Halifax categories of Shopping/retail

31 Westgate Interior Designer Furniture Store
at 2698 Agricola Street B3K4C9
ABC: Antiques, Books & Collectibles Book Store Antique Store Collectibles Store
at 12723 Peggys Cove Road, Tantallon, NS B3Z 2N1
Aflame Creations Jewelry Jewelry Store
at Halifax Seaport Farmer's Market, 1209 Marginal Road B3H 4P8
Andrea Dawn- Scentsy Consultant Home
at Downtown B3b1a6
Artistic Sole & Aqua-Dome Shoe Store Women's Clothing Store Swimwear
at 5653 Hennessey Street B3K 2A7
Ashley HomeStore Atlantic Furniture Store
at 60 Highfield Park Drive B3A 4R9
Atlantic Premium Water Store Water Filtration & Treatment Drinking Water Distribution Vending Machine Service
at 8 Oland Ave
Atrium Shopping Mall Furniture Store
at 60 Highfield Park Drive B3A 4R9
Bailee Boos Tutus Costume Shop Accessories Store
at 84 greenpark close B2Y 2N4
Bangled Gem Gift Shop Jewelry Store
at Online B4A 2T5
B.Balanced Jewelry Store
at Halifax B3Z 1n8
Bellissimo! Home Decor Furniture Store
at 2743 Agricola Street B3K4E2
BigPfeiffer Collectibles Shopping & Retail
BIG PONY Men's Clothing Store Women's Clothing Store
at 1453 Brenton Street B3J 3S7
Bike Bling Shopping & Retail
at 6056 Almon st B3K 1T8
Birch Eden Vintage Vintage Store Clothing Store Collectibles Store
at 1541 Crowell Road B2Z1N5
Biscuit General Store Shopping & Retail
at 1661 Argyle Street B3J 2B5
Bogside Gallery Shopping & Retail
at 5527 Young St B3K 1Z7
Brea Tweedie-Scentsy independent consultant Home Decor
at Dartmouth N.S. and Moncton N.B
Brilliant Clothing Boutique Women's Clothing Store
at 1539 Birmingham Street B3J 2J6
Cellshop at Future Shop Halifax Shopping & Retail
at 208 Chain Lake Drive B3S 1C5
Christine Myette Stella & Dot Independent Stylist Jewelry Supplier
at Fall River b1b1b1
Cintamani Canada INC Clothing Store Outdoors
at 5507 Spring Garden Road B3J 1G8
Consignment Pop Up Shop Shopping/Retail
at 2411 Agricola Street B3K 4C1
Crimson Clover Boutique Women's Clothing Store
at 1469 Birmingham St B3J2J4
Deb Nelson Interior Designer
at 5881 Almon Street B3K 1T7
Distinguished Designs - Unique Statement Jewelry Jewelry Supplier Jewelry Store
at 2594 Agrcola Street Room 102 B3K 4C6
Eastern Passage Electronics Computers & Electronics
at Martlet Place B0j3a0
East of Montreal - Consignment Dress Shop Women's Clothing Store
at 1474 Brenton St B3J 2K7
Ever Equestrian Horses Pet Store
at Wyse Road B3A 4S5
Exotic Woodcuts Company - Halifax
at N/A N/A
FANCY Vintage Store Clothing Store
at 1526 Queen St, 2nd Floor B3J 2H8
Felter Skelter Toy Store Sewing & Seamstress Party Supplies
at Stairs St. B3K 2C9
Foreign Affair Professional Services Women's Clothing Store
at 5639 Spring Garden Road & 1705 Barrington Street B3J 1G9
Frank & Folly Gift Shop
at B3K1W8
Gallery 1 Furniture Centre Furniture Store
at 60 Highfield Park B3A 4R9
Get Stoned Jewelry Store
at HRM B3a2t7
Gwen's Bridal Bridal Shop Formal Wear
at 102 Albro Lake Road b3a 3y6
Halikids Toy Store Children's Clothing Store
at 1445 South Park Street B3J 2L1
Hibiki - Halifax's Anime Hobby Shop Collectibles Store
Illville international clothing Clothing Store
at 174 Horseshoe Lake Drive B3S 1H2
Imperium Apparel Clothing Store
at Your Street B3T 1A2
Inkwell Modern Handmade Boutique & Letterpress Studio Gift Shop
at 1658 Market Street B3J 0B7
JK Apparel Dartmouth NS - by Mandy Clothing Store
at J.K. Apparel B3B 1A1
KEW Furniture Store
at 1861 Granville Street B3J 1Y1
Kimberley's Buskins Business Clothing Store Clothing Supply & Distribution
at Dartmouth B0J 1N0
Kristine's Kloset Thrift or Consignment Store
at 36 Hemlock Drive B3Z 1M5
LADY Cafe Art Gallery Seasonal Store
at 2203 Gottingen St. B3K 3B5
Last Minute Christmas Craft Fair Shopping & Retail
at 2901 Windsor Street B3K 5E5
Lil' Lags Apparel Halifax - HRM Clothing Store
at B3Z1M5
Lost and Found Store Vintage Store
at 2383 Agricola St. B3K 1T6
Lost Cod Clothing Co. Tourist Attraction Clothing Store Gift Shop
at 1721 Lr. Water St
Love all my scents Home Decor
at 143 Princess Margaret Blvd B3B1A3
Makenew Thrift or Consignment Store Accessories Store Women's Clothing Store
at 2468 Agricola Street B3K 4C2
NicheNacs.com Shopping & Retail
at Alderney Landing Market 2 Ochterloney St B2Y 3Z3
Oh My Sole Shopping & Retail
at 6061 Young Street B3K 2A3
Pilcher's Flowers & Gifts Seasonal Store Florist
at 2778 Windsor street B3K5E4
Polly's pretties Shopping/Retail
Pretty Please Apparel Women's Clothing Store
at .
Quantum Frontier Games & Comics Comic Book Store
at 3132 Robie St. B3K 4P9
Radical Treasures Jewelry Store
Sandra's Stitchin' Accessories Store
at 4a nivens b3a 4a9
SattVa conscious life style boutique Hair & Beauty Supply Women's Clothing Store Yoga & Pilates
at 2453 Agricola St, North End B3K4C1
Sea Salt and Rosemary Jewelry Store
at online B3K 5E1
Shoreline Design Nova Scotia Jewelry Store
Station12 Home Decor Kitchen Construction Cabinets & Countertops
at 560 Windmill Road B3B 1B3
Sunday Market Halifax Shopping & Retail
at 2901 Windsor st B3K 5E5
The Cove Hobby Shop Mountain Biking
at Hackett's Cove B3Z 3M5
The Gap Factory Store Bayers Lake Men's Clothing Store Women's Clothing Store Children's Clothing Store
at 212 Chain Lake Drive, Bayers Lake B3S 1C5
The Independent Mercantile Co. Home Decor Housewares Gift Shop
at 2091 Gottingen Street B3K3B2
The Vault Jewelry Store
at Spring Garden Place & The Halifax Shopping Centre
Tiny Styles for Tiny Smiles Gift Shop
at 247 Regency Park Drive B3S 0A5
Touch of Gold Jewelry Store
at 5640 Spring Garden Rd. (in Spring Garden Place Mall) B3J 3M7
Treasured Moments Boutique Jewelry Supplier
at Windsor Street B3K5G7
Vintage Row Vintage Store
at 1526-1532 Queen st b3j2h8
Wolf-Tech Computer Repairs Computer Store Repair Service
at 45 Vimy Ave B3M 4C5
Younique by Chey Direct Mail Service Skin Care Cosmetics & Beauty Supply
at Younique by Chey B3A 4W5
ZEX Fabrics - Fabric Store Wholesale & Supply Store Clothing Store
at 6969 bayers road, Apt # 308 B3L 4P3