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Riff Factory

at 1st Floor, Watling House , ST4 4HS

RIFF FACTORY is the new music industrial complex, spread out accross the midlands.

Riff Factory
1st Floor, Watling House
Stoke-on-Trent ST4 4HS
United Kingdom
Contact Phone
P: ANT 07763134344 // TOM 07967088317


Out towards the old mines of Talke Pitts that fuelled the riffs of Stoke resides a sound proofed recording studio, surrounded by countryside. Building on years of experience, Tom Carter is mixing and mastering the fattest sounds, getting the most out of the riffs you cook up in rehearsal. In the grimy heart of Stoke, opposite a thermal chemical plant, is where the riffs are created. Here, two cutting edge rehearsal rooms are run by Ant Hulme who'll do you a mean sounding recording if he likes your riffs. Ant and Tom work closely together to promote each other and their riffing customers, and they collaborate on their recording projects. If you're into music and want to know what we can do for you, email us. info@rifffactory.co.uk Tom Carter Riff Factory - Sound Proof Recording Studio Hill Top Business Centre, Talk Pitts ST7 1PW Ant Hulme Riff Factory - Rehearsal & Recording Studio Sutherland Street Heron Cross Stoke-on-Trent ST4 4HS --- Tom Carter has studied music and sound all his life. A qualified sound engineer, he treated his own live room so that dead/dry sounds are possible, but so is a big fat room sound. A snare drum makes sizzling early reflections while an acoustic guitar shows off the bass resonance. Tom's been recording music for over 15 years from different locations. Now, with a dedicated studio, every band has the chance to take advantage of this experience. This studio has a MOTU interface providing 24 inputs and 24 outputs from Cubase. Running everything through an analogue mixing desk means that everyone gets their own latency free headphone mix - perfect for bands playing together, instead of sterile multi-tracking. The engineer Tom will try anything you like. If he gives you a weird look, just remind him who's paying the bill. Speaking of bills, it's £150 for a full 8 hour day, £250 for two days booked at the same time, and £50 for a week night 4 hour slot (usually 6-10pm). --- Ant is an upcoming producer/engineer that works in a studio that specialises mainly in top notch rehearsal space but is also kitted out for some pretty cool recording work. Based next to an industrial estate in Herron Cross, Stoke-on-Trent, Ant strives to go the extra mile for all bands that get involved with recording with him at Riff Factory. Ant uses a Digital 16 channel Tascam Interface which means he can record your band pretty much however you like and more or less whenever you like too! Ant loves to be creative and loves experimenting with a lot of different things, which is something you should keep in mind when you see his really low prices! £100 for 1 day // £180 for 2 days // £250 for 3 days! Discounts are available to bands that rehearse at Riff Factory too! --- Riff Factory - Rehearsals worth paying for. Riff Factory is home to the BEST rehearsal rooms in Stoke-on-Trent. There are two rooms for hire, both with their own PA which has been fine tuned to each room. Studio one gives a little more space to practice your stage moves, while studio is where you can really push the volume to eleven. Studio 1 & 2 are available at the following prices: 3 Hours - £20 5 Hours - £35 8 Hours - £50 These prices include: Drum Shells with 3 Cymbal Stands, Snare stand, Hi-Hat Stand, Kick Pedal & Stool Two Guitar Cabs Bass cab PA System with 1-3 Microphones Available on Request: Guitar Amp Head - £1 for 3 Hours, £1.50 for 5 Hours, £2 for 8 Hours Bass Amp - £1 for 3 Hours, £1.50 for 5 Hours, £2 for 8 Hours Snare and/or Cymbals - Break it, replace it So far that may seem pretty standard, but what makes Riff Factory the best place to rehearse? Well.. Free WiFi! Free Storage! Constantly Staffed! Integrated Recording Facility! Sheltered Smoking Area! Free Tea & Coffee! Tuck Shop! As well as all of that, there are constant offers that make your visit to Riff Factory for a rehearsal as cheap as possible: Come back within 6 days of a 3 hour rehearsal and get your next 3 hour rehearsal for £15! Loyalty Scheme: Practice 6 Times within a month and receive a free 3 hour rehearsal! Rehearse 4 times in a month prior to recording and receive 10% off all recording at both Riff Factory studios.

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