality food at home.

Raglan St Herb Tech
201 raglan st south
Ballarat , VIC 3350
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The vision for the future is to provide top quality, produce for anyone wanting to explore the difference fresh makes.It still surprises me and iam glad to have started on this journey.Crops will change as seasons go on, including edible flowers which will bring a spicy sweet kick to cold weather soups like pea and ham, pumkin and paprika, or a traditional potato and leek.I cant help everyone but i hope to expand one day as well as build long term relationships with my clients.

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As a grower my background is in production horticulture an apprentice for 3 years i have obtained the much needed knowledge and skill. Utilizing an IPM program on my small farm for quality control and pest management provides safe, healthy, Near Organic quality herbs and edible flowers at reasonable prices to private and public clients.

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Ok Iam going to volunteer at The Salvos Store 3 days a week, so as a result days and hours have been edited.But Supper Club will go on ahead when time permits. I suspect not much will change i hope every one is enjoying the weather, stay safe, be good, or if your going to be bad be good at it hahahaha. So the new hours are done i will be closed Friday, and Sunday.

Published on 2015-04-13 05:05:00 GMT

So when the edible flowers come in, worst case scenario i will do a Showcase / Tasting perhaps with smoked trout, a nice dip, and pepper flavored crackers + a flower head of your choice.Oh my that would be soooo nice iam drooling. Any feedback you may have or comments or questions please fire away.

Published on 2015-04-07 04:49:34 GMT

I removed the post on a Supper Club on the 4/04/2015 coz its Easter and iam forgetful.Have a safe and Happy Easter All, and we will reschedule for another time.

Published on 2015-04-02 00:45:24 GMT

There we go just sold some Thai Basil to my lovely neighbor she is making panchetta.Should be wicked Thai Basil and Pork go hand in hand.Best part is i was informed they have thier own Lime Tree so if i need Kaffer lime leaves Heather Priems can take a breather.

Published on 2015-04-02 03:01:01 GMT

May need to spray the Nasturtiums catterpillars are having a num num little devils.

Published on 2015-03-28 02:54:54 GMT

I will have a look at whats going to be suitable for the colder weather and perhaps place an order.

Published on 2015-03-27 00:22:29 GMT

Fantastic time was had by all!!!!. Well worth the effort cant thank Paul, Heather, Jessica and Billy enough would not have happened without you i had a ripping good time and i hope you all feel the same. I look forward to next time already!!!! i feel grateful humbled and everything in between.Paul took some shots while i cut pizza we forgot the group pic but next time for sure THANKS GUYS from the bottom of my heart!!!!. To be honest i FORGOT about the group pic had such a good time hahahahah.

Published on 2015-03-22 04:39:43 GMT

All set up ready to go im buggered lol.

Published on 2015-03-22 01:15:40 GMT

Last week saw unseen soil temps for the season up to 36 to 38 deg c.Now a dismal 22 deg c max iam beside myself with bewilderment not happy at all the herbs are in shock i can not feed them correctly it is so frustrating to say the least.Its safe to say i have come to hate the weather here.Last seasons weather now would produce bumper crops so frustrated i could almost rip my hair out.Overall health is good enough, but the growth is down and some of the new Basils wont make it if this piss poor weather keeps up so annoying. It is times like this i think if God has a plan he can bang up his coit no amount of begging the higher power will change a damn thing, i have never felt more powerless. The worst part is to fertilize in temps so low would act like a poison due to the crops inability to transpire and use the salts for nutrition, it has to be 30 deg c at least for that.Just have to wait i guess what a joke.

Published on 2015-11-29 06:42:59 GMT

Too cold to transplant so i will be making a Mugwart spray to deal with pests on the crops so much for November weather.

Published on 2015-11-26 23:00:59 GMT

Had some strong results with the Mint Basil so i will transplant and post some pictures later hopefully, need to repair the greenhouse as well but all in all some good results, edible flowers are still available, as well as Thai Basil, Chives, Mint, Lemon Balm and some others, pop on in or give me a buzz it will be my pleasure to hook you up prices and pot sizes in the pinned post at top.

Published on 2015-11-26 21:56:01 GMT

The new Basil crops are growing now so there is one plus there, unsure on what is what but hopefully in 3 months or so it will be ready.

Published on 2015-11-26 05:44:24 GMT

The transplanted Mugwart is looking good nice and cheap top quality so if you know someone having trouble remembering their dreams or having trouble sleeping give us a yell and i can help.I think Ladies can take it if they arent close to their cycle or pregnant, i have researched it and the warnings are very clear so i dont want to dollar grab and put Ladies at risk, it is nothing personal feel free to do your own research if you wish but i value People more than money thanks.

