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South Shore Auto & Detail, LLC
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If your looking for a -nice- ....clean.... used car, give us a shot. I do things a little differently than most dealers out there. I've worked for the big corporate dealers, several of them, different positions at each.. I'll never do it again. Most used car dealers will nab any car they can get their hands on, regardless of make & model, or condition, give it bare minimum for them to pass a state inspection, and if your lucky maybe a quick wash down. Lets be realistic, If they can see money to be made, chances are they don't care where the vehicle came from, they will sell it.. I attend 2 auctions per week. Upon arrival, I go through the list of vehicles and start narrowing down which ones peek my interest, and which ones I want to put my dealerships name on.. I walk away from a lot of vehicles, because usually the condition just isn't there.. yes, buying a -nice- used car can be tough, it's even harder if you start with the wrong dealer, or a bad make & model. Everybody hates used car dealers, I get that. Most used car dealers fail to take the time to make the less expensive cars appealing. There is a difference between making a car sell-able, and making a car desirable. One of the more enjoyable aspects of selling cheaper cars, in my eyes, is taking the time to make them shine. All used cars were new at some point- if you hand select the right ones, it isn't hard to make them look & run in their prime. I go through every vehicle the same whether it is $2995.00 or $7995.00, every car gets the same treatment. I will gladly lift any of my vehicles offered for sale here in the air for you to see underneath. You better believe I will sell you a clean car with 150,000 miles, before I sell you a rot box with 50,000 miles. I know every car here in & out, and will tell you anything you'd like to know. Go to a big dealer, and ask the sales person about the history of the used vehicle you’re interested in, see if they can even tell you the trim level, see if they can even find the keys. Short of a carfax report, which is usually inaccurate, they will probably have little to no information for you except mileage and of course, asking price. Ask them about reliability, cost to own, recalls and common problems with that particular make and model, see what they can tell you.. Take a look at my lot, my previous vehicles and recent purchases & sales, current inventory and even my own personal vehicles, and what I have put my friends and family in as reliable daily drivers. You’ll notice a pattern, Jeeps, Chrysler, Dodge. These are the makes I know, so I can confidently buy them at auction. Experience is everything in this industry. I buy these vehicles myself, go through them myself, repair them, drive them, detail them, show them, and sell them, all myself. I do everything from the bidding at the auction, to the sales contract at my desk. So if you have a question about one of my vehicles in inventory, just ask. I stick with what I know, and with what works. Pretty cut & dry business. I prefer later model vehicles, only a few years old with highway miles.. clean & maintained, but sometimes I will throw in an older low mileage vehicle if the condition is there.. and they’re all in the same price range.. I price every vehicle as low as I can, based on the current market and what I put into them. Yes, you might still find one cheaper somewhere else, sitting on someones lawn.. cheaper isn't always better.. you get what you pay for.... Stop down for a test drive or just come by to look, nobody will be jumping at you. I don't have sales staff waiting to hound you.. you can browse in peace. Thanks for reading.


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Hope everyone had a happy healthy Thanksgiving! Back at it tomorrow.

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