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Welcome to RnRtherapy, I have been working with Holistic Therapies for the last 6 years and am pleased to offer my services in a local private room.

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Reiki Therapy will re-balance your energy levels. My Nutrition plans will cleanse you from the inside. Hopi ear candles can ease sinus/ear problems. Let Angel Therapy ease away any stress or worries.

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Really enjoyed holding my first meditation class, thank you Leann Huntley and Believe Soa for the invitation xx

Published on 2014-08-13 20:38:19 GMT

Stress and anxiety have become an increasingly prevalent condition in modern life. Our lifestyles, working and eating habits have left many of my clients feeling imbalanced and this often manifests as a stressful, anxious outlook. My own experience of the corporate world was in both PR and Event Management two areas that can often be both very stressful and highly rewarding! In the UK alone we lose £3.7 Billion per year to stress and stress related conditions and after working in the world of media for over 10 years I can fully understand why! Reiki as a healing form looks to address these imbalances by working at the root cause of the individual issue. Often as a result this will mean clients facing a variety of lifestyle choices including a refocusing of energy into a more positive and productive way of being. Rather than looking to numb the issue as is seen in many modern healing forms Reiki looks at the entire being – the holistic approach. Many clients have reported a great reduction in their levels of stress and anxiety, feelings of increased sense of wellbeing and have gone on to readdress many areas of their lives that they feel have been holding them back. Reiki is a wonderful healing form if you are suffering from stress and anxiety. Book an app to de-stress!!!! xx

Published on 2014-07-14 20:03:18 GMT

Enjoy this beautiful Tuesday, for a detailed description of all treatments to see what will suit you best, take a look at ww.rnrtherapy.co.uk, xx

Published on 2014-06-10 08:32:12 GMT

A lovely day giving treatments, don't forget to book yours in:- A deep relaxing Reiki treatment - £30 A relaxing Indian Head Massage and Massage - £20 Clear your sinus and ears with Hopi Ear Candles - £20 Angel Therapy - £30.00 Angel Card Reading - £15.00 All can be done in the comfort of your own home, or in my relaxing room, message or call me on 07786547439 to book an appointment, love and light Jo xx

Published on 2014-06-09 18:29:17 GMT

Mothers Day is fast approaching why not give a wonderful, relaxing treatment of Reiki £30 or Indian Head Massage £25 or a special offer £40 for both, call or message me for a voucher xx

Published on 2014-03-27 00:50:28 GMT

I love nothing more than giving Reiki to help people relax, feeling relaxed and buzzing to work now .......x

Published on 2014-03-24 00:25:49 GMT

For all you Valentine lovers, treat your loved one to a Valentines Gift Voucher, or share my page and let your loved one treat you!!! Enjoy a special Valentine pamper session combining Reiki and Indian Head Massage for a hour and a half, in the comfort of your own home or enjoy my relaxing therapy room. All for just £35.00 Contact me for a personalised voucher, love and light Jo xxx

Published on 2014-02-06 21:26:58 GMT

To broke to treat yourself in January, By one Indian Head Massage in your home, get a second one half price, do it with a friend and split the cost £18.50 each, or £37 for 2 treatments, message me to book an appointment, love and light Jo xx

Published on 2014-01-07 11:41:44 GMT

Not sure what to get your loved ones for Christmas, treat them to an Rnr Therapy voucher. Christmas discounts, £20 for Indian Head Massage Voucher, £28 for Reiki Voucher, £40 for a combination of both, message me, or call on 07786 547439, if you need any more info, Merry Christmas all xxx

Published on 2013-11-24 21:29:46 GMT

I am pleased to advise that I am now fully qualified in Indian Head Massage, and for the next 2 weeks will be offering a 30 min Indian Head Massage in your home for a discount of £20, Please give it a try its a wonderful relaxing treatment but also can help with many Physical or Mental issues Significant improvement noticed with: • Migraine and headaches • Sinusitis • Stress related disorders • Insomnia and disturbed sleep • Temporor – Mandibular Joint tension (TMJ) • Suppleness and flexibility to head, neck and shoulders • Increase of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain • Scalp stimulation increasing blood circulation, promoting healthy hair • Increases cerebral spinal fluid circulation • Improves muscle tone • Calms the respiratory system, helping asthma Mental Benefits • A sense of calmness, peace and tranquillity • Release from anxiety, stress and mental stain • Relief from depression • High levels of concentration • Clearer thinking and focus • Relaxation • Sound sleep and relief from nightmares • Renewed energy • Aids memory • Chakra balancing and energetic healing Please message me on here, or call 07786 547439 to book an appointment, love and light Jo xxx

Published on 2013-11-14 21:49:36 GMT

Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly popular within the world of professional sport. With therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathy and reiki regularly being used in the treatment of sports injuries. As well as the inclusion of yoga and pilates in the training programmes to aid conditioning, strength and flexibility. Individual athletes and teams are now looking for natural, safe and legal ways to give them the edge in their chosen sport. THE BENEFITS OF REIKI IN SPORT The following article is a great read for all in the sports industry, please share this page to all who may be interested:- For athletes, Reiki is a supportive training aid. It’s a tool that can be used anytime, anyplace for on-the-spot stress release, pain relief and to boost energy levels. It’s also an excellent aid for sports injuries. The intense relaxation reached during a reiki treatment along with the heat often experienced, help to sooth and have a deeply restorative effect on the targeted areas, thus resulting in a quicker recovery rate. With regular treatments this may even help to reduce further injury. From a scientific point of view, Reiki produces results on an electromagnetic level. Reiki acts to electromagnetically ‘jump-start’ the body’s own healing process by producing changes in vibrational frequency that, in turn, stimulate physical changes in the body. Basically, Reiki enables the body to experience a truly restful state, breathing becomes slower and deeper allowing oxygen to reach all the vital organs and cells. Circulation improves and any blockages and toxins are eliminated. Energy flows freely and effectively, re-balancing body and mind. Many professional sports people incorporate Reiki into their lifestyles, such as Rugby players, footballers, golfers etc. Reiki can assist the body’s natural healing abilities and generally give a sense of balance. Reiki is fast, simple and effective. No tools are needed, just body, mind and spirit. Feel good, play and compete better, improve overall performance.

Published on 2013-10-21 18:55:23 GMT

This weather may be miserable but you don't need to be, Reiki can be administered anytime anywhere, you don't even have to venture outside, let me come to you, all we need is a quiet room, let Reiki or Angel Therapy lift your mood in this bleak weather xxx

Published on 2013-10-21 18:27:26 GMT

Reiki can help with many symptoms and problems, whether it be a back or any other injury, headaches, or on a deeper level depression, low self esteem/confidence, insomnia, or it can just be an uplifting experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Appointments available next week, message me to book in, check out my website rnrtherapy.co.uk, love and light Jo xx

Published on 2013-10-20 19:22:43 GMT

Feel free to check out my website rnrtherapy.co.uk, for Reiki, Angel therapy, Hopi ear candles, nutritional advise, angel card readings or parties, more hours and availability for day time appointments, please message me, love and light Jo xxx

Published on 2013-10-07 19:29:05 GMT

The Angels honoured us with a lovely evening reading cards for 4 lovely ladies, hope u all liked ur messages, love an light Jo xxxx

Published on 2013-09-21 10:48:12 GMT

Having treated two very different people with Reiki today, nothing brings me more joy than helping others, whether its a stress release or something more serious Reiki can help all, love and light Jo xxx

Published on 2013-09-17 22:13:05 GMT

A wonderful relaxing day thanks to a dear friend, started with a long bike ride, relaxing in a field reading about the Amazing Angels in my life, finished off Blackberry picking with my girls, but my little girl enjoyed herself so much she now wants to live with Cathryn Rasdell. I'm going to have to go some to win her back tomorrow lol. We all need some time out, hard for us mums but we will definitely be better mum's for it. Love and Light xxxx

Published on 2013-09-02 21:04:27 GMT

I’ve been asked on several occasions what is an Angel Card Reading. While many people know, or have some idea of, what a Tarot card reading is, for some Angel card readings are totally unfamiliar territory. Angel card readings are a way to receive Angelic guidance. With an Angel card reading, the person being read focuses on either a question or situation that they’d like to receive Angelic guidance about. The reader draws the cards, reads their meanings and also tunes in to any thoughts, impressions, feelings, and/or visions they receive while reading the cards. Sometimes, there will be a theme or common denominator running throughout the cards being read. Sometimes, the illustrations on the cards themselves will have important and relevant information. If there is a conflict in the messages on the cards read, it could be that there’s a conflict about the situation. Every card drawn is significant. The Angels are happy to help with everyday life issues. All you have to do is ask them! I can do individual Angel Card Readings, or an evening of readings for a few people. Many people like to hold a small gathering maximum of 6 people, and each person can receive a private card reading, please private message me for more details or if you wish to make a booking, love and light Jo xxx xx x

Published on 2013-09-01 20:58:50 GMT

Nothing more satisfying than treating good friends with Reiki this week, feeling energised myself, feeling good xx

Published on 2013-08-30 20:37:04 GMT

Rather than tackling symptoms of pain, injury, etc, Reiki addresses their root causes. Once the root cause of the issue is resolved, the body eliminates the effects of the imbalance and thus heals the body and mind naturally. Reiki is completely safe and has no known negative side-effects. Reiki complements medical treatment and medication and may reduce negative side-effects. After helping a Rugby player with a back injury I can confirm that the following article is spot on, a non-intrusive healing method for sports injuries, if nothing else is working, give it a go, where's the harm in trying!!!!! "Reiki looks like massage but is not. Instead of manipulating the muscles, it encourages the healing of ‘all of the recipient’, not just the muscles. And ‘all of the recipient’ includes a physical level. Reiki offers a preventative and preparatory therapy in relation to the physical stress of training and building one’s endurance, skill, and strength ~ the obvious core aspects to any athlete’s workout program. Reiki can help athletes’ bodies heal and recover faster post-performance. Imagine that?! A drugs-free recovery booster! But there is more to superior athletic performance than having a body that heals fast. Besides helping an athlete heal from athletic performance, workouts, old injuries and other unaligned aspects in his/her life, Reiki is also an excellent healing therapy for on-the-spot treatment of new sports injuries. It can be used anywhere, in an instant. Reiki is simple to administer: all a Reiki practitioner needs are his hands and his mind. This practical nature of Reiki makes it versatile indeed. Being attuned to Reiki is like having a ‘first aid kit’ in one’s hand. It can be applied to help minimize swellings and small bleedings; to relief head-aches & other pain immediately (if useful); to help heal tissues, burns, sprains and wounds. Can also be applied to breaks, after the bones have been set. Reiki can reduce the healing time of injury and makes the healing process more comfortable. All that means for athletes is being back faster on the track or field. Sports teams and individual athletes are sure to love Reiki once they start using it."

Published on 2013-07-29 20:40:11 GMT

A lovely evening treating my sister with a well deserved reiki treatment, hope it lasts hun, I felt relaxed too until i watched Luther now need a comedy to help me sleep, lol xxxx