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We are part of the GOP's national security wing, and advocate military and economic strength. We oppose Democrats who want to expose the military to unjustifiable cuts, compromise our secrets and diminish U.S. leadership.

Republican Security Council
359 N Street, S.W.
Washington , DC 20024
United States
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WHY WAS THE RSC ESTABLISHED AND WHY ARE YOU NOT BIPARTISAN? The Republican Security Council was established to emphasize the importance of foreign policy, defense, intelligence, drug interdiction, as well as trade, energy and border security issues. It was necessary to form the RSC because support for these concerns has declined significantly in recent years. National security policy should be bipartisan and it use to be that way. From 1954 to 1994, Democrats had complete control of the House. When Republicans took over in 1995, they still had to deal with a Democratic White House for the next six years. It was the conservative coalition era, where victories were achieved by a combination of Republicans and center/right Democrats. The GOP viewpoint is still the same, but unfortunately Democrats have changed significantly. Now the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren wing are dominant, and moderates have little influence. It is doubtful Cold War pro-defense Democrats such as Senators Henry Jackson (WA), Sam Nunn (GA), Lloyd Bentsen (TX) and Chuck Robb (VA) would be nominated today. There are now only 13 Blue Dog House Democrats left, and the moderate Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) has gone out of business. The DLC was formed after Walter Mondale lost 49 states in 1984, and in their first press conference they warned of interest-group liberals. DLC President Al From promised to take their party back "from the tax and spend liberals”, and the group quickly became a real powerhouse. The DLC was pro-defense and supported Operation Desert Storm, the U.S. military missions in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the Patriot Act. We hope moderates will regain influence in the Democratic Party and that bipartisanship on major issues will return to national security policy. 1) Mission Statement: The RSC mission is to unite the national will of the American people in support of a strategy to ensure their military and economic superiority endures. We are doing this by advocating the development, adoption and implementation of a National Strategy for Security Through Strength. It is an updated version of Ronald Reagan's Peace Through Strength strategy and is based on the official U.S. National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy. The new strategy includes a 25 point National Security Action Plan (NSAP) as well as specific legislation which has already been introduced to boost military modernization, readiness and an intelligence apparatus to counter foreign threats. The NSAP also advocates vital reforms to grow the economy, lower the national debt and secure the border. To adopt the new strategy we are working to educate, inspire and mobilize the national security wing of the Republican Party. We are doing this by building a digital and analog army in support of vital defense, foreign policy and economic security initiatives. 2) Who We Are and What We Do: The Republican Security Council (RSC) is a non-profit organization with a social media network of over 140,000 people, and it provides ground troops for the national security wing of the GOP. We work to unite Republicans regarding the necessity of resolve and strength in defense, foreign policy, and economic security issues. We also strive to educate and engage citizens on the need for moral clarity and an American leadership role. These are the pillars of our national security strategy. The RSC digital army is essential in an age when social media, e-mail and iPhones are the best ways to reach activists. The internet is our battlefield and we mobilize support for the GOP/Trump national security strategy and its legislative agenda. Our internet warriors were on the frontline in the battle to defeat the Iran nuclear deal, the Islamic State caliphate, and the Obama foreign policy of retreat, timidity and vacillation. They knew leading from behind meant America was left behind. They vigorously supported the major increases in the 2018 and 2019 defense budgets, as well as the tax cuts and the GOP reform agenda. We compiled the thoughts of about 100 top Republican leaders to produce Security Through Strength: A National Strategy For A Safe, Strong And Resurgent America. A 25 Point Action Plan Outlining The Power We Want For The Urgent Change America Needs. Our report includes twenty five principles of strategy that should be adopted and recognized as the national policy of the United States. RSC’s strategy development efforts are based on the recommendations of the 2018 U.S. National Security Strategy, the National Defense Strategy, and the Senate Armed Services Committee’s Restoring American Power report. We wish all Americans would read these in-depth reports, but because that will not happen, we have compiled a so-called Reader’s Digest version. After years of painful sequester reductions, the adoption of the 2018 and 2019 defense budgets was a milestone and provides an enormous lift toward implementing the new strategy. We are off to a great start but articulating and implementing this long-range strategy will be a never-ending process because numerous important challenges confront the nation. Through online organizing technology and coalition partners, RSC is raising the level of active support, and we are a force-multiplier in driving attention to these critical challenges. We are striving to foster cohesion in the GOP base, the center/right coalition, and with the American people. We provide a forum for many of the country's most influential GOP and conservative grassroots leaders to exchange ideas and learn from policy experts. We challenge misguided liberal approaches by weaving together policy, messaging, Capitol Hill engagement and education. RSC cultivates ideas while developing strategy papers, a policy vision, and actions for the GOP base and ideological allies. There are already several outstanding national security think tanks on the right and we significantly benefit from their impressive scholarship. We are an action tank and we often use their research and policy papers to help us in building a conservative grassroots activist network. We do this by working with elected officials, policy experts and decision-makers and we connect them with activists and opinion leaders on the state and local level. This is done through social networking and providing activists with a tool kit to help their educational activities. There is also a need for policy expertise and campaign surrogates, and we want to help fill that void.

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