Soyapango is a municipality in the San Salvador department of El Salvador. Soyapango is a commercial center. The municipality is the third most populated area in the country, with 290,412 inhabitants. Soyapango is a satellite city of San Salvador and it is the main thoroughfare between San Salvador and the eastern part of the country, and nearly 70,000 vehicles travel through it every day. The nickname for this satellite city is Soya. The city is infamously and notoriously known for being the most dangerous city of the Central America region, and also for being a breeding ground for the Mara gangs when they first arrive after being deported to El Salvador from South Central Los Angeles, reason why these two locations evoke a similar resemblance to each other.EconomyEmpresas ADOC has its headquarters in Soyapango. There economic activity there mostly is forestry.GeographyIt is limited by the following municipalities: the north by Delgado and Tonacatepeque; to the east by Ilopango, on the south by St. Thomas and San Marcos, and the west by San Salvador and Delgado. It is located between the geographic coordinates 13° 44'42 "LN (northern end) and 13° 39'58" LN (southern end), 89° 06'57 "LWG (eastern end) and 89° 10'16" LWG (far west).SoilsSoils predominate in the municipality of type: 1) and Regosols Andosols, which are areas that form rolling and rolling country areas, 2