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Sweet Smiles

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We offer a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatments

Sweet Smiles
35 Rodney Street
Liverpool L1 9EN
United Kingdom
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Our highly qualified dentists offer a wide array of services including Bridgework, Crowns, Dental Implants, Dentures, Teeth whitening and other cosmetic treatments.

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Special offer for Friday the 20th! 50% off dental examination including an X-Ray! The summer, great parties and the weddings are coming up! Make sure your teeth are in great shape and get some advice from our professionals on your half price examination. Original price of £50 is down to £25 only on Friday! Don't miss out and get yourself booked in! Please dial 0151 709 9190 to book or e-mail us at info@sweetsmiles.co.uk. Hope to see you soon!

Published on 2014-06-17 11:09:59 GMT

Now’s your chance to have the perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of. Implant treatment available at an affordable price of only £185 per month Offer Highlights: • Treatment to replace and restore a missing or damaged tooth • Includes initial Consultation, OPG X-rays, PA X-rays, and all necessary Impressions • Implant, abutment and porcelain fused to metal crown • Includes a Small Bone Graft • Located on the outskirts of Liverpool City Centre • Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm The Treatment What is a dental implant? A dental implant is a small titanium screw which is fitted into the jaw and acts like the root of a natural tooth. An abutment and crown are then fitted to the screw and complete the implant. Some patients also require a bone graft to enable there to be enough bone for the implant to be placed. What happens at appointments? A consultation with OPG x-ray will be carried out first and if the client is found to be suitable a full Treatment Plan will be provided. The next stage is the bone graft, followed by the implant placement. This can sometimes be done in 1 appointment, sometimes 2 separate appointments are required. Finally, impressions will be taken for the crown and then after 1-2 weeks, the crown will be fitted. The exact number of appointments required will vary from patient to patient and healing time is required between the stages. Complete implant treatment can take anything from 3-9 months. What preparation is required? Clients need to show they have and can maintain good oral hygiene before the implant treatment can begin. You may be advised to visit a hygienist to ensure teeth are in optimum condition for dental work. Terms and conditions: 1. £50 non-refundable booking fee required 2. 24 hour cancellation policy applies 3. We can provide other dental treatments such as cleanings, fillings and extractions, these would also incur additional charges 5. Crown can be upgraded to full porcelain or zirconium at an additional cost 6. Guarantees on implants and crowns are only valid on attendance of regular, 6 monthly Check Ups 7. Guarantees are also only valid if patients follow the surgeons aftercare advice

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