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Word Up! (Howard University)
Washington , DC 20001 United States

Word Up! is a group of Students dedicated to showing the Love of Christ to all whom we encounter. A community of believers changing our campus & the WORLD!

Prophetic Prayer Warrior Ministry
Washington, District of Columbia , DC United States

A ministry of intercessors/prayer warrior that seeks God through prayer lending a prophetic ear. Scripture Reference: Isaiah 56:7; Isaiah 21:6

Lisseth international Beaty salon
3562 Columbia Pkwy Washington, District of Columbia , DC 22204 United States

Oak Strong Masculine energy. Oak is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 10 June to 7 July. The Druids associated the oak with the Wren. Closely aligned with the elements Earth, Water, and Spirit . The Oak is considered to be the most powerful and the most sacred to the Druids. Wizards consider this the most amplified wood to use to in spells that work with time and counter spells. Sacred to the Irish God Dagda. Magical Properties: Truth, steadfast knowledge, protection. Oak wands bring vitality and long life. To the ancient Celtic people, oak was the protector, provider, benevolent king of the trees. Utilized as a healing wood, and very will grounded considering its strong connection to the earth. This wood helps center the mind, allowing it to focus on the task at hand and ignore distractions. Oak help promote both observation and intuition. Oak magic inspires bravery, presence, leadership skills, prosperity, and strength. Willow Feminine energy. Willow is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 15 April to 12 May. Willow is strongly aligned with the element of water and associated with the element of spirit. The Druids associated this tree with the hare. Diana, Hecate, Astarte, Ceridwen, Arianrhod, Rhiannon, and Omulan all consider this to be a very sacred tree. Magical Properties: Willow wands are strong in the cycles of life dealing with death and rebirth, change, the will. It is a very emotional wood. Willow can add vital energy to the sick and elderly. Some say that burning willow can soothe and guide the souls of the recently deceased. Willow wood is the very essence of magick, not just the mere making a tool into a magical one, willow makes the tool magickal. Willow will align itself to the inner will of the party that shares its energy. The stronger the will, the more effective the wood. Willow is extremely useful in healing. It is also good for love spells and rituals involving emotion. It strengthens the third eye, and is a great tool for divination as well.

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Beware the voodoo doll - this is an interesting article one of my loyal Voodoo Muse subscribers called to my attention. It is from the Trinidad and Tobago Express, and written by Carolyn Kissoon who can be reached at Tuesday, May 12th 2009 OBJECT OF FEAR: It looks a bit like the gingerbread man but the discovery of this "doll" in the front yard of a home at Broomage Settlement, Princes Town, caused fear in the village, with some believing it would bring evil. Here, a villager keeps his distance from the "voodoo doll". -Photos: DAVE PERSAD There are those among us who believe that very bad things are always waiting to do us in. Not accidents and through any fault of our own, but events perpetrated by evil things called up by evil-doers bent on causing us misery. Few will admit to how open we are to believing that a dollop of dirt or flowers or coin found in our front yard is the work of the obeahman. Fewer will reveal how often we turn to priest or pundit or our own dark arts wizards to repel the spells cast upon us. Which is why when a family at Broomage Settlement No 1, Princes Town awoke to find a doll lying in the front yard, fear superseded every other emotion. The doll was fashioned out of flour, rice, milk and seeds, the same ingredients used in Hindu observances when there is a death. The man for whom the voodoo doll was meant to hurt, was dead within a year - felled by a heart attack. For those who believe, it is a powerful mystical practice that can bring spectacular gifts and rewards to anyone willing to place their destiny in the hands of spirits, who await the call of service. The voodoo doll has African origins, the belief brought to Haiti by slaves. The doll represents the spirit of a specific person and powers are invoked requesting a change in attitude, influencing the person to act in accordance with someone's wishes or desires. The dolls, which can be used for good, are mostly known to cast evil spells and to cause physical harm. They are fashioned out of grass, cloth, mud or wood and a personal item belonging to the intended victim is usually attached. In the case of the Princes Town family, the doll was placed in the driveway of their home, the name of the "victim" on its abdomen. It looked like a teddy bear and was actually made of flour dough mixed with milk and ground rice and seeds - ingredients used during the Hindu prayers held a week after a death. A painted pepper represented a penis. The family's pundit said the doll represented something evil. He performed rituals to neutralise the dark and told the family to burn the effigy. But the 66-year-old man was unsure he wanted to burn it and the holyman took the doll away. The man's son, whose named was scrawled across the effigy, suffered severe headaches and fever. Months later a crumpled piece of paper was found outside the house. Inside was a blue substance, believed to be an act of black magic. On Fathers' Day the following year, the owner of the house suffered a sudden heart attack. "I don't want to point fingers but his death was a mystery. He was really good the night before and when he got up the morning he could not breathe. My son took him to the health facility where he just died," his wife said yesterday. Up to this day the family continues to perform prayer services to ward off evil spirits. It happened again this year. Two weeks after murdered mechanic, Nigel Allen's tombstone was painted black, his twin sister received a voodoo doll in a coffin filled with dirt at her workplace. She received the mysterious package with a threatening postcard. The postcard read: "You are your brothers keeper. The wages of sin is "DEATH". Time to meet your brother NYO." The note was written in red ink. To some it was prank to scare the woman into dropping the murder investigations, but many warned that it was black magic practice to get rid of Allen's sister. Natalie Allen said she was not intimidated by the act. It is estimated that Voodoo has over 50 million followers worldwide. Voodoo flourishes in Brazil, Trinidad, Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, New Orleans and in private homes in every country in the world. Voodoo believers accept the existence of one god. Below this almighty God, spirits (Loa) rule over the world's affairs in matters of family, love, happiness, justice, wealth, revenge. For anyone who is searching for a solution to a difficult problem, who is trying to mend a conflict, return a lover, accumulate wealth... the Loa await your call. To read the very interesting comments to this article, check them out here: To really learn about the origins and meanings of Voodoo dolls, check out this book: Voodoo Dolls In Magick And Ritual

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That Miracle is really no surprise to those who... How often do you hear people say, "It's a miracle that (such and such) happened!" A miracle is certainly wonderful and exciting, and it creates happiness. But for the woman who has released anger through forgiveness, who surrounds herself with positive, likeminded people, who thinks and visualizes success, and who has cleared mental and physical clutter from her life, miracles happen all the time. She may be gifted with three or four a day! She is not at all surprised when something miraculous happens in her life. She thinks abundantly and acknowledges the power of her thoughts. What others call a miracle, she knows as the result of thinking rich thoughts most of the day. She keeps her "Gratefulness Journal," which is full of many so-called miracles! Each day this list grows. Thoughts Make You Wealthy. Wealth and success start with what you choose to think and talk about most of the day. Prosperous thoughts, Richard Levy

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The Hidden Spiritual Power in the Bible To Attract Good Fortune and Prosperity Into Your Life Inscribe the following letters onto a green candle CHAI Repeat the following words....these words will empower change in your life to cause a big increase in prosperity and good fortune...the more you read it, the more powerful it becomes. The words are ancient hebrew taken from the original Psalms 57. lam·na·tze·ach al-tash·chet le·da·vid mich·tam be·va·re·chov mip·pe·nei-sha·'ul bam·me·'a·rah. chan·ne·ni e·lo·him chan·ne·ni ki ve·cha cha·sa·yah naf·shi u·ve·tzel-ke·na·fei·cha ech·seh ad ya·'a·vor hav·vo·vt. ek·ra le·lo·him el·yo·vn la·'el go·mer a·lai. yish·lach mi·sha·ma·yim ve·yo·v·shi·'e·ni che·ref sho·'a·fi se·lah yish·lach e·lo·him chas·dov va·'a·mit·tov. naf·shi be·to·vch le·va·'im esh·ke·vah lo·ha·tim be·nei-a·dam shin·nei·hem cha·nit ve·chi·tzim u·le·sho·v·nam che·rev chad·dah. ru·mah al-ha·sha·ma·yim e·lo·him al kol-ha·'a·retz ke·vo·v·de·cha. re·shet he·chi·nu lif·'a·mai ka·faf naf·shi ka·ru le·fa·nai shi·chah na·fe·lu ve·to·v·chah se·lah. na·cho·vn lib·bi e·lo·him na·cho·vn lib·bi a·shi·rah va·'a·zam·me·rah. u·rah che·vo·v·di u·rah han·ne·vel ve·chin·no·vr a·'i·rah sha·char. o·vd·cha va·'am·mim a·do·nai a·zam·mer·cha bal-um·mim. ki-ga·dol ad-sha·ma·yim chas·de·cha ve·'ad-she·cha·kim a·mit·te·cha. ru·mah al-sha·ma·yim e·lo·him al kol-ha·'a·retz ke·vo·v·de·cha. The Words are phonetic and are meant to be spoken as presented..with a little practice, most people are able to repeat them perfectly within an hour or so. We will record these and other powerful verses in the original ancient Hebrew with the celestial music in the background in the near future. Enjoy! The above words are taken from the original Psalms 57.