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San Miguel de Tucumán

San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital of the Tucumán Province, located in northern Argentina from Buenos Aires. It is the fifth-largest city of Argentina after Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario and Mendoza and the most important of the northern region. The Spanish Conquistador founded the city in 1565 in the course of an expedition from present-day Peru. Tucumán moved to its present site in 1685.OverviewThe city is bordered on the north by Las Talitas, on the east by Banda del Río Salí and Alderetes, on the west by the city of Yerba Buena, and on the south by Lules.The city is located on the slopes of the Aconquija mountains, the easternmost mountain range before the large Chaco-Pampean flats. It is the commercial center of an irrigated area that produces large quantities of sugarcane, rice, tobacco, and fruit, giving the province its nickname, the Garden of the Republic. The National University of Tucumán and the Saint Thomas Aquinas University of the North are in the city.