Published on 2015-11-19 00:30:41 GMT

Transplanting done for now, i could have purchased seed with personal money but that would defeat the purpose new crops id like to be funded by new and old clients otherwise id hardly be running a business. It will take more time and patience but i dont mind as long as the public dont hahahaha.There wont be time to do new crops now anyway if i had sold the Curled Parsley id have been right oh well next season. To find out whats on offer have a gander, theres not much but plenty, a good mix of herbs and some edible flowers with other Basil Varieties on the way that should be mature in the next 2 months hence the lack of time. To be more accurate i used personal money last season, and ended up with a full freezer of Sweet Genovase Basil, so to avoid that again i decided not to waste time and money if iam needed great, if not i will grow the minimum,& work somewhere else until there is interest otherwise iam wasting time and money life is too short for that.So yell out or miss out makes no diff to me lol. But there is top quality variety even if its small thats the upside, worlds apart from the mass grown hardware store shit on offer.

Published on 2015-11-18 04:50:09 GMT

Just for future reference if anyone pops around and im singing which i often do because i cant help myself pop round the back ect, im approachable i wont whinge, fills in the boredom while i potter about doing jobs.Cheers.

Published on 2015-11-17 23:54:42 GMT

God im an idiot the hours said closed and it wasnt 10am lol im an idiot id open earlier but most times i work at night so i allow for a little sleep in and shower, breaky, shave, tidy and toilet time.Makes life so much easier, most other Managers have someone to cover their not being about to see customers hahaha.

Published on 2015-11-17 22:46:06 GMT

Before i forget because no one asks lol the Mint Basil is going geat guns more than one pot size avail prices pinned to top thanks.

Published on 2015-11-17 22:40:59 GMT

I may pot up some Mugwart today for the use of sale as i have tested its recorded uses, but i may only be able to sell it to the Gentry as Mugwart can induce heavy bleeding in Ladies, as well as damage to Un born children, for those reasons id prefer to play it safe iam no sexist. So if any of you Blokes are having trouble sleeping and have the balls to try a herbal tea without being a sook about it Mugwart will send you to sleep as i have tried it myself.Cheers.

Published on 2015-11-17 22:28:34 GMT

Made up some Mugwart & Mint tea it was very nice indeed better without sugar my housemate put sugar and milk in his cup i can imagine it wouldnt have been very nice.I tried some with & without sugar without tasted better i think. Brew time was 20min 10cups water to 3 handfuls dry Mint and 2 handfuls fresh Mugwart.

Published on 2015-11-14 14:33:07 GMT

Mugwart is an all Natural relaxant your not meant to take it and stay awake, but i test everything i grow to make sure the medicinal qualities wont have adverse side effects.I f i were sleeping now theres a chance id leave my body i have links on the newsfeed or feel free to google it it is quite powerful i dont focus on myth i focus on how it makes me feel, its like iam drunk without slurred speech best way i can sum it up without typing all night Lemon Balm and Mint are from exactly the same family and also have relaxing propperties thats why iam so relaxed, i have all of them avail for sale.Mugwart is best in Tea but you can eat it , Balm and Mint can be smoked, Menthol ciggarrettes are flavored with the essential oil from Mint.

Published on 2015-11-13 09:15:52 GMT

Drying a herbal blend of Mugwart, Mint Basil, and Lemon Balm doing crop maintenance as well as dishes, washing and other jobs God send me a Chinaman lol.Still have to prep Pizza ingredients, made the dough the smorning and still doing washing lol. Got bills, and the shoppin thang done ysterday i have a break to watch Bargain Hunt then im back into it lol, no holidays for me but i took a day off for some rum day before last so i do have spells here and there lol. When i cook tonight ill show the Pizza, which has Rosemary and Mint in the base will be Tandoori meat lovers. I made time to pop out and see someone that was unavailable first thing the smorning because of priorities then came back to be flat out hahahha love it!! Woe that herb mix has me rather sedated no fooling i had to force myself to get up off the couch very full very relaxed. Think my nights done but i was working off of 5 hrs sleep lol.

Published on 2015-11-13 04:08:08 GMT

I will have some Thai Basil potted up today in the 9cm pots to make it cheaper $3.00each cheers.

Published on 2015-11-13 01:41:04 GMT

Oh no down a like, i am so afraid i think i might cry hahahahahaha im not poking fun at everyone it really does not scare me to be liked or unliked it is arrogant and stupid to not grant the simple freedom of opinion.

