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We are a non profit driven to help Disabled, Elderly, and Low Income people and families. Help us help others.

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I apologize for not being able to post as frequently as I would love to do on this page. At this moment I am currently the only person here so there is not much I been able to do lately I myself AM disabled with multiple sclerosis I've been having insurance over the last year getting my very necessary medications and medical necessities. So I have been feeling under the quite some time on my very limited income there's not much I can do at this point in time you can help by recommending this to anyone you feel may appreciate it or may be able to help out with something like this. I am constantly on the search for older RVs to convert and to hopefully provide for those who need it and for those who want them. If you have anything that you have seen driving in the country that is forgotten that you have seen here on the Internet is older and somebody is looking to possibly sell or someone who might sell or even donate to the cause. Please let them know about this page. as limited as my financial capabilities are I would love to more people than I am currently capable of. If you would like to help in that aspect once I figure out how to put up a donate button on this page I will put one on here and you will be able to donate towards helping other people here. these funds will go to acquiring and upgrading the RVs - self-sustaining capabilities. They will go to upgrading necessary systems like insulation, wiring, plumbing, resealing roofs, and getting them back fully capa we do not want anything later than 1989 as the newer ones are built with less hair and attention to detail as the older ones. We are looking for 1960-1989 Rvs from the larger Class A all the way down to the truck campers. All can be equipped withfrom the larger class a tight all the way down the truck. All can be a quick how our generation capabilities on around water filtration systems. They can also be a quick with many rations storm outages and storm damage is in your they can sustain you until everything recovers, or even if nothing ever goes back and recovers again. share this page to your friends and to any who might be interested in something like twe can all help each othe knowledge and resources to each other. We as a country need to come together and held each other up when we stumble.

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Three things you didn’t know about gluing skin Have you ever applied Dermabond to a simple laceration in your ED, and had the patient react like this: “Really? You are just using super glue? I could have bought that at a hardware store and done that myself.” Think for a moment. How would you respond to a comment like that? I had an interaction like this not too long ago. Though the patient was ultimately amicable and appreciative for my services, I came to realize that I didn’t really have a great answer for my patient as to why this particular product in my hands was better than Krazy glue from Ace Hardware applied by himself in front of his bathroom mirror. This got me thinking about the topic, and about my limited knowledge of tissue adhesives as a medical provider. It also got me reading about the specific merits of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate (Dermabond) and other commercially available tissue adhesive glues for medical use. Biochemical structure of various cyanoacrylate glues. Modified from the review by Davis KP and Derlet RW. Biochemical structure of various cyanoacrylate glues. Modified from the review by Davis KP and Derlet RW. In my search, I found some of the answers I was looking for, as well as some recently published interesting case reports regarding tissue adhesive glue use that help to illustrate the point. The goal of this brief post is to give you a little food for thought regarding tissue adhesives that may help arm you better for this discussion with your patient. Without further ado, I present three things you didn’t know about skin glue: #1: Gluing skin is not totally harmless. You can get burned! A full thickness burn from cyanoacrylate glue, image as published in the case report by Clarke, TFE in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. A full thickness burn from cyanoacrylate glue. Image as published in the case report by Clarke, TFE in the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. This image is the leg of a 2-year-old boy who sustained a full thickness burn when he applied an over-the- counter cyanoacrylate glue (akin to Krazy Glue) to his leg while wearing cotton pajamas. The burn depth and area was significant enough as to require a skin graft! A link to the details of this interesting case report is found here. This is an uncommon outcome of applying cyanoacrylate glue to your skin, but it does illustrate an important point. When cyanoacrylate glues are placed in contact with cotton or other fabrics, it can lead to a rapid exothermic reaction which can cause burns. This is is felt to be less of a problem with medically produced tissue adhesive glues such as 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate. These glues have longer alkyl chains than over the counter glue for non-medical use (remember the figure at the top of this post that you didn’t quite understand why I included? That’s why.). Thus, they polymerize more slowly and release less heat. #2: It is safer to eat dermabond than crazy glue. Probably the most interesting recent novel use of Dermabond was published last year in the Journal of Emergency Medicine as a case report. Tongue laceration considered for repair with 2-octyl cyanoacrylate. Image from the case report by Kazzi MG and Silverberg M. Tongue laceration considered for repair with 2-octyl cyanoacrylate. Image from the case report by Kazzi MG and Silverberg M. The case describes a 7-year-old-boy who had a laceration of his tongue. The parent of the child refused other methods of closure, leaving tissue adhesive glue as the only option for primary repair. Appropriately, the physician caring for the patient wanted to make sure there was no chemical hazard related to swallowing 2-octyl cyanoacrylate before trying it. As it turns out, the earliest generations of medical tissue adhesives, introduced in the 1950s, actually did have some cell toxicity (in the lab setting). But newer generations of tissue adhesives like 2-octyl cyanoacrylate have longer alkyl chains (I know, I know…again with the long alkyl chains), which effectively means they degrade slowly and this limits exposure of the patient to by-products. So…safe if swallowed.* (*There is a theoretical risk of bowel injury if the glue hardens in such a way as to form a sharp point when swallowed, but this has never actually been reported.) Generally, we think of tissue adhesives as not being the best choice for “wet areas,” like intraoral lacerations. If you read the package insert for Dermabond by the manufacturers, it is specifically stated that it is not approved for use on mucosal surfaces. So, repairing a tongue would be considered an off-label use. But, there are other reports in the literature of the use of tissue adhesive glue for cleft palate repair and dental indications, thus there is a precedent. So in this case, the physicians repaired the tongue using dermabond. I’ll let you refer to the actual case report for details of the technique, but take a look at the final outcome: Outcome at 14 days after the use of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate to repair a tongue laceration. Image from the case report by Kazzi MG and Silverberg M. Outcome at 14 days after the use of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate to repair a tongue laceration. Image from the case report by Kazzi MG and Silverberg M. #3: It is not “just” superglue. It is antimicrobial. An interesting property that is common to all cyanoacrylate glues is a bacteriostatic (and possibly bactericidal) effect. Many very smart biochemists have done excellent work trying to figure out what the exact mechanism(s) of action is/are, but it is still not totally clear. What we do know is that the antimicrobial effect is stronger against gram-positive than gram-negative organisms; that the anti-microbial effect seems to be at least in part be due to the physical barrier that the polymerized glue creates; and that if the glue is compromised or cracked, the anti-microbial effect is diminished. Over the counter cyanoacrylate glues tend to be more brittle and apt to crack compared with medically produced ones, which are made intentionally more flexible to accommodate the dynamic movements of the skin. (Once again, this has something to do with those long alkyl chains.) Thus, further argument for the use of medically-approved tissue adhesive glue compared with hardware store Krazy Glue: while all the cyanoacrylates are antimicrobial, medical glue is perhaps more antimicrobial? Table from the review on cyanoacrylate glue by Davis KP and Derlet RW. Table from the review on cyanoacrylate glue by Davis KP and Derlet RW. A source for this blog post and an excellent, comprehensive review of cyanoacrylate glues was published last year in Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. The authors compare and contrast medical and non-medical cyanoacrylate glues in incredible detail. Their intent was to determine if non-medical glues have justification for use in austere settings (can you guess what their conclusion was?). I encourage you to read their review. Their discussion is much more detailed than the simple points made in this blog post. Thanks for reading. I hope that when you are using Dermabond for your next patient with a simple traumatic laceration, you will do so knowing just a little bit more about why you are doing it. If you remember nothing else, remember to tell the patient with confidence: “this specially formulated skin glue has a long alkyl chain.” Trust me, the patient will be impressed.

