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I don't like windows 8.1 I think will format my laptop and get windows 7 on there.

Published on 2014-07-09 07:55:01 GMT

Finally finished my website theme changing project only took 3 days. Now can move on to next stage of website project.

Published on 2014-07-16 00:01:08 GMT

Bought 8GB Memory for my notebook now. Made it a bit faster. But windows 8.1 not very good. Just have to deal with it until get out of hospital.

Published on 2014-07-15 00:09:23 GMT

Almost done with theme selector with codeingiter. Just have to work out a couple of thing but should be done soon.

Published on 2014-07-14 11:30:12 GMT

Computer Maintenance today. De frag and also increase virtual memory speed up desktop. I am very sure now do not like windows 8 and or 8.1 now going to downgrade to window 7 for my hp notebooks. Read a great post on Google yesterday. About windows 8. All new operating system that no body want's thousands of people do not like it.

Published on 2014-07-12 03:10:44 GMT

I have been working hard on getting the defining paths done and moving around some files and modules.

Published on 2014-07-10 13:25:23 GMT

defining custom paths for codeigniter.

Published on 2014-07-10 11:29:18 GMT

My Codeigniters New View Loading Method for controller if (file_exists(DIR_TEMPLATE .'default' . '/template/common/home.tpl')) { return $this->load->view('default' . '/template/common/home.tpl'); } else { return $this->load->view('default/template/common/home.tpl'); }

Published on 2014-07-01 07:51:12 GMT

My Codeigniters My_Loader Function define('DIR_TEMPLATE', APPPATH . 'views/theme/');

Published on 2014-07-01 07:50:25 GMT

Just now working on define functions to make loading a lot easier. Going to slow down so don't get a head of my self.

Published on 2014-07-01 07:49:37 GMT

Have now finished the users library file check ever thing working OK so far. Had to change few things around now though. I am now working on sprintf function for controller and language file.

Published on 2014-06-24 08:25:36 GMT

New form validation done with my codeigniter project. Install project almost. Done away with the codeigniter validation and made my own more user friendly.

Published on 2014-06-21 10:22:34 GMT

Finally got all database issue sorted out with my own form validation method for codeigniter. Can load sql into database Ok. now going to try migrations. If migrations work it will be better.

Published on 2014-06-20 11:08:14 GMT

Working on new form validation methods. So can set custom error message better than CI. Have more control over it this way.

Published on 2014-06-19 15:51:02 GMT

Developer working on fixing my login issue, while I am learning database model updating.

Published on 2014-06-16 04:24:57 GMT

I made my first codeigniter user Library file.

Published on 2014-06-09 14:01:28 GMT

Just now working on codeigniter database migrations. I now think it is better than auto up loading a sql file to the database. I can have more control over the migrations this way. Also now six stages for install. Step 1 license, Step 2 install configuration, Step 3 Database setup, Step 4 loading migrations, step 5 setting up admin details, step 6 finished.

Published on 2014-06-04 03:48:48 GMT

Now working on new security class. Should be completed next week or so.

Published on 2014-05-29 14:41:59 GMT

Done the custom error message now almost done the install project

Published on 2014-05-29 10:10:20 GMT

Just added a config item in, the config.php of applications folder in codeigniter. Now can set true or false. If false redirects to install index.php Now just working on if install file exists show error message.