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Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-06-04 09:28:33 GMT

Home grown folks i have said it before shelf purchased organics, low fat, no fat ect ect = shit you should not eat its an additive to the illusion of choice, is bad for you and costs more? not worth the investment if it causes health problems.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-06-03 14:07:34 GMT

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Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-05-26 08:33:40 GMT

Transplanted 2 of these today if i am allowed to i will transfer them to a new home and maintain them when i am not working in the washroom.Id have more but the crop is new its not even a season old so i think i have done well the other Mint Basil boxes are growing nicely so i will still have bunches and pots available from home if any interest develops.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-05-24 07:07:34 GMT

Identifying Aphids and how to treat naturally.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-05-14 04:08:45 GMT

Lemon Balm growing so well its growing out the bottom!! hahaha but it is one darling of a Herb.Great to add to Salads, Cups of Tea, Mashed Potato, Sweet things are also in play, eg Chocolate Sauce for Ice Cream, or your fave Cheese cake.A relative of the Mint family with a more sedating effect if your also having trouble sleeping Lemon Balm can help normally taken as a refined Alcohol based Tincture, i find to get the same benefit eating a few sprigs with food eg Creamy Pasta works just as well!!. $15.00 per pot pick up.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-05-14 04:00:50 GMT

Well after transplanting again, i have done up some more hanging baskets as the others i transferred to do bunches which you can see in the black container. As the Mint Basil grows well in the Baskets i will make that the standard size because it grows rapidly and the 15cm pots are useful but for the difference larger pots will be of more benefit as is evident in the photos, these plants are huge, and if the runners flow down, as the Mint Basil top flourishes in the Cold weather abundance and convenience is assured.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-05-04 04:10:11 GMT

Getting some looks at the sign, i am hoping when people near by realize the level of quality, freshness, value and convenience on hand i can make some sales, get the message out there fresh is best, offer simple advice on herbs growing at home in limited space, methods of growing and the rewards available.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-29 07:55:45 GMT

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-22 04:52:43 GMT

Still looking for the 2nd Job but i am hopeful and the crops that are in are happy so still soldiering on.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-22 04:27:50 GMT

The Mint Basil i had to leave outdoors is going great guns!!. So when the cold is upon us if anyone is missing Basil from their Kitchen or Cool room.Feel free to message the page or give me a call i will be more than happy to help cheers.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-07 08:54:16 GMT

New transplants are in and will be happy to explode just like the included advanced box pictured as well, if anyone would like a small pot for the same return in approx 3 months 2 months ago was the time to ask, haha but seriously if anyone would like some yell out or i will have to transplant all of it. Then do pots at a later date just putting it out there.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-01 06:50:59 GMT

Transplanting these today, i took a close up shot to demonstrate thickness these started out in 15cm pots as pictured now look!

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-01 04:01:50 GMT

Cold season is on the way so i figured id get in ahead of it.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-04-01 03:09:25 GMT

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-29 21:24:11 GMT

It is for this reason and many more why i wont stop, i havent made it but my advice is the same if you have a dream GO FOR IT!!. Keep going, keep the faith, and in time support will come and you will wonder why you thought about giving up! You can only help others to help you by never stopping pace is irrelevant to see a Dream come true!.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-24 04:12:39 GMT

I have gone for a Full Time Position as a Kitchen Hand, if i am successful i will adjust the opening hours accordingly, not jumping the gun just making mention while i am thinking of it and to let everyone know.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-24 03:07:52 GMT

I understand what this means but i honestly think the blame game of any kind is self indulgent tripe.Service to oneself or others is an outward expression if people deserve freedom, which they do they are also free to offer support or not they dont have to care.So i think to say it will happen or not kinda makes the statement irrelevant if it does not matter why say it?. Why not say " With or without you i am going on a journey, but your free to join me later" something like that instead of asserting something slyly then taking a cheap shot while wallowing in self pity.My goal of herb farming relies on support but i am not about to cry poor because its rude, selfish, and ignorant.We all have lives, we are all busy, if i am not serving others right now i shall serve myself until the day i am needed without complaint, in my mind thats what service is, serving.

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-23 02:13:53 GMT

Oh got a laugh out of this had to be done hahaha

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-23 01:57:45 GMT

Published Raglan St Herb Tech on 2016-03-22 02:32:20 GMT

Hi Guys and Girls If you would like a non toxic alternative for spraying Aphids Mr Rory Riversnake (aka my brother) put me on to dish liquid.The quantity i googled is 2 Tablespoons per 1 Gallon of water which is roughly 3.7 Litres spray both sides of the affected plant as always take care and Happy Growing!!!.