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I know I don't post much but I have got my hands full and always looking for more information and ideas. What are you looking for in a stand alone RV? Features, storage, compartments etc..? What optional additions would you add to make it your own? Dc power ports, icemakers, or hidden storage? Share your thoughts and preferences.

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The only way to get rid of people, corporations, and unnecessary forces is to eliminate, and purge their necessity for good.. and never look back. It can easily work if we all work together. Eliminate our dependencies and teach OUR youth! Our collective knowledge and skills are disappearing :(

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just like food and water don't wait to look it when it's needed because then it may be too late. think of the comfort emotionally for you knowing that in a crisis event if somehow the power is disrupted, or in the water coming through your town is too dangerous to drink know that in a crisis you have a resource where you can take care of your family providing food, water, electricity, and even a power even a sustainable our resource before medical equipment that constantly needs power and many more necessities when everyone you know may be going without in an emergency. Rest with the peace of mind that you will be able to shelter and take care of your loved ones no matter how bad it gets outside or otherwise. Know that even when times get rough and you cannot afford to pay electricity bills or water bills you will always have a way to provide and has only things that you need in times of trial. Don't wait until it's too late to come don't wait until you regret not having the means in trying and critical times

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On another Sunday morning, 73 years ago, America was caught sleeping. Then there was that September morning, in 2001. Let’s pray that nothing like those days ever happens again. – JWRo o o

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I have tons of ideas and upgrades I will be integrating into these older rvs, including updated wiring, insulation, secret stash locations, 12 volt ports and appliances and more! Share this and spread the word!!

