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Studio 808

at 11 Robjohn's House, Navigation Road , CM2 6ND

Specialising in recording, music production assistance, rehearsals and mixing & mastering. W: www.studio808online.co.uk E: paul@studio808online.co.uk

Studio 808
11 Robjohn's House, Navigation Road
Chelmsford CM2 6ND
United Kingdom
Contact Phone
P: 01245 261338


Recording Studio Hire: Everything that goes on in our studio is focused around our fully treated live room. Our collection of instruments, equipment, experience & atmosphere all combine to deliver a polished & professional recording. Hourly Rate: £35 4 Hr Half Day Rate: £100 8 Hr Day Rate: £200 Music Production with in house producer: Work with one of our producers on your tracks – Take your song from a singer-songwriter demo to a fully produced standard. Production packages with post production available. Hourly Rate: £45 4 Hr Half Day Rate: £130 8 Hr Day Rate: £200 Rehearsals: With evening sessions available & a large rehearsal room we could be just what your band/DJ is looking for. Fully kitted out, acoustically treated room & flexible monitoring you’ll be able to turn everything up & hear it all clearly. Check out our gear on our website. 2 Hr Slots: £30 (Not including Instrument Hire) 4 Hr Slots: £50 (Includes Full Back Line) 8 Hr Day Session: £100 (Includes Full Back Line) Equipment Hire: (Only reqiured when booking a 2 hour slot) 300w Line 6 Spider Lead Guitar amp: £5 300w Marshall Bass amp: £5 Full Mapex Drum Kit: £5 Digital Piano: £5 Mixing: Whether it’s a recording from your home or another studio, a great mix can make all the difference. With our outboard & plug-in collection, our in-house engineers will pull all the faders down and get the sound you want. All mixing sessions can either be attended or done remotely. By attending sessions you can sit in & get your production ideas across as each element is added – thus ensuring the perfect mix for you. Mastering: Getting your tracks loud while maintaining their dynamics is a job for our in-house mastering engineer. By applying subtle EQ & dynamic processing we guarantee a polished result that will compete in volume with any track on the radio. All we need for your master is a stereo bounce of your project’s mixdown – just make sure to leave a little headroom and take off any EQ, compression or limiting – get in touch for more info. 1 Track Mix & Mastered: £80 2 Tracks Mix & Mastered: £120 4 Tracks Mix & Mastered £150

Looking for band rehearsal space? Take advantage of our discounted offer for January only £35 for 4 hours for one of our rooms with full back line , drums, PA and mics. Contact us now to grab a slot!

Published on 2015-01-15 22:30:28 GMT

Need a track mixed and mastered? We are offering full mixdown, processing and mastering for £50 a track this month ONLY. Already have 2 very happy customers this week, one who already is geting the nod for his track to get played on Radio 1. Cheaper deals for multiple tracks, get in touch now 01245 261338 or studio808uk@gmail.com

Published on 2015-01-06 16:57:26 GMT

For all our customers we are happy to say over the next few weeks we will be upgrading many things in the studio. The rehearsal room is getting acoustic treatment to make things sound nice and tight. We are moving the studio and live room around to maximise the space and have better sound acoustics. Were installing mood lighting in the production rooms to help set the mood when recording/producing. We are implementing a Studio 808 online shop - More info on that soon. We will keep you updated as to when these changes are finished :)

Published on 2015-03-11 16:06:12 GMT

If your a producer and want to work with some of the best up and coming talented singers & rappers please inbox me. Were looking for House, Drum & bass, Garage & Hip Hop producers. You will be working on projects at Studio 808 and get a lot of exposure through us and the artists. We have a lot of exciting things going on this year and its a good time to get involved with us. Inbox me here or contact the email: studio808uk@gmail.com

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