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First clutch pipped; pairing was a SPOG x POGL/ SPOGL; 8 eggs; 7 POGL/SPOGLs, 1 SPOG.

Published on 2014-07-03 22:54:13 GMT

So, after being urged by three formal Heads of State and one Queen, I have decided to make this public. As some of you have been aware, has had a LOT of attention lately. This is due to my almost two decades of owning reptiles full-time, and my almost 15 years of breeding it has finally all come to fruition. My perseverance, hard work, stellar stock, outstanding work ethic and keeping my nose to the grindstone and tuning out all the white noise and haters, it is with a great deal of pride and my tongue pressed firmly between my teeth that I declare and ME the best ball python breeder in the WORLD, and possibly the entire universe. You see, I have reached my lifelong goal of achieving over 12,000 Facebook Likes!!! I have been made aware by the Facebook Alliance of Ball Python Breeders as well as the Intergalactic Embassy of Ball Python Breeders (Facebook Division) that because I have the most Facebook likes of any Canadian breeder, and possibly anyone in the world, that I am THE BEST. A little backstory; when I was a young tyke back in 1996 and I got my first trio of corns, and then my first group of ball pythons in 1998, I knew that with the right Marketing Team behind me, ($20 to pay for all the Likes), purchasing great stock, breeding selectively, that yes; one day...I would reach this goal. You know what this all means now, right? It means that all other breeders must bow before my Greatness at every Expo I attend, that I can now charge TRIPLE for my stuff, and that I can put the ever-coveted three letters behind my name when doing official "snake business": SOB (Supreme Order of Balls). Please, don't think that this is me gloating or rubbing it in anybodys face..... because quite frankly, I don't ever really care that these great honours have been bestowed upon me.... No one is going to hold it against me that over 10K of those Likes are from Bangladesh and Eastern Mongolia, right? All Hail, ME!!!

Published on 2014-01-31 20:30:04 GMT

Willow is home!!!

Published on 2013-11-29 20:49:48 GMT

Ok, so after having spoken with a bunch of other breeders this season from around the country, it seems this year; more than any other in recent memory that pricing is all over the place. What might sell for $400 in Vancouver could be had for $200 in Nova Scotia. I'm curious to know how "off" our prices are, as breeders. So I'm conducting a little experiment for the next few days to see where the Market really lies and how far off a lot of us are. That said, send me your best REASONABLE offer on the animals listed below and we'll take it from there. I have deleted the pricing that I had on them from other ads. All animals are eating f/t rats and are healthy in every possible way. 0.1 600g Mojave Spider 2.0 Emperor Pin (pastel lesser pinstripe) 2.2 Mystic Potions 2.0 Karma 100% het hypo poss. pinstripe poss. pastel (lesser mystic het hypo, possible lemonblast) ONLY two in Canada!! Breeding was a mystic pinstripe to a super lesser hypo possible pastel. Produce super Mojave lemonblasts, Mystic lemon blasts, lesser lemon blasts, potion blasts, pinstripe potions, the list goes on and on... 2.2 Super Mojaves Mojave/Lesser Lucies (the whitest of the white snakes) no more normal with this snake! 1.0 Pastel Super Mojave (quite rare, and a genetic powerhouse) 0.3 Mystics 1.0 Pastel Lesser 100% het hypo 1.1 Mojave 1.0 POG (pastel orange ghost) 1.0 SPOG (super pastel orange ghost) Pictures available upon request. Shipping, if necessary, is available through ACC Cargo for $125. Email me at or text me at 519-590-2557 Thanks, Michael.

Published on 2013-09-20 19:11:29 GMT

Wow, has it been a busy year here! It's also been a late one to tell you the truth, with only half of my babies out so far. I do have a bunch of stuff available that you won't see that many of or any at all in Canada. Some pretty unique stuff on the Available List. All animals have eaten 5+ meals, are established on f/t rats, and are healthy in every possible way; 1.0 Emperor Pin (Pastel Lesser Pinstripe) 1.1 Pewter (pastel Cinnamon) 0.1 Lesser 100% het hypo 0.1 Lemonblast (Pastel Pinstripe) 1.0 POGL (Pastel Hypo Lesser) RARE! 1.0 SPOG (Super Pastel hypo) SUPER RARE! 2.1 POG (Pastel Hypo) 1.1 Mystic Potion (Mystic Mojave) 1.0 Karma 100% het hypo (Lesser Mojave) ONLY one in Canada 1.1 Super Mojave 2.2 Mystic 1.1 Pastel Lesser 100% het hypo 1.1 Mojave 100% het hypo 1.0 Lesser Spider 100% het hypo 0.1 Pastel Discounts on multiple animals or packages available. email me at or text at 519-590-2557.

Published on 2013-09-03 15:38:13 GMT

Well, I finally got around to setting up the FB page. Only took me a year... Lots of neat stuff going on here and I'll be sure to post pics and updates once I figure out how to do it.

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