Published on 2014-12-07 16:38:59 GMT

Do not forget that a stand-alone recreation is not for low income and special cases only. Stand-Alone Recreation refers to being out independent of the grid, independent of water, power, and more grid tie-ins . Anyone can enjoy stand-alone recreation, anyone could use an off grid RV to save money, to reduce monthly costs, into break free of the rent, mortgages, house or home insurance, and greatly reduce their monthly living expenses by living in an RV which is very possible to find one that can exceed your needs easily. Living off grid not only helps your available funds and costs to be reduced but living off grid through power and water sustainability through Solar, wind turbines, water turbines, rain catch and filtration, and portable gardening even inside your own RV when you're traveling and setting it out when you are not traveling to gain the Sun light that it needs . Stand-alone means like I said previously standing independent of the grid, and all of the tie ins that limit your portability, and mobility. Recreation only refers to recreational vehicles anyone can make their own power, anyone can heat their own place at very low cost or even air conditioning, anyone can clean and filter their own water and gain those resources for little to no cost after initial equipment investments. Stand-alone recreation is open to anyone who wants to live in an RV, or live independent as well as the people that need it stand-alone recreation is open to all and as I have stated in my previous posts for people who do not know how to build a solar system, a wind or water generating system, or a permanent water filtration system, I can modify and build these RVs 4 minimal cost and allow anybody to be able to live the life of freedom that is so easy to get addicted to when you experience it for a long time. I myself after living in an RV realized and enjoy the freedoms that come with living independently in an RV, always being mobile, you can always find cheap or free locations to park and live semi long term. You can park your RV in a company parking lot that needs 24 hour security and most times they will allow you to tie into their electricity and water, for those that won't allow you to tie into the resources you can provide your own resources very easily. There are more availabilities, and there are more options than most people realize to live cheaper and very possibly free. For anyone who has any questions please post them on this page and I will be more than happy to answer and inform of the resources that I have not only learned about while living this life, but as I find out more presenting those as well the most comforting thing about living in an RV is that no matter where you are in the event of dire circumstances like natural disasters on their way for you like hurricanes and more, you no longer ever have to pack and unpack in order to move, and in a time critical situation your RV is already packed with everything you need while you're living in it and you don't have to spend the time to frantically pack and possibly forget items . In the event of a time critical situation all you have to do is start your RV or your vehicle that transports your RV and go in moments . One of the best of the best investments that I have made so far to stretch my dollar is a Costco or Sam's Club membership and it stretches my resource and food budget so much farther. Remember that everything is possible anything is possible and a lot of times people who want to live off grid or boondocking do not wish for people to know their location for their own personal information for whatever reasons they may have at home somebody may be trying to get rid of an abusive partner, someone may be looking for safety for themselves and their family I do not reveal those details if you come to me . Privacy is of utmost concern to me and always respected to the fullest .

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Financial contributions are greatly needed and appreciatiated and can be made via PayPal to rv contributions parts or whole can be delivered to east Indianapolis location. Please email for contact information and business drop off address. This is all non-profit and will benefit those in need that cannot afford residences. Thank You

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what is most concerning, as it gets colder and more dangerous for anyone without a roof over their head and when hope seems to disappear we need to help others who are struggling to have a warm safe place and a roof over their head.please help us help others by donating your unwanted RV or donating whatever ones you can spare and let's help give hope to people who are slowly losing it if they haven't lost it already by donating to there are too many people with no place to call home and are struggling to find somewhere safe to stay we have people who are already homeless, we have our elders and our elderly, we have families people with children, and we have disabled who are losing their homes and being evacuated even on the coldest days. Shelters are not always safe and we need to come together and show them that there is still people out there who care about them and are willing to help them. We can do this together and give hope where hope it's been lost. we can share these joyce together, follow this page and we will include pictures of where you're donations are going.

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what we really need the most, is to acquire and build up some RVs to build up and keep us going. If anyone knows of older RVs that need a little bit of love and attention that can be donated, or sold at low prices please let us know so we can keep this going.

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Stand Alone Recreation is a conversion of older recreational vehicles Class A, B (vans), Class C, Travel trailers and in bed truck campers for sales and donation to people who can not otherwise afford apartment or residential rent to solar,wind, Hydro and natural ways to generate and store power via battery banks, Rainwater catches, storage and filtration for safe drinking and consumption. portable container gardening and many other ways to enjoy the conforts of an RV even miles from electric, and water hook-ups even in the most secluded areas. Also providing amenities to tight budget long term living as well. unplug and still enjoy your RV anywhere! Stand Alone Fundraising is to develop funds to assist low income needs and even allowing opportunities to assist in RV conversions and allowing opportunities for skilled homeless to trade skills as payment opportunity for their own safe RV to live in while helping others at the same time. But we all know that these RVs and their components, maintenance and repairs still cost money to aquire and donations are still needed to continue the opportunities and possibilities. We are constantly looking to aquire 1970-1989 RVs for purchase and accepting donations of RVs for conversions and some sales to carry on our mission so tell your neighbors, friends and families, that may have, or know where a classic non-computerized RV may be sitting or forgotten and give it a chance to live again and help someone less fortunate!

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A lot of people are either Disabled, low income and even homeless help get the word out and healp each other!