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Straight-Line Coach. When Results Matter. We partner with clients in an impactful way that provides inspiration, certainty, and insight to maximize one’s life and business potential.

Tammara Moore, Straight-Line Coach
4341 Piedmont Ave 2nd Fl
Oakland , CA 94611
United States
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A Business Performance and Results Catalyst. I work highly committed individuals specializing in healthcare executives, entrepreneurs and athletes who choose to get more powerful results in their personal and professional lives.


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A results catalyst for individuals and businesses. drmoorestraightlinecoach.com www.straightlinecoach.com

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Entrepreneur Success: Knowing vs. Doing Why do some entrepreneurs succeed while others never seem to get off the ground? We live in an era where you can learn just about anything with a high-speed connection to the Internet. If you’re smart and driven to succeed, you can find the information you need to create the kind of life or business you desire. But here’s the thing: Most of the time, information isn’t what’s missing. It’s that so few people take the required actions and do what they must do to create results. We spend most of our time preparing, learning, thinking, talking about it, and convincing others. Information isn’t what people need, it’s action. If the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, why do so many entrepreneurs and professionals go around in circles? In my Straight-Line Coaching practice, I’m privileged to hear some pretty smart people explain their stories and plans. Some of them never make the step into action to make results happen. Others are willing to do what it takes, no matter what. Research shows that measures of innate ability (like IQ) poorly predict who succeeds or stumbles. A recent book by Columbia Business School Professor Heidi Grant Halvorson summarizes Nine Things Successful People Do Differently. “Being successful is not about winning the DNA lottery; it’s about reaching goals,” she writes. “It’s about making smart choices, using the right strategies and taking action.” Decades of research on achievement suggests that successful people reach their personal and professional goals because of what they do not because of who they are. Luckily, everything they do can be learned, practiced and mastered. All About the Goals Implementation of effective strategies and persistence ultimately determine who’s more likely to succeed. It doesn’t matter how smart you are. Your ability to set specific goals, seize opportunities and act on them primes the accomplishment pump. Success comes to those who believe they can succeed, but it also requires a specific plan that won’t be abandoned, even during tough times. Winners also know that success may not come easily, but they remain focused on progress, monitor milestones and recognize what still needs to be done. They don’t let up. Here are the nine things people need to do differently in order to succeed, from Halvorson’s book. Be Specific. Seize the Moment. Accurately Gauge the Distance. Be a Realistic Optimist. Focus on Getting Better, Rather Than Being Good. Have Grit. Strengthen Your Willpower Muscle. Don’t Tempt Fate. Focus on What You Will Do — Not on What You Won’t Do Here’s what my experience has been coaching others towards success: It’s not the smartest people that always win. It’s those willing to find the answers they need and take risks by applying information to action. They’re not afraid to make mistakes because then they know what not to do. Inertia and inaction are the enemies of successful entrepreneurs.

Published on 2014-10-22 18:56:36 GMT

It's not about pleasing you, its about serving you. There are a lot of misconceptions around what happens in performance coaching, and unfortunately, they are exacerbated by a lot of poorly trained "life coaches" who promise to make dreams come true. There’s a big difference between a coach and a cheerleader. Is your coach a people-pleaser? The problem lies in good intentions: some coaches are highly motivated to please their clients by using positive thinking, affirmations, and so-called “laws of attraction.” They mean well. But they are more interested in short-term feeling good – both for themselves and their clients – than in serving their clients needs and long-term results. Most of us don’t need a coach to tell us to “dream big.” My experience is that most of the smart entrepreneurs I work with as a Straight-Line coach already know they’re good at what they do and believe they can do better. They don’t need positive pats on the back as much as they need real conversations about what’s missing. The way I see it, my job as a coach is to help you be the professional person you are capable of being, not to pump you up and make you feel good. I’m not going to try to flatter you nor will I tell you I’ve got the answers that will fix you. When I have a call inquiring about my coaching services, I start the ball rolling with some tough questions. Here are some sample questions I might ask you: “What would make this conversation amazing to you?” This challenges you to take charge and ask for what you want. It also gets you to think deeply about what challenges you face and how you’re going to get results. “How do you want to use the rest of your life?” This question puts things into perspective. It’s a ‘big picture’ question. Notice I am not asking what you hope will “happen to you.” It also underlines the importance of “using time” to create results. It’s anchored in reality and focuses on taking necessary actions. “What if you could act decisively with or without fear?” I want you to recognize that often fear is just another thing we work around; we don’t stop because of it. We take required action regardless of it. Perhaps it would be useful for you to take a minute to ask yourself these four questions about your life today: What’s working? What’s not working? What’s missing? What’s next? These are effective straight-line coaching questions that you can use with yourself alone before any meeting or situation when you’re stuck. Self-questioning will get you unstuck. Straight-Line coaching is not for the faint of heart. To move with velocity and power you don't need a cheerleader who will just go along with you when you’re self-delusional. It's about serving you at the highest level.

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The best consideration to moving life forward is this. Stop being comfortable. You won't get anywhere if don't act anyway in spite of your fears. What stops you? What is the worst case scenario should you fail? It is those who fail who have the most gratifying lives. Most people are stopped by their fears. If you really got how short life is, you would not be afraid to go straight after things. The great transformational essayist Lawrence Platt powerfully states: "Fear doesn't rule me. I don't suppress or ignore fear. The way I handle fear is by being afraid and acting anyway. Because we regard fear as something we have to deal with, we don't just let it be so it becomes empowered to stop us. The appropriate way to deal with fear is to be with it, to choose to experience it, and to be afraid. You let fear be and it lets you be."