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T Ann Cake

at 27 Exchange Street , DD1 3DJ

Fantastic coffee (we're serious about our coffee here!), Teapigs tea & a gorgeous range of soft drinks. Food? Oh yes, all homemade on the premises by us (from scratch, of course!). An ever changing cake counter and savoury board. A soup or two with our homemade granary bread. Filled and grilled pressed sandwiches with a variety of gorgeous fillings & some savoury specials each day...could be a tart, a frittata, a filling salad and more.

T Ann Cake
27 Exchange Street
Dundee DD1 3DJ
United Kingdom
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P: 01382 203950

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A real quickie! Soup - our very best for a cold day, carrot, root ginger, lemon & lentil served with our granary bread. Specials include a warmed Khobez flatbread filled with our gorgeous Rajasthani red and yellow lentil curry topped with our coriander (yoghurt) chutney. We'll also have more of our top seller this week - our local pork and leek sausages in our beer and balsamic braised onions topped with mature cheddar on a seeded roll. Cakes will include lemon almond polenta (g/f), brownies, lemon drizzles and more. Have a great day x

Published on 2015-01-29 04:59:45 GMT

Did you think I'd forgotten? House wireless was in a huff this morning and I've only just finished putting cakes on the counter. Hope you all had a super weekend. Mine was very very very restful and it was marvellous. I have only just tasted today's soup that Kirsten finished a few minutes ago - oh my... not done it for a while - it's our Moroccan chickpea and spinach soup (with a few warming (not hot spicy, nice spicy) spices and apricots in there too - it's just divine - we love it. Specials this week include a variety of rarebits - todays is our mature cheddar, Cheshire & Strathdon blue cheese rarebit (also with the addition of fresh chilli and coriander) topped with sliced apples served on our toasted homemade granary bread with our chutney, salad leaves, toasted seeds and our dressing. Cakes include our beetroot and orange cake with an orange glaze, plum custard slice and banana honey loaf with a vanilla frosting and drizzled rather rustically with honey. Have a nice day. I'm about to have my first proper coffee xxxx

Published on 2015-01-27 09:26:54 GMT

Very very quick update via phone as desperately backing up everything on the laptop (last done approximately a year ago) after discovering huge crack at the front and the inability to click on anything (wireless mouse device quickly found & turned on too). SOUP this morning will be our blended and annual haggis, neeps and tattie soup as a nod to Burns of course, served as usual with our granary bread. Specials - posh sausage 'sanga', Khobez flatbread filled with our hummus, roasted veggies and lemon garlic yoghurt and finally our French Onion soup on toasted sourdough)topped with melted gruyere cheese). Cakes.... Bounty brownies, blood orange drizzle muffins, flourless chocolate, cranberry and beetroot and more. Have a great weekend xxx

Published on 2015-01-24 05:40:08 GMT

Morning!!! Three days left for you to pop in and get some of our usual fare before we close - holidays from Tuesday 28 July. Soup today is our Greek Faki/Fake, lots of gorgeous veggies, earthy green lentils and fresh parsley, dill and mind. Served with our own granary. Last day of our posh sausage piece today (in a toasted panini with our caramelised red onions, sliced Gala apple and mature cheddar) served with our Dijonnaise. Cakes today include flourless chocolate cake, lemon almond polenta cake and orange marmalade cake. Enjoy your day, pop in and say goodbye before our holidays - it'd be good to see you x

Published on 2015-07-23 09:22:32 GMT

Cafe closed today, Thursday 2 July owing to an oven problem. Crossing everything right now in the hope that all will be back in action tomorrow. Huge apologies if you were heading this way but I'll post an update later today, thank you xxx

Published on 2015-07-02 07:33:00 GMT

Afternoon! So so bad and not had a minute to post anything up yet this week and it's Wednesday lunchtime already. Today's soup is our celery, potato and Scottish mature cheddar, veggie & gf, served with our own gorgeous granary bread. Specials include our garlic rubbed bruschetta topped with roasted sweet potato and peppers and some more garlic in amongst some tomatoes and balsamic, topped with grana padano cheese. Cakes today include a delicious and spicy stem ginger, carrot and beetroot cake with vanilla frosting and mint aero brownies. Have a great day xxxx

Published on 2015-06-17 10:15:11 GMT

Baking - check. Icings and frostings made - check. Getting the cafe's toolbox out, using screwdrivers and pliers and remembering how to take panels off the dishwasher to fix it when it was making scary noises first thing - check!!!!!! Sorry but I'm usually pretty crappy about doing these things myself! Good start to a week!

Published on 2014-09-09 08:29:20 GMT

Hello new week. Definitely a new season and it's my favourite. Love these almost chilly mornings. Supposed to be quite nice this week too. Hope you had a nice weekend. Soup this morning will be our lightly spiced (promise only a light spice in there - not even of the chilli variety, just the warming type that won't make your tongue burn. Served as is usual with our own granary bread. Kirsten will be making lots of our granary made this morning as we've also got one of our rarebits on the menu this morning. Our roasted broccoli & mature cheddar rarebit - roasted broccoli mixed with our mature cheddar rarebit and served on our toasted homemade granary bread with our chutney. Cakes will include a grapefruit drizzle cake, stem ginger cake & banana and honey cake with a vanilla frosting. Have a nice day xxxx

Published on 2014-09-09 05:48:13 GMT

Sorry for the lack of food, cake and team photos today. I took a 45 second video of bats flying around my patio/garden last night and can't take any more photos until I free up some memory!!!! It all looked delicious though (& the girls looked fabbie too) xxxxx

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