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Using Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique and Future Life Progression to bring about positive changes in people's lives.

Ruth Baker EFT and Hypnosis

Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 1QU
United Kingdom
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1...2...3...CLICK! If only it were possible to create a shift in your mental attitude that quickly. To bat the crap out of your mind, ditch the bad habits and feel in control of your life for once. The thing is, if I hadn't experienced it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it would be possible either... At twenty-two years old I chain-smoked thirty cigarettes a day, more if I felt stressed, and it didn't take a lot to get me stressed in those days. I smelt like an ashtray and just walking past a smoke alarm was enough to convince it the building must be on fire. Those brightly coloured cocktail cigarettes were my downfall. You know the ones, all shades of orange, pink and purple with a filter tip at one end. At the time I thought they made me appear exotic and sophisticated. Now, of course, I realise they made me look a complete dork. At other times it was a packet of Dunhill or, if I was skint, then ten No. 6 would have to do. My wake-up call came in the early hours one morning, whilst walking to my car in the freezing cold wearing my pyjamas. I had been safely snuggled up under the duvet, gently drifting off to sleep, when I suddenly remembered I only had a couple of cigarettes left. A quick mental calculation convinced me that I didn't have enough to get me past my early morning cuppa. Panic ensued! So, I dragged myself out of bed, tucked my pyjama bottoms into my wellies, popped on a thick coat and ventured out into the cold snow to drive to an all-night station to buy cigarettes. That's when it happened. I asked myself the million dollar question. One that I've asked myself on numerous occasions since... "What the hell am I doing?" It occurred to me that it probably wouldn't be smoking that would be the death of me. Oh no, I was more likely to croak at the hands of some nutcase, hiding behind the bushes, who had a penchant for other nutcases wandering aimlessly in the middle of the night desperate for a tobacco fix. Still, I vacillated between the addiction to cigarettes and plain common sense. I swayed from one foot to another, not knowing whether to go forward or go home, with the snowflakes settling all around me. The absurdity of the situation was not lost on me. I felt ashamed that I had let my addiction lead to action that was undeniably stupid and risky. Right there and then I made the decision that would alter the course of my life. I decided to give up smoking. The trouble was that I made that decision most weeks. The difference this time was that I decided to get outside help. My doctor suggested cutting down gradually but of course I still had the 'just one more won't hurt' mentality. A course in acupuncture helped to lessen the craving, but it was still there, lurking in the background. I tried various alternative therapy methods but none of theme worked. I felt like a failure. Kindly friends had often suggested hypnosis but I resisted the idea because I didn't like the idea of someone 'controlling' my mind. In the end, I decided to give it a go, although to say I was sceptical is a bit of an understatement. I can remember feeling quite ridiculous sitting back in this huge leather recliner. It was so big I felt like Alice in Wonderland during one of her shrunken moments. Nevertheless, I had parted with hard cash and was determined to get my money's worth. Although I would love to recount the experience to you, I can't honestly say I remember much about it because I was out for the count, so to speak. The whole experience was a massive turning point in my life. Not because it worked, which it did, but because I was so amazed that it had worked so well. I never smoked again and never even felt the urge to. The fact that I had kicked the smoking habit into touch was not the big turning point for me. It was the fact that it sparked a lifelong interest in hypnosis, all forms of healing, and the desire to help others to believe in themselves. The point is I've been there, feeling out of control, pathetic and depressed, but I've learned a few tricks and techniques that I want to share with others. My aim in life is simply to help people (including you!) to feel happier inside by using the tools and techniques that I share here. Enjoy!