São Gonçalo is a municipality located in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro. It is located at 22 ° 49'37 "south latitude and 43 º 03'14" west longitude at an altitude of above sea level. Its population in 2009 is 1,010,212 inhabitants, being the second most populous city in the state after the capital. Integrates the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.StatisticsIts population was 973,372 and its area is. It is the second most populous city of the state, after the capital. Recently it was the third largest, until Mesquita was split off from Nova Iguaçu.Geography ClimateThe type of climate of São Gonçalo is Atlantic tropical, with rainy summers and relatively dry winters. Temperatures vary throughout the year on and can have maximum up to in summer, minimum or close to during winter. Generally, temperatures range between the maximum of and minimum. But for most part of the year, i.e. from May to October, the temperature is milder because the climate is drier and less hot. Dempography São Gonçalo has a high index of population growth. In the city is living 1,016,128 people, an increase about the 960,631 in 2007, and another 85,000 in the rest of the state of Rio de Janeiro. According to the 2012 Census, the racial makeup of São Gonçalo includes: Whites (22.7%), Brown (54.1%), black or African (20.2%), two or more races (3%) and Asian (0.02%). Non-Brazilian population by any race was 3.5% (Paraguayan 2%, Bolivian 1%, Chinese 0.5%), a high index compared to cities in Brazil. According to the same Census, São Gonçalo has a high index of poverty. 31.5% of the population were living in the line of poverty in 2012, down from the 81% in 1990. People considered "Class A" were just 4.7%.