Similar Solutions Clinic Karin Christlmeier

at 30C North St, Perth, K7H 2S7 Canada

Similar Solutions Clinic Karin Christlmeier
30C North St
Perth , ON K7H 2S7
Contact Phone
P: (613) 326-0048

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Bio therapeutic drainage, UNDA, Gemmotherapy,
Phytotherapy, & Orthomolecular medicine, Electro-Acupuncture (Voll),Electro–Dermal Testing for allergies and sensitivities,Heilkunst (sequential homeopathic prescribing), Homeopathy, Nutrition and more
Homeopathic and Natural Health-care at Similar Solutions
Our treatments aid in both chronic and acute conditions through drug-free remedies that can help speed up your healing and recovery phases.
We seek out the source of your problem and we start there.
We don’t cover up the problem; we resolve it.
At Similar Solutions, we are committed to helping you define and clarify your health goals and create a plan to help you achieve them.
Whether it is overcoming an illness or disease, relieving chronic pain, or treating psychological stresses that can manifest in physical ways, we offer our knowledge to help you get where you want to be.
If you’re seeking a natural remedy, contact Similar Solutions today to schedule a consultation.
If you can’t travel to our Perth office, we offer over-the-phone consultations, and we can ship our products as needed.
Springtime is an excellent time for cleaning your home, and also an excellent time to cleanse your body.
Be sure to ask us about our Drainage and Detox Protocols!