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at , Miami, 33131 United States connects "self-pay" patients to "cash-friendly" physicians in South Florida. Regardless of specialty, office visits are only $99.

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These medical and surgical specialists are board-certified or board-eligible, with independent practices. In addition to having hospital privileges, these surgeons also operate at certified SurgiCenters, which offer discounted prices to self-pay patients. We also direct self-pay patients to labs ( and imaging centers for savings of up to 70%.


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In South Florida We connect “self-pay” patients to “cash-friendly”, board certified medical and surgical specialists. Office visits are only $99; and, they are scheduled within 8 to 14 days. Quicker appointments, including same-day VIP appointments are available at a higher fee. In addition, we usher our clients to labs and diagnostic imaging centers offering “self-pay” patients up to 70% discounts from the usual and customary fees. All fees are paid directly to the health care provider.

Published on 2014-12-12 04:35:11 GMT

Today, due to a confluence of economic, political and social issues, more and more uninsured and under-insured consumers are shopping around for affordable health care. Lacking market volume (muscle) to negotiate low prices, self-pay patients must absorb higher prices, haggle for a discount or go without! Fortunately, being uninsured or under-insured does not mean one can't pay for affordable health care. SelfPayMD connects uninsured patients to cash-friendly, board certified medical or surgical specialists, with office visits at only $